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  1. !0 Years back now, I was looking for a battery and discovered that there was a factory in South Korea producing 11 million car batteries a year. All were sold to different companies, including Lion, who put their own name brands on them. Just saying.
  2. Some very interesting reads here. The worst part of an accident comes 1-2 hours after when your body starts shaking. I passed my test age 17 and and had to wait until the age of 59 for my first and so far, only accident, just 2 miles from home. I met a car trying to overtake a bus on a blind bend. The driver was looking down and to the left. (He later admitted that he was trying to tune his radio) At the last possible moment, the driver looked up, saw me and swung his wheel violently to the left but too late. I honestly thought it would be a head on collision. I remember the bang as my r
  3. Loved the story of the Golf dropped off a year early for its MoT, thats an absolute classic. Took my Rover for a retest today and got a pass. I repaired a small hole in the offside outer sill and the tester commented that he could not see that anyone had been anywhere near it. I surprised myself with what I was able to accomplish with just a stick welder and a skim of filler. The car needed a new back box, 2 drop links and the sill repaired. Another years motoring for a total bil of £140. Thats what made me grin.
  4. I went with Autoaid following a recommendation on here. Broke down while on holiday on a very hot day. Took a half hour to get any response and waited 3 hours for recovery. In the end, I had no chice but to fix things myself or I would still be there now . Hope you have better luck than I did, I wasted my money! Disgusted!
  5. Those red windtone horns are absolute rubbish., made in China to a price. I put a set on my Rover and they lasted all of 9 months. Stripped them and they were red with rust inside. Water gets into them and thats it, it cant get out. Avoid!
  6. That Citroen SM is a design of true beauty, I just wish I could afford one.
  7. Never heard of using Silver Ink before to repair heated screens but it should work. Granville make a product by the name of "Electrocure", which does the same job, it contains Silver, and is just painted on the screen to repair a break.
  8. From an 800 to a Trabant sounds to me like going from the sublime to the ridiculous. Best of British luck with the Traby. Changed the oil in my 820 last year and added a Litre of ATF. Seems to have made a big difference to the performance, less tappet noise. So I recommed you give it a try in your 800.
  9. Richard, I watched your rant right to the end. I found it sad, funny, inspirational and disappointing, not in that order. I found myself sharing your disappointment that the car sold in the end for less than its true value but you are correct IMHO as to the reasons for that. This was something to a great extent outside of your control. You can be justly proud of the quality of the workmanship you poured into the Range Rover, the buyer has landed a real bargain. But looking on the bright side, the project has raised your profile and demonstrated what you can do. I am sure that many on this
  10. I recognise that part as it runs from the lower part of the radiator to the engine block. If you cant repair it or get it braized, then try Rimmer Brothers, they still have lots of 800 spares for Mk1's and 2's.
  11. Further to my post about suspected stuck rings on my little Honda cb125, the problem is now solved and the bike runs well without smoke. The rings were stuck but a combination of diesel and ATF seemed to free things off. Slightly down on the right cylinder compression but once its MoT.d and in daily use, I expect that to sort itself out. The pilot jets were choked solid, took 3 days soaking in gun cleaner to get a thin piece of wire through the holes to clear the crap out. I expected to take 3 days to get this bike ready for an MoT. Instead, it took me 5 weeks.
  12. I just have to ask: What is that bike in the driveway, next to the I 30? Whatever it is, it looks very stylish and smart.
  13. Was unexpectedly sent to hospital on Friday, and kept in for 2 nights. Released on Sunday and was liable for 2 days car parking. Explained my situation to the Security on the hospital desk, as I had no money to pay for the parking. He told me to just drive up to the exit, press the call button on the machine and explain my situation So I did. The conversation went like this: " I had to park in the car park for 2 days as, they kept me in for 2 nights and would not let me go home. I have no money to pay for the car parking charges" He asked me who had told me to call him and I said I was to
  14. Looking for some advice from you experienced bike hands. My Honda 1986 125td Super Dream seems to have stuck piston rings. Its smoking a lot. For now, I have filled the bores with diesel and will leave it to soak for a few days. This bike has stood unused for 3 years so I expected a few problems, and there have been more than I counted on so far. At the rate I am going, I may get it ready to ride by the end of this Summer. Anything else I can try apart from diesel? Thanks.
  15. Could the belts be squealing because they are dry? I had this problem once on a CX2400. Solved by spraying the belts with WD40 and the belts did not slip afterwards.
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