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  1. love that!! I normally get high 30s mpg, did get 64mpg on a carriageway but not sure how accurate the trip computer is! the seats in the earlier cars did have some good patterns, my facelift is just blue but you could have bright red too!
  2. thanks, would love to see photos when you find them! my GDI was £100 in March and only needed a 90p bulb to pass an mot! I had a problem where it would cut out but it was only for a day after disconnecting the battery, apparently its normal to do this as the ecu is relearning? I thought it was almost as good to drive as my old Mk1 focus with the famously good handling!
  3. are they aware it needs to be run on the higher octane fuel? tesco 99 momentum is what mine is run on. i dont think its the engine that gets clogged, just the throttle body would need to be cleaned.
  4. thank you so much thats great! really appreciate the help!
  5. I was waiting for that typical comment about the name! my gdi has a bright blue interior, great spec with aircon and sunroof, actually surprisingly good to drive as its quick and handles well. it seems everyone whos made comments about the name has never had one as they have charisma to most people whos owned one! I was going to call local Mitsubishi dealer but not sure if theyd even remember the carismas!
  6. thanks! wheel trim would be great, theres only two left on the car and one is quite bad! I have five 1/43 Carismas in a little shrine in my bedroom 😆
  7. thank you and yeah they are, I have a V40 too but no one seems to know if the parts are common and they arent the ones I can easily check like the release cable!
  8. theres loads of parts on ebay but none of the bits I actually need!
  9. thank you it doesnt need much work really to keep it roadworthy, but my grandad kept it immaculate so I wanted to restore it back to how it used to be!
  10. thank you! I was actually offered a really early Carisma last week for free, a May 1996 car! It was too nice for me to break though but too much of a project to restore, its one owner as well but I think he decided to keep it after I spoke to him! Theres another early white N reg local to me too!
  11. thanks! my MOT tester found out by reprinting one of its test certificates I think, it was so long ago!
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