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  1. NigeT

    Home made pick ups.

    I miss my old Robin. Genius offspring of an ex-Bond fellow in Newbury who converts Reliants at home in his spare time.
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VOLVO-AMAZON-1965-121-5-DOOR/312866055082?hash=item48d84523aa:g:5u8AAOSwkNRd4EUx This Amazon might fit into budget, no bids yet at 2.5k and listed as open to offers. MOT history from 2012-2017 doesn't look too scary though would have kept the local welders in business before then!
  3. NigeT

    eBay tat volume 3.

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bond-875-mark-two-1970-Last-saloon-car-produced-by-factory-For-restoration/123984366478?hash=item1cde0b4b8e:g:jCoAAOSw-dldwDhI I was unaware Bond had made a facelifted Mk2 version of the 875. I would love to see the legendary Mr Hubnut work his magic on this one.
  4. Right now I'd love to drive a Mk1 Marina. Preferably in the wet, on a racetrack. An NSU Ro80 is high up my list too.
  5. Cygnet spotted in Edinburgh yesterday, first time I've seen one up close. Looks a bit like the lovechild of a Fiesta crossbred with a Toyota IQ. Doing plenty of miles between MOTs so may be someone's daily runabout.
  6. Congratulations on your purchase, as a long-term CLK owner I can confirm these are lovely (and extremely reliable) cruisers. These CLKs often leak petrol if overfilled beyond the first click. The hose to the petrol expansion tank often leaks due to wear, fairly simple job to replace, I suspect that's the issue here. Fuel economy can get up to the upper 30's on a run if everything is in order. Plugs take (for me anyway) a few hours to replace, but newer plugs = way better economy, emissions fails on MOT are often due to plugs too. Once in a while they deserve some premium petrol, and MPG goes down quite a bit if tyre pressures aren't perfect. If you're thinking of a long-term relationship I recommend removing the sill covers, can hide all kind of horrors that are best sorted asap, ditto inner wings. Gearbox fluid & filter change is simple DIY too and well worth it. Any issues or questions please feel free to drop me a line anytime. Pic of mine attached.
  7. This rough Elite has just appeared on my street in Edinburgh. Looks to be held together with gaffer tape. Coolest thing I've seen in these parts in a while, not seen this light metallic blue colour before.
  8. 1999 CLK320 134,000. Driven loads. 1988 XJ-S V12 80,000. Hardly driven, about time I sold it. 1982 Ferrari Mondial 43,000. Gets enough use to be reliable. Average 86,000ish
  9. Some spots from my recent roadtrip around Azerbaijan (my Uzbek-made Ravon R2 posted in modern shite). Outside Baku around half of all cars were older Ladas or Lada derivatives, followed by Mercedes W210 E-Classes and older Volgas. I rather like the newer Volgas. Baku is full of modern shite, a local told me that the president has banned older shite from the gleaming and generally spotless capital.
  10. Assume you've checked and cleaned all relevant grounds?
  11. Thought a Petri update was overdue. With a couple of weeks left before the MOT my father booked the Rover into the local garage for a pre-MOT. Being useless at bangernomics and fearful of more modern replacement options, he spent way more than its value on a complete new exhaust and more in order to get it another year's ticket before I could visit and either a) lock him in a padded cell until he saw sense or b) incur the wrath of Mrs T by doing the work myself and saving what would have been an inheritance someday. Supposedly the handbrake needed some new part, more than simple freeing up of the mechanism. Had advisories on bushes, oil leak (seepage but no driveway incontinence yet) a balding inner tyre upfront and registration plate lamp that I've now replaced years after it blew, Only 243 Sli manuals still on the road as of Q4 2018, wonder when it'll get into proper classic territory if it isn't already. And whether it's worth writing to car SOS, might be the most uneconomical restoration of all time.
  12. NigeT

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Pure AS https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1986-Toyota-Corolla-GL-20th-Anniversary-Edition/264315827716?hash=item3d8a737604:g:wScAAOSwY49cwve7
  13. Thanks a million for the offer but suspect you're rather too far away (the green monster is in Tadworth, Surrey, though I'm up in sunny Scotland). For the past couple of years (as Dad's bodger in chief) I adjusted the handbrake at the adjuster nut below the central console, was enough to pass the MOT but now it won't go any further. Rear pads were low so I replaced them a couple of months ago (shims had even rusted to almost nothing) but it didn't do the trick. I didn't have time to look at the self-adjusting handbrake mechanism, wonder if that just needs a bit of greasing or whether a new cable is called for. Seats actually gave me backache whenever I drove it a fair distance, maybe as I'm 6'3 and wiry though the only cars that haven't given me backache are my CLK and a couple of SLK's I had. Dad's way shorter and wider and has always been very comfortable.
  14. Glorious combination of the two!
  15. The time's nearing for my old man to part with his 1996-vintage Ronda 620 after 17 unmemorable but extremely reliable years. It's properly shite. A shade over 123,000 miles on the clock. Largely abused and neglected, no idea how cambelt's survived 17 years. I gave it the decade's first oil change a few months ago and it's got a fairly recent clutch and slave cylinder. ABS light doesn't come on from cold but does when car is restarted. Exhaust leak has been bodged for the past few years to pass MOT. Handbrake is useless as to be non existent. And paintwork is simply beyond shite with matching toxic-looking racing green moss and mould. Advisories on MOT for bushes, and there's no need to slow down for speedhumps, one of its more practical features. Was swiped by a truck on the M25 in 2007 so has a category mark following the repair. Engine runs nicely despite never getting new plugs or other luxuries apart from an occasional air filter, never overheated and doesn't use much oil. Not too rusty at all structurally. Interior is foul. Rev counter is erratic. He'll be keeping the noble workhorse until the MOT expires in June and maybe beyond so it's not for sale yet but thought it was worth posting anyway in all its glory.
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