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  1. Spent yesterday doing stuff on an SLK that lives outdoors in rural Perthshire - having once been a decent car it's now starting to resemble something hauled up from the deepest oceans. Broken spring took a while to replace - no chance of removing the shock to free up space - nut on one side ready to disintegrate and bolt welded in. Still, eventually got the coilf@cker out using a £70 made-in-China copy of the Mercedes compressor tool that seems safer than conventional spring compressors. Mercedes jack served a useful function of keeping lower arm in place whilst the compressing tool was wound in with a socket from below. Also took dash cluster out to remove annoying SRS light, got indicators working with some WD40 in fusebox, and reinstalled heater blower after water ingress had taken its toll on the connectors.
  2. As a trained professional in such matters I'll volunteer to do a blind sniff test at any meet I end up in.
  3. This beauty pitched up whilst Mondial was being MOTd last month. Some hefty bills ahead for the owner as I witnessed a bodywork guy taking a screwdriver to the roof where it meets the windscreen and the rot factor was considerable.
  4. Cheers. Most of the wood veneer is now peeling but the fabric's just about intact albeit rankstained. He's nudging 82 and after such a long (largely neglectful) relationship & being a creature of habit I can't see him getting involved with anything else. Ergo my keeping it on the road for him for the occasional local excursion. Engine still without a hint of misfire despite ancient plugs.
  5. FYI old thread and pics. Is looking quite a bit rougher now though amazingly I didn't need to do much more than fit a pair of drop links for last MOT. Even more amazingly there's still no structural rot to be seen anywhere underneath. I reckon these cars had better rustproofing than anything else from their era. Will soon be breaking all cambelt roulette records too!
  6. Old man's heap of a Rover now had ABS light on permanently. Primitive diagnostics (bridge terminal near passenger footwell with paperclip and count flashes on dash) flagged pressure in ABS unit which I'm sure has had it. New Honda unit seems to be nearly £2k. Car's worth £400 at most. Given the heap's doing almost no miles & won't end up anywhere other than the scrappie or here with all faults disclosed, it was dash cluster out time and you can guess the rest. Whilst I was at it I got the handbrake working for first time in ages - springs removed from the self adjusting mechanisms, followed by most of a can of WD-40 and vigorous freeing up with a 17mm spanner. Brakes got a mini-bleed as well and a job well done to compensate for the necessary bodgery to keep Rover on the roads.
  7. Mondial has a clean MOT for another year. Emissions perfect after my K-Jetronic tweaking earlier in the year. My new thermostat had also been opening at a slightly higher temperature than normal from cold start though working fine from hot and heat-gun showing gauge to be reasonably accurate. These engines are particularly sensitive to air pockets in the cooling system - I bled some bubbles from front and rear, topped up coolant (ideal level is a few cm lower than most people would expect) and fitted a new 0.9 bar expansion cap to replace the very worn old 1.1 one - Ferrari seem to have recommended a higher pressure sometime in the 1980's but I don't see what benefit it would provide given the standard cooling system on these cars is excellent if kept in good working order. Now stat opening perfectly again and whole system running a few degrees C cooler.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/596884561752319/ Very shite.
  9. Something like this would be my choice.
  10. £90 for a Rover 75. Was in Leamington & needed to get to Scotland via Surrey. Trains were crazy expensive and flights all booked. Cheapest nearby car on Scumtree was this Rover (almost half a tank in it). Did the job fine though the clutch master started to give up the ghost just as I left the M74 and was totally gone by the time I got into the city. Late-night coast across Edinburgh South got me to parking spot. Coolant reservoir was empty by then though the noble V6 hadn't overheated. Sold on ebay 24 hour auction as spares/reapers to a dude named Keith who had bid £114.
  11. NigeT

    W208 CLK 320

    Please keep us posted. One of my SLKs had the same supercharger issue - I replaced the K40 to no effect. Eventually (after weeks of frustration) I found some vacuum leaks and replaced all hoses and it engaged again. On another of my SLKs K40 replacement did appear to cure sudden cutting out (I think it controls the fuel pump and suspect there may be some kind of automatic electrical cut-off if supply is broken), though I got rid of it soon after.
  12. NigeT

    W208 CLK 320

    Have you’ve checked the K40 relay? I’ve had similar SLK230 issues before (assume engine electrics exactly the same in CLK) - it’s worth checking the connectors & spraying on some WD40, and it’s also simple to open up the relay module and check the soldered joints inside. They are notorious for causing all sorts of issues and with good reason. If you know anyone nearby with the same engine willing to lend you theirs it would only take a couple of minutes to swap over and see if the problem disappears on a run.
  13. NigeT

    W208 CLK 320

    Parts en route wouldn't be too complicated either. Old W208s were (after Priuses) the cars I saw most of in Georgia this summer, rot-free examples literally everywhere. Tbilisi even had specialist W208 repair shops.
  14. NigeT

    W208 CLK 320

    What a beaut! You could probably drive it to Mongolia and back without anything going wrong. I once did Oslo-Edinburgh in two days and not a single back twinge afterwards either. Suspect my 152k alternator is the original one.
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