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  1. Haha
    Mally reacted to DSdriver in Boris the '59 Minor.   
    A good friend asked about the tears in the headlining of one of my cars and whether they were caused by my wife's high heals. I was able to jokingly reply "No, your's"
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    Mally reacted to Joey spud in Boris the '59 Minor.   
    Christmas and my birthday are a couple of weeks apart so all my nearest and dearest clubbed together and got me a ''Moggy starter bundle''.

    I now have repair panels for the boot floor and lower rear quarters along with all the sill,floor and step panels to get me started.
    I'm still going to need a few more panels but it's moving forward.
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    Mally reacted to Joey spud in Boris the '59 Minor.   
    Update of sorts.

    The borrowed skinny wheels are now back on Alberts Traveller but i took a pic of its front brake upgrade it's Fiesta mk3 based and was done by East Sussex Minors a few years back for a four figure fee !!

    Sharing the Morris's drive is this work in progress Bedford Sooty van.
    Back at mine i have finished the three wings to a good enough standard for paint to be applied when the warm weather returns.

    I have zinc primed and tiger sealed the void that fills up with crud and rots out the wings rear edge.

    These are stored up in the shed rafters for now.

    Boris has come to me with a complete set of new window rubbers which he does urgently need and also fresh coolant hoses to replace his perished and brittle ones.

    He also rocked up with few new bits of tin.
    There's a full n/s chassis leg that to be honest he doesn't need but he does definitely need the new A post/door hinge panels and n/s rear sping hanger section.
    In a scruffy box i found a new Newton Commercial supplied head lining.
    Boris has a small tear in his by the interior light that doesn't bother me in the slightest (character ?) so i bunged it on Ebay and got £70 for it which has since been spent on more zinc rich paint and welding gas.
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    Mally reacted to Joey spud in Boris the '59 Minor.   
    So on to the far more grotty passenger side wing.

    I don't possess the patience (or the skills) to make bespoke panels to produce invisible as new repairs but will always give it a go.

    I have ordered up some 0.8mm zintec sheet but had the urge to play so used some scuffy 1.2mm stuff instead and to be fair it buzzed in ok and didn't twist and distort like the other wing did.

    Once the outter panel was back in place i was able to cut away this rusty inner skin and make it  good again.
    It's a bit Frankenstein but despite my laid back,can't be asked approach it has actually turned out quite good.
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    Mally reacted to Joey spud in Boris the '59 Minor.   
    I've done a bit more Boris.
    The pickling that occurred on the drivers wing seems ok now i sanded it all back and this time slowly built the primer up with a few dusty dry coats first instead of the wet ones i did last time and everything is good again.
    That said i will still use an isolator primer before top coating.
    I don't want to paint the whole car i just want to make good the repairs and keep Boris looking scruffy and honest like he has driven out of a barn after sitting since 1985 so i need to have a good think about how i go about it.
    Anyway the o/s front wing and n/s rear wing are ok to bolt back on in the future.
    I do need a o/s rear wing as mine was really grim so i just removed it with a cutting disc,i have joined various Morris Minor bothering groups and am confident a replacement will turn up locally soon enough.
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    Mally got a reaction from Lacquer Peel in The grumpy thread   
    Has it ever occurred that you may be wrong occasionally?
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    Mally reacted to TheDoctor in The Doctor's travels through time - You've got red on you.   
    Xmas present to myself - found these in Triumph stud pattern on ebay for cheap - only two though, so will be looking out for more. 

