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  1. NigeT

    W208 CLK 320

    Please keep us posted. One of my SLKs had the same supercharger issue - I replaced the K40 to no effect. Eventually (after weeks of frustration) I found some vacuum leaks and replaced all hoses and it engaged again. On another of my SLKs K40 replacement did appear to cure sudden cutting out (I think it controls the fuel pump and suspect there may be some kind of automatic electrical cut-off if supply is broken), though I got rid of it soon after.
  2. NigeT

    W208 CLK 320

    Have you’ve checked the K40 relay? I’ve had similar SLK230 issues before (assume engine electrics exactly the same in CLK) - it’s worth checking the connectors & spraying on some WD40, and it’s also simple to open up the relay module and check the soldered joints inside. They are notorious for causing all sorts of issues and with good reason. If you know anyone nearby with the same engine willing to lend you theirs it would only take a couple of minutes to swap over and see if the problem disappears on a run.
  3. NigeT

    W208 CLK 320

    Parts en route wouldn't be too complicated either. Old W208s were (after Priuses) the cars I saw most of in Georgia this summer, rot-free examples literally everywhere. Tbilisi even had specialist W208 repair shops.
  4. NigeT

    W208 CLK 320

    What a beaut! You could probably drive it to Mongolia and back without anything going wrong. I once did Oslo-Edinburgh in two days and not a single back twinge afterwards either. Suspect my 152k alternator is the original one.
  5. Please someone here buy this and roffle it before a trader has it back on ebay at triple the price.
  6. NigeT

    W208 CLK 320

    Appreciate the comments and wholeheartedly agree. Keep on top of bodywork and basic maintenance and there's not much to go wrong . They're still very analogue compared to today's offerings and remarkably well screwed-together. I'm surprised prices are still rock bottom, maybe that's related to ulez & not quite being in proper classic territory yet.
  7. NigeT

    W208 CLK 320

    The CLK continues to soldier on. Early summer I managed to do some bodywork tidyup which has become something of an annual ritual. Usual areas attacked with grinder, filled, primed and painted. After getting the (now sold) XJ-S through MOT, there was no way I could be arsed welding new metal into a tiny lower area of the front wing - fibreglass did the job in minutes. I've also now given up on clearcoating as I find it impossible to blend it in respectably without doing whole panels and with "black" opal the lack of clear isn't too obvious. Whilst I was at it the suspension parts got a wirebrushing & lick of paint as did the grotty calipers. Brake lines got similar treatment - some bits towards the rear had a bit of surface corrosion. Also checked up the inner-rear-subframe areas, a common killer of W208s - after a useful MOT advisory a few years ago I check this annually and give it more rustproofing and paint as necessary. Boot floor got some minor attention too as did exhaust mounts (liberal dabs of kurust to keep solid). Given the miles the car does I thought it was time for some new brake fluid which was an easy job with a cheapo brake bleeder kit and all 4 bleeder screws opening fine after precautionary lubing and wire brushing - old stuff that came out was mingin greeny shite, so very glad I did it. Oil wasn't due but I changed it anyway because why not, it's a doddle on these Mercs. Car then got left on drive for 7 weeks whilst I escaped plague island. Return meant MOT time and 80-odd miles driving and a good clean to blast away the cobwebs. Got another wee job done repairing the passenger seat switch which had broken earlier in the year - some small drilled holes and cable ties sufficed for a functional repair. Headlamps were brightened up with some cutting compound and polish knowing tester has a bit of a thing for lamps, and new front foglamp bulb was sourced. In the end sailed through MOT with the tester putting in some correct colour indicator bulbs for free. Emissions perfect as if the car was straight out of the factory which was pleasing and no advisories apart from slightly discoloured indicators. After a 570 mile journey is safely back home & ready for another year's sterling service with less city driving as Ypsilon will be my shuttle-car. Wouldn't swap it for anything on AS or elsewhere!
  8. Never bought a new car, never leased one, and no intention ever to do so. Late '90's and bottom-of-depreciation-curve is the sweet spot for me, totally DIYable but modern enough to make long journeys painless and without headache-inducing digital screens. I drove a mainstream SUV/crossover the other day for the first time which was comfortable enough but not a patch on an old '90s barge for comfort. Enjoyed another 579 depreciation-free miles yesterday and 36 mpg from the 22 year old V6 that's just sailed through another MOT and the mechanics are simple enough to make it to moon mileage and beyond.
  9. Hmmnnnnn https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/384247201030
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/294216962596?hash=item4480b29224:g:GDkAAOSwV75gv28G Never seen an XR3i /Sierra based fake before. Way less offensive than the horrific gash in previous post though description wins extra w**k points. Exhaust emits pleasant Ferrari-esque sound especially when pulling away or overtaking. Interesting engine options.
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324649385879?hash=item4b969c7f97%3Ag%3A11oAAOSw4jhgoCXM&LH_All=1 5 grand starting bid for a fucked XJ-S. sitting for 10 years since failing previous MOT in 2011. "The car has full service history and will need a service now". So reassuring.
  12. NigeT

