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  1. The guy in the background with the sunglasses is having a good look.
  2. Don't see why cola wouldn't work or at least do something given how it cleans coins.
  3. Likes a Volvo by the look of it, are they 100% Volvo?
  4. Petrol Ped on YT showed that the other week, Porsches dropping £10-15K over 3-4 months and still not selling. That pickup is all over the place pricewise though, been a snip mid Dec.
  5. I think a lot of the the younger crowd will be regretful in 30-40 years or so.
  6. Their seats look way more comfortable than those of an actual Lada Samara!
  7. DirectLine don't seem to want any business at the moment except for those auto-renewing who don't notice the price hike. They completely refused to quote me back in October, I'm 60+, live in rural N.E Scotland, own my house and have no points on my licence, WTF!
  8. Think that's Lovie quarries and concrete, think they also have LOV 1 E.
  9. Especially liked for the dog having a shite on the pavement.
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