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  1. can't remember if I said but to drive my Scirocco Mk2 it'd be £2300 a year!
  2. https://flic.kr/p/22drLGX got sent this photo of it in the 80s by the previous owner
  3. nope- they were launched after I was born
  4. https://flic.kr/p/211b9AC - scirocco https://flic.kr/p/XAZbaJ- peugeots
  5. should be about £800 next year but still got the dreaded black box!
  6. just been reminded about this so thought I'd update it- sold the Renault last year to another enthusiast and its now living in a prestigious area in London apparently! Replaced that with another auto, this time a VW Scirocco GT MK2 which was sat unused on a driveway before I knocked on the door and bought it! Got another Peugeot 304 Cabriolet also, its a rare pre-S model original UK car!
  7. thank you so much! Yes it was a red Princess painted black and full of filler according to the current owners, well known on here apparently so some people are sad that it's been broken- which I can completely understand! yes that is mine as well, I posted it on here a couple of years ago I'll try and find it!
  8. everyone has said that but its Carmine!
  9. thank you! Don't know anyone unfortunately so might just have to drive it up and down the driveway a couple of times!
  10. just to clarify I didn't break that car, it was already in parts and obviously I'm going to buy them off that than pay like 100% more for new reproductions!!
  11. I saw a photo of one when I was really young and then saw the feature on Top Gear and decided I wanted one!
  12. it was first a company car and covered 50k miles in the first three years, then was sold to the family I got it from. They used it for holidays in their caravan as it has a towbar. I think they then upgraded to a Montego but wanted to keep the Princess as everyone loved it so it went into the garage and stayed there for 20 years!
  13. tried everything, seems no company is interested until I'm 18. Gives me 2 months then to properly sort the car out at least!
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