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  1. It looks happy to be off my in-laws drive and out and about! If it runs fine but refuses to restart that would potentially suggest that the cam position sensor was crapping out when it gets hot enough. However that wouldn't explain why it cut out on Rob on his way down. Yet more googling suggests that the pipe to the MAP sensor can degrade and collapse once it gets hot so that might be worth a check too.
  2. I bought a Mk3 Mondeo from this lot in 2012. It was fine. Their business model seems to be buying cars from BCA and then immediately punting them on on ebay. The Mondeo turned out to be from Thames Valley Police.
  3. Erm yeah, so this turned out to be quite prescient. To cut a long story short, this 106 was the first of many collections of vehicles from AS, and my fleet has now expanded to 10 cars. The 106 has been sat on my driveway for over a year waiting patiently for me to get round to welding up the boot floor. My landlady informed me that she wants to put some scaffolding up to fix the gutters so that's given me a kick up the arse. Much as I love this little car it's looking like I'm going to be stuck living in suburban London just outside where the ULEZ is being expanded to next year, and most of
  4. A 1.9 diesel in a car that's well under a tonne actually results in very reasonable progress, it's not exactly refined but they have absolutely no trouble keeping up with traffic. They have the usual lovely French car ride and decent grip once it's rolled on its side a bit. My old one used to do well over 50mpg on my suburban London commute and I once drove (very slowly) to Ashford in Kent and back on not much more than a gallon, for 70+ MPG. Someone GIB.
  5. @tobyd was the chap who heroically rebuilt the world's most knackered Div I think? If that's the actual bike then sorry to be a pedant, but the XJ900 and the Diversion 900 are separate models, albeit that the latter is based on the former. The Div was actually less powerful, apparently.
  6. I climbed in the back seat once I'd taken possession of it, as I have an odd fetish for travelling in the back of 3 door cars, and especially 2+2s. I could actually sit back there fine (I'm 5'11) however it failed the 'sitting behind yourself' test as to fit my legs in I had to have the driver's seat further forward than I would want it while driving. I reckon a child in a child seat would fit fine however they might well then have a great opportunity to irritate the driver by repeatedly booting the back of the seat. Edit: it seems to me that you have little to lose by aralditing the impe
  7. This gives me a good target to aim for to get one of my Pugs MOTd...
  8. Albeit that it's not been a cold winter, mine does actually sit at halfway now (or perhaps just the tiniest smidge under, it's an 87 degree stat). Takes about 2 miles of driving from cold to get there.
  9. More bodgery has just been inflicted on this poor old heap of shite. It's actually managed about 4000 reasonably trouble free miles since the alternator fix, though it required a replacement thermostat, which sorted the cold running but didn't sort the heater. Anyway it did that 600 mile round trip to Newcastle OK, except that having forgotten to turn the lights off immediately upon parking up, it wouldn't start when I decided to straighten up about 5 minutes later. The battery was obviously kippered. I've been lugging around my jump leads and a spare (wrong sized) battery since the alte
  10. I can only remember Autocar giving one car a 1 star review in my 30-odd years of reading it: https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/proton/gen-2/first-drives/proton-gen-2-1.6 So I demand that a Roffle Of Doom is set up forthwith.
  11. Yeah as I say it most likely isn't the cause here, indeed it can apparently be a bugger to diagnose because the problem isn't anything to do with the ECU and so often no fault codes are stored. My brother's car was claiming gearbox faults (it's an auto). Indeed we changed his battery before I had the glimmer of a memory that dodgy clocks can cause problems and went and googled it, and found a youtube video of how to perform the repair. Still it's something any Mk2 Focus owner should be aware of I reckon! And if it can cause spurious gearbox faults to show and put the car into limp mode, it's n
  12. It's unlikely to be causing this issue I reckon but the canbus fault your reader found can be caused by dry solder joints on the main connector for the clocks. It's a common fault on Mk2 Focuses and related cars like the Tourneo Connect and CMax, it's quite easy to remove the clocks, take them apart and re-do all the joints with a soldering iron. My brother's CMax was giving all sorts of random faults, only took me an hour or so to perform the fix. Might be worth doing before the pump if the replacement sensor doesn't fix the problem.
  13. I don't mean to rub it in, just defending ECP here- I picked mine up this morning no bother. I'll try and get them on the next time we have a dry day...so at this rate sometime in February.
  14. Bugger. I did a click and collect order and have not yet had a cancellation email, so fingers crossed?
  15. DYOR, but I think these fit most XJs from the XJ40 through to the X308. https://www.eurocarparts.com/search/104630048 Enter the code FROSTY80 and bosh, £22.15 for a pair of discs.
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