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  1. Late 70's Mod revival by the look of it but the washed out look makes it look very 60's apart from the T reg of course.
  2. If you are replacing the seals in spring why don't you just use a decent* amount of windscreen sealer on it just now?
  3. In N.E Scotland that means something else entirely!
  4. Anyone got a clue why the engine is seemingly the wrong way round? Is it maybe a cut-n-shut with two front ends so one engine has to be back to front?
  5. Sian is on Richard Osman's House of Games this week.
  6. Great idea Ford, in these austere times stop making a small(ish), affordable(ish) car and the production line can be turned over for some other 2.5 Tonne behemoth that makes 20% profit per unit. Is that a green way of doing business, must be it'll be an EV.
  7. The Colt Car Company were Mitsubishi importers and continued in a 51% JV with Mitsubishi until last years withdrawal from the market.
  8. Pegaso were at that time owned by a company called Enasa who also briefly owned Seddon Atkinson. They needed to modernise and entered a joint venture with DAF to develop a cab that was used on the DAF 95, Pegaso Troner and Seddon Atkinson Strato. Just as they were getting going with the new cab Enasa was bought over by Iveco who understandably wanted to use their cab and also killed off the Pegaso name as they assumed owners would just move to Iveco, they didn't. Mind you the cab was so good that DAF are only now finishing orders for trucks using cosmetically tweaked versions of what is the same basic cab from 1987.
  9. We had the first frost of the autumn last night so presumably salting is just around the corner and will be done regularly until probably late March. No big surprise nobody round here runs a 1980's Ford as a daily!
  10. The most ill-conceived I can remember was the introduction of the Hindustani Ambassador to the UK market in the early 90's. Basically a Morris Oxford Mk3 made in India. I remember reading about it in maybe, Autocar, but never saw one in the wild.
  11. Really purposeful looking those new rainsports, I know Dundee is a relatively dry city but you can't be too careful.
  12. +1 again (almost) for dinnae paint. Keep that original colour, it looks class and the wheels in matt contrast so well.
  13. Michael is a big mate of Daniel who runs Ashville (YouTube) and features on the phone in nearly every video. Think it's probably Daniel who's encouraged Michael to YouTube as Michael helped Daniel with work as he was getting his trucks going.
  14. Bit late to the party here but in @1975 I had a pair of 4 button waist, cargo pocketed, fawn coloured bags that could easily cover my size 11 feet. That included the ludicrous sole that extended about 8mm around the outside of the shoe for some reason. Wet tile floors were best avoided.
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