    XJ-S V12

    Tbh I reckon that if dry stored, regularly used, and properly maintained they're not much more likely to break down than most similar chod of the era - as long as cooling system is in good order it's unlikely the engine will give up the ghost, the 6 and 12 cylinder lumps are fairly robust. and no cambelts to worry about. The Teves ABS systems (and brakes in general) are a pain & auxiliary electrics aren't the best but failures to proceed aren't as common as many would expect, rot must be the biggest killer. As for cheap XJ-S sheds like you describe, fair point I suppose! I would love to see @dollywobblertake a rough one on and win some great battles.
  13. NigeT

    XJ-S V12

    Out of all the XJ-S's I've owned, this is the only one I'd ever want back. Now lives a pampered life in Norway.
  14. NigeT

    XJ-S V12

    I did buy an XJ-S (Blue 3.6 in Land Rover Cairns Blue) in Glasgow a few years back but definitely not this bloke. Seller was a chain-smoking retired cabbie about to very sensibly escape Glasgow for Greece. Ended up selling it to a guy in the Czech Republic and off it went. Underside needed welding pretty well in its entirety, wish I still had pictures.
  15. NigeT

    XJ-S V12

    Thought it was about time the forum got some more masochistic XJ-S action. Since my last post almost a year ago it's sat on a drive looking increasingly forlorn with the bodywork and paintwork taking the main brunt and I'm 100% resolved to shift to a more loving home before the end of summer. A couple of weeks ago I got round to giving it some attention whilst on essential business in Surrey. After a wet winter water had got into the car into the drivers footwell and caused some mould on the leather and headlining - now all dried up and removed, and the leather got some soothing blue reconditioning balm so the interior's respectable again. As always was expecting MOT to fail on something awkward - this time it got fails for rust in rear suspension mounting area, front caliper wire, a bulb, and rear brakes binding, so I think I got off very lightly as XJ-S's go. Found some wire in the shed which sufficed for the caliper and took no time at all, everything brake and suspension-wise was looking in pretty good nick up front. Bulb was a loose connection. Rust fail was a bastard - access to grind off the rot was tricky without a ramp and welding it was a bit of a backbreaker. After badly slathering on enough weld (with my cheap ebay gasless MIG) to constitute a continuous seam at least in my mind , it was time to cover my miserable efforts with sealer, primer and black paint. Freeing up the rear onboard brakes was a bastard job. Sliding pins and pads were removed (with access so tight they took ages to get out - onboard brakes are the devil's work). Pistons looked in okay shape but got some red grease anyway. Pads were fine & pins got a wire-brush and some copper slip. There was still binding until the handbrake mechanism was freed and lubed up after which MOT failure was solved. I suspect advisory for steering was due to lack of use - didn't think there were any issues on the way to station and the seatbelt webbing and slight oil leak advisories aren't bothering me. No dripping onto the drive counts as dry in my XJ-S book. I did ldeal with the headlights though, one had about a pint of water inside. Engine is running nicely and sailed through emissions. I'm now the proud owner of a 12 month ticket and wondering what can replace the Big Cat once it's gone. Also curious what rough round the edges but driveable XJ-S's are going for these days - any ideas appreciated! Happy to give a shiters price if it'll be kept in the community.
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