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  1. That is an amazing amount of car for £360. I really rate the Mk3; they have gone from being everywhere a couple of years ago to being noticeably thinned out now. I guess coming from a CTR the handling might feel a bit ponderous but IMO these handle amazingly well, or at least mine does- the steering's great, it grips well, and the extra weight of the estate tail hanging out the back seems to counteract understeer, sling it into an empty roundabout and it performs neat four wheel drifts. Mine's an ex-cop 3.0 V6 and may have some sort of sporty suspension upgrade from memory, don't think I can get into Ford ETIS to check any more.
  2. Yeah as I say it most likely isn't the cause here, indeed it can apparently be a bugger to diagnose because the problem isn't anything to do with the ECU and so often no fault codes are stored. My brother's car was claiming gearbox faults (it's an auto). Indeed we changed his battery before I had the glimmer of a memory that dodgy clocks can cause problems and went and googled it, and found a youtube video of how to perform the repair. Still it's something any Mk2 Focus owner should be aware of I reckon! And if it can cause spurious gearbox faults to show and put the car into limp mode, it's not beyond the bounds of possibility that it could do the same for the PAS.
  3. It's unlikely to be causing this issue I reckon but the canbus fault your reader found can be caused by dry solder joints on the main connector for the clocks. It's a common fault on Mk2 Focuses and related cars like the Tourneo Connect and CMax, it's quite easy to remove the clocks, take them apart and re-do all the joints with a soldering iron. My brother's CMax was giving all sorts of random faults, only took me an hour or so to perform the fix. Might be worth doing before the pump if the replacement sensor doesn't fix the problem.
  4. I don't mean to rub it in, just defending ECP here- I picked mine up this morning no bother. I'll try and get them on the next time we have a dry day...so at this rate sometime in February.
  5. Bugger. I did a click and collect order and have not yet had a cancellation email, so fingers crossed😬
  6. DYOR, but I think these fit most XJs from the XJ40 through to the X308. https://www.eurocarparts.com/search/104630048 Enter the code FROSTY80 and bosh, £22.15 for a pair of discs.
  7. It's annoying to see a potentially viable* car go for scrap but as everyone else has said there really is no way of making it yours that doesn't leave you open to at best losing money if the previous owner comes forward to claim it, and at worst result in a load of hassle from the police. If you want one for scrap money keep an eye on facebook and gumtree, I assume that the "£50 and a broken xbox tonite m8" crowd must occasionally get a bite otherwise they wouldn't keep doing it?
  8. I've had two alternators fail on me and fixed both by simply replacing the regulator module. If there's no play in it and it turns smoothly that might be worth a try, they're 20-30 quid usually.
  9. The connection in question is by the pedals, very easy to look at. As I remember the steering column sort of squares off and pokes into the top of the UJ. But there's a rubber bushing in there that wears out. You'll see what I mean by shimming it once you see it. I've heard of people welding it solid, but that's a bad idea and an MOT fail as I understand it. Edit: obviously it wouldn't affect one side more than the other so do the tie rod first, just thought I'd mention it!
  10. The play in the steering that ours developed was caused by the rubber in the joint between the steering column and the rack UJ deteriorating. I feel bad about scrapping it because of that, but it really was worthless and surplus to requirements at the time, and it's helped this one to live on years down the line. I should really have tried epoxying some shims in there to take up the slack, which would have worked I think. Anyway worth a look on yours maybe?
  11. I really am a terrible person. Do you still want the parcel shelf?
  12. Nice one, I've piled in. Usually buy the large ones but hoping these won't be too flappy.
  13. 4 1/2 months after passing my test I drove my mum's 2CV from SE London to Newquay for a post-A-Levels week of camping, surfing and drinking. Things got off to a great start when I left the fuel cap on the roof after brimming it for the trip. An hour's delay to buy a universal replacement resulted. Not long after setting off I got into a tankslapper on the M25 trying to read the map while driving. Survived, and never did that again. I ended up slipstreaming a pug 205 down the A30 for miles at up to 75mph with the engine screaming, which was good fun. My mate hadn't fancied the drive all the way down so had got a train to Bodmin Parkway. Thanks to the fuel cap fiasco I was over 2 hours late picking him up, this was in 1997 so neither of us had a mobile phone, and he was jolly cheesed off about it, had nearly turned around and gone home again in disgust. To get a surfboard in the 2CV I'd removed all but the driver's seat, so he had to sit in the back on a sofa cushion, you wouldn't get away with it now. Anyway we had a pretty decent week, though I never managed to actually stand up on my surfboard (and still haven't, to this day), and gave myself a minor dose of food poisoning with some undercooked barbecue sausages. Had a couple of cracking nights in Tall Trees and I got off with a gorgeous lass from Brizzle.
  14. This car now for sale or roffle here: Hope nobody minds the cheeky bump to publicise it, cheers
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