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  1. On a related note Aldi have sets of a ratchet and 11 sockets on sale for £9.99 at the moment in 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" flavours. I picked up the 3/8" set for a mate, and it seems pretty good for the price; decent finish on it, the ratchet has 72 teeth, and the sockets are 6 sided.
  2. I've got this set, bought maybe 8 years ago for 50 quid IIRC (so adjusted for inflation they're cheaper now). Nothing broken yet. I also have a rail of the Advanced 1/2" sockets to go with it as the normal sized sockets in the kit are 3/8". That, a breaker bar, a torque wrench, and a set of Advanced flexi ratchet spanners has got me through pretty much every car related job I've attempted (suspension/drivetrain aside).
  3. Thought I'd asked for a ticket, but can't find a post from me. One please; in order of preference, 22, 44, or if they're both taken, a random. Cheers
  4. Having removed the alloys from the boot, stashed them in my shed, and reinstated the back seats, I took the Charade out to my brother's birthday meal on Sunday so I could give my wife and my in-laws a ride home. In a slightly unexpected turn of events my mother-in-law took an immediate shine to it and asked me get her an insurance quote on it with a view to selling it to her. Might have been the wine talking, she's not mentioned it since. I'd be happy enough to do it though as I could still borrow it as necessary. Yesterday I loaded my mountain bike and all my gear (track pump, full face helmet, body armour and knee pads as I'm dangerously incompetent) into the ST170 as I fancied giving it a run out to try and grind the rest of the rust off the brake discs, and to generally have some fun driving it before I flog it. Then it failed to start. I really didn't want to spunk over two gallons of fuel for two hours of incompetent jumping by taking the Mondeo, so I shoved the seats down in the Charade, removed both wheels, and tried my luck. Turns out you've got to either put the passenger seat backrest forward (or push the whole seat forward, it goes a ludicrously long way) but a 6" travel 27.5" wheel enduro bike does go in! Unfortunately going through Tunbridge Wells I got a bit frustrated after having been stuck behind yet another incompetent weekend driver and gave it a good thrash through first and second when the road finally cleared, which pinged the EML on. That was accompanied by a burning smell, but I think that might have been from the lorry that was really labouring up the hill in front of me. It seemed fine on the way home. Just read the code, it was the lambda sensor as expected. This morning my wife insisted that we take the cat to the vets as he's been off his food and listless for a few days now (nothing obviously wrong with him, they took a blood sample just to check). Managed to save a lot of arseache by slotting the Charade into a space that can't have been more than about 4.5m long on the "park on this red route for a max of 1 hour" section outside. Happened to ping over from the trip to the odo when I got home: Then I had a look under the bonnet. Look how cute it is, I especially like the tiny little battery!
  5. Bit late now but the bus I got to Glasgow was heading on to Aberdeen, and its first stop was Birmingham. I've just been on the Megabus site and it shows plenty of availability, 18 quid if you book far enough ahead.
  6. The more unsuited to the car the music is the better IMO. I had a cracking drive down to Kent in my XJ6 which was just long enough to enjoy the first Prodigy album in full, and one of my happiest drives in my sombre dark blue Mondeo Ghia X- a dad car if ever there was one- was pootling through the 50 limit roadworks on the M3 singing along with Steel Panther at full volume. "...Two in the pink and one in the stink!!!". I usually listened to Radio 4 in my MX5.
  7. Just got home safely a mere 26 hours after setting off last night, not bad for a 900 mile round trip I reckon. Bit of drama right at the death as the A12 was closed at Stratford and so we had to go on a snaking diversion through the Olympic Park, but it probably only added 15 or 20 minutes. The car really is fine for long distance driving, it doesn't really feel small at all, it just takes a long time to get from 60 to 70 to go round trucks if you don't shift down from 5th. I had one guy in a pickup truck tailgating me on full beams to express his displeasure at my interrupting his progress, but he really was just being a total bellend, he need only have let off the throttle for 5 seconds to tuck in behind me as I got up to 70, no way was there any need for him to use the brakes. When it became clear that it wasn't going to make it on one tank I stopped for a fill up and did the maths in my head, which revealed a slightly disappointing average of about 54mpg from Cumbernauld. I was hoping for more like 60 as I'd pretty much been hypermiling it. I then began to wonder if the engine doesn't run very efficiently below 3k RPM, and found that it doesn't really take a great deal more throttle to get it to sit at 70 rather than 60. So from then on, as it was getting late and I was getting a bit fed up I sat at 70-75, which didn't seem to faze it at all. I might go and top it up again tomorrow just to see what it's managed at that sort of speed. I guess it's also quite tall and probably not all that aerodynamic, so maybe I was just hoping for too much; I was rather hoping it would have at least matched my much larger, heavier and faster diesel Passat for economy though. I daresay it will around town. I was delighted to find that the Kia steelies on it had four pretty decent tyres on them, I think they're three Hankooks and a Barum. The alloys have four Goodyear Efficient Grips with plenty of tread on them too, so I'm sorted for tyres for the foreseeable! No sign of the EML that Tiff mentioned in his original ad, I guess a good run was all it needed, so that's a touch as well .
  8. She's got something like 4 holidays booked this year already, despite not having a job. Bit of a sore point TBH. Anyway we've broken the journey at my uncle's house (of fiesta welding fame), more or less exactly half way. The car's been fine TBH, the four alloys in the back have been rattling and squeaking over unsettled roads but the engine is whisper quiet, and wind noise/tyre roar acceptable if not exactly hushed. The seats are dead comfy too, up to Mondeo standards I'd say, better than the Passat which always causes arse pain after a few hours. Mrs R slept much of the way having struggled to get any kip on the bus, so it can't be too unrelaxing. Fuel gauge is showing a smidge under halfway, so I suspect getting all the way home on one tank will be a stretch, but we'll see.
  9. Look at this luxury high speed distance covering machine. Ideal for a 450 mile trip back to London: Unfortunately we're not here to buy that. I'm posting this from Cumbernauld McDs, 30-odd miles down the road. First impressions are pretty good; the brakes are disconcertingly long travel but stop it OK when they do bite. 5th gear is quite long, which means it's quite relaxed at 60, but acceleration is nonexistent up any kind of incline. I was hoping to get home on one tank but from near empty it's not even taken 7 gallons, so that might be a challenge. Lovely to meet you Tiff, top shiter, wud bi agen etc.
  10. Just going through Cumbernauld, and spotted an Asda with petrol at 121.7p a litre, with a McDonalds nearby. Guess who's got a load of Monopoly free grub stickers in his wallet? So that sounds like a plan
  11. Don't think Volvo ever made koi carps kei cars m8
  12. Aaand we made it. Bit more space on the Stirling bus, though the extended Indian family who delayed us at Preston by tramping round the enormous double decker Vanhool trying and failing to sit together have just jumped on this one, so 30 minutes more snoozing seems unlikely. Never mind, I reckon I've managed at least 6 hours. The first bus was going via Dundee on its way to Aberdeen, this one's destination is Dundee, I guess via a different route.
  13. It is. I'd read about it before but had of course forgotten that it was grade 2 listed, and was quite impressed when we rolled around the corner. Anyway there's an element of hazard entered proceedings now, in that our second bus is due out of Glasgow at 0950, and we've only just got onto the M8...
  14. Bit of architectureshite:
  15. Stopping at Birmingham, Manchester and Preston apparently. Time to bust the cushions out and try and get some kip I guess. Might treat you to a pic of one of their bus stations if I wake up. And yup, we're on the Westway, so M40 to Brum by the looks of it.
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