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  1. This nice MK1 Robin might end up going cheap. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255703082585
  2. Looks okay for the price but there's probably still plenty of hidden grot. Likely weldathon in 2020 looking at history. This one went for £1420 today & my seasoned XJ-S snout reckons it's not too far from an MOT. I was almost tempted to put in a cheeky bid. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/jaguar-xjs-5-3-v12-/275433509219?nma=true&si=Ce%2FIulAszSs2gCh93I8nIUWDaN0%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  3. Absolutely love it. A while ago I was pottering around Oslo in a mate's '64 220 (nicknamed Mugabe), what a comfy old barge, hope the two cars meet sometime!
  4. Took apart the old SAM module of CLK - totally fucking fucked with corrosion everywhere so I'm impressed car kept running perfectly for as long as it did. Suspension bits and brake lines also rubbed down, rust treated and painted on all four corners. Rust was creeping through on the underside so that's all now nipped in the bud. Found an aerosol of caliper paint lying around, so gave the calipers a quick spray too. And added the annual ritual of grinding down surface rust on all 4 wings, door bottoms, boot lock and bonnet area underneath grille. Now all filled, primed & painted. Also spotted a registration lamp bulb out, replaced with a bulb from my old XJ-S stash. CLK sailed through the MOT without advisories. Well worth the effort overall for another year of extremely cheap and comfortable shiteing.
  5. Posted the Rover on scumtree with the text "any scammers calling from call centres telling me I've been involved in an accident will be told to fuck right off". Cue 3 calls within 5 minutes. All told to fuck right off. One got angry and started calling back from his colleagues phones to return my compliments!
  6. Tuesday at 7am I set off from rural Stirlingshire en route to Surrey and immediately had wipers, indicators, horn and hazards fail. Not ideal especially in Scotland. Fuses all fine so I diagnosed SAM module failure - always most likely suspect for multiple gremlins in Mercs of this era . RAC agreed and got me towed as far as Abington Services where I had a fun almost 8 hour wait before RAC and the very nice folk at G-Sport Hawick kindly organised a mighty Dacia for me to continue the journey. Merc delivered yesterday morning with the delivery dude trailering off the Dacia all the way back to the borders. I've already pIcked up & fitted a new used £20 ebay SAM module and normal car functions instantly restored, no dealer coding bollox necessary with this old barge. MOT on Friday a good excuse for a few days rustproofing/bodywork, new rear tyres, & general TLC.
  7. NigeT

    SLK Collection

    Was wondering about the limiter - stalk doesn't seem to have limiter function (end can't be pressed in & only seems to have set/resume and accel/decel options written on it). I was thinking maybe it was an aftermarket stalk. Being an idiot I've no doubt missed something very basic. Wondering if it might be some crud that's got into the rings - will try a power wash from underneath to see if it helps & also spray some WD40 into the stalk connections & see how I go.
  8. NigeT

    SLK Collection

    Any ideas here on the dead cruise control? Tyres and wheels are perfectly in spec. Could it be one of the wheel speed sensor rings despite no ABS warnings on dash? Other thought is stalk and the box somewhere in the footwell where I imagine it plugs in, or fuse box (fuse looks fine and doubt any current will register when testing from stationary). Can’t be brake light switch as that would presumably throw up warning lamp.
  9. NigeT

    SLK Collection

    Fly up to Scotland - happy to pick you up in your old Ypsilon (running great btw) & take you as far as any heap being sold by the Dodgiest Bastard of these climes.
  10. NigeT

    SLK Collection

    Finally home. SLK ran beautifully all the way. Only a couple of quirks to investigate - no working cruise though no warnings on dash & fuse is fine, and big fist thump sometimes needed under passenger footwell to coax heater blower into action. AC pleasantly ice cold which was nice. I think the blue looks brill too and the near total lack of rust scabbing is very un-90's-Merc. Goes like a rocket too with the supercharger seemingly in perfect shape.
  11. NigeT

    SLK Collection

    Yep, is 230 & I do love that colour. Even has supercharger working too.
  12. NigeT

    SLK Collection

    Huge thanks to Dan for being an absolute gent. Time to head back northwards...
  13. NigeT

    SLK Collection

    All this unionjackness making me queasy but made it to London....
  14. NigeT

    SLK Collection

    Cheers fella and bon voyage! Second time I'm heading to the exclusive resort of Swindon - last time there I picked up a Reliant that died with a comical bang (+puff of smoke) on the M something after 10 miles but expecting better luck today!
  15. NigeT

    SLK Collection

    Tea count:1. Airport bringing no joy but most flights seem to be on time.
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