    Oh, and got engaged too, but that's not as important is it? 😂😜

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    Mally reacted to Tim_E in The Doctor's travels through time - You've got red on you.   
    It shows that sometimes you have to grin and bear cowboys if they get the job done for cheap. You make the choice, you have to live with it!
    We had cowboy house removals. I was so angry with them for so many things but didn't have the courage or patience to tell them to go away so we can arrange a proper (and properly expensive) removals.
    Let's just say all's well that ends well.
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    Mally reacted to eddyramrod in My 1973 Cadillac, Huggy Bear   
    I did it.  Full story to follow when I've uploaded the photos.
  10. Thanks
    Mally got a reaction from Carlosfandango in 61 Chang Jiang. Perfect for essential journeys.   
    Pull the decompression lever swing the kick start, drop the compression lever mid swing ,
    It either fires or kicks back and breaks your leg.
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    Mally got a reaction from 1duck in 61 Chang Jiang. Perfect for essential journeys.   
    Pull the decompression lever swing the kick start, drop the compression lever mid swing ,
    It either fires or kicks back and breaks your leg.
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    Mally got a reaction from stonedagain in 61 Chang Jiang. Perfect for essential journeys.   
    Pull the decompression lever swing the kick start, drop the compression lever mid swing ,
    It either fires or kicks back and breaks your leg.
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    Mally got a reaction from Psycho Charlie Knobcheese in 61 Chang Jiang. Perfect for essential journeys.   
    Pull the decompression lever swing the kick start, drop the compression lever mid swing ,
    It either fires or kicks back and breaks your leg.
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    Mally got a reaction from The Mighty Quinn in Royale Coupe - Brakes fixed!   
    When the hole is covered.
    Looks a straightforward job really.
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    Mally reacted to Peter C in Mercedes W124 200E - Rolling Resto - Tidy engine bay crazy mind   
    I've made progress with the 200E and it's 50/50 good and bad news.
    A couple of years ago I had the rear nearside inner wheel arch welded (where I found a great big rusty hole) and I was sure that the rest of the metal in the wheel wells was solid. As part of my investigations I started to poke the inner arches with a screwdriver and found this on the offside:

    Unfortunately, the nearside was even worse:

    The problem is the rubber caps. Water gets under the edges of the caps and over time it causes metal around the caps to rot away. I have arranged to have these three holes welded in January. Considering the amount of work that still needs doing on the 200E, the dreadful weather forecast for the festive season and the fact that I live bang slap in the middle of tier 4, it's not as if I would have a chance of driving the 200E anywhere soon.
    I spent a good few hours scrapping off blistered underseal and surface corrosion to reveal plenty of ugly but solid metal.

    With the loose rust cleaned off, I put the rear wheels back on, pulled the 200E out of the garage and drove it onto ramps. With no exhaust from the cat back, the 200E sounded like a hemi V8 and with no shock absorbers fitted, the rear end misbehaved like a proper 70s muscle car. I gave the entire underside a good pressure clean with my Karcher washer.

    I then applied Kurust to every rusty bit of metal I could see. Unfortunately, all the photographs taken of the underside of the 200E came out too dark to share.

    Then all the same bits got a liberal coating of zinc primer.

    I propose to coat the floorpan and subframe with underseal and the wishbones, anti-roll bar and driveshafts with black / white Hammerite. 
    In other news, I cleaned the plastic covers that protect the underside of the lower wishbones. I don't know what the yellowy deposits were but they would only come off with a wire brush, which left the surface of the plastic marked. Not to worry.

    The offside underside section of the rear bumper had a nasty scrape (not my doing). Whilst the scrape was not visible with the car perched on all four wheels, it still needed attending to. A good rub down got rid off the scratches and a squirt of paint restored factory finish.

    The gluing of the deformed chrome strip to the rear bumper plastic failed. To improve the appearance of the black bumper moulding, which had a few marks and bumps on it, I flattened the imperfections and cleaned off numerous layers of plastic beauty treatment products before masking off the rest of the bumper. Spraying the moulding black only accentuated the marks and bumps. I'll have to give it another go.

    More next week.
  16. Sad
    Mally reacted to Tamworthbay in The grumpy thread   
    My nephew is on the max morphine now and it looks like the cancer will win in the next few days. Shouldn’t grumble as it was expected way back in the spring but the shite of this year has stopped him making the most of that extra time. There is no good time to have cancer but this year has to be one of the worst.
  17. Sad
    Mally reacted to Saabnut in The grumpy thread   
    For the second time this year, covid travel restrictions have snookered me. This time, I have been notified that a ditch at my house in France has become blocked, and as the house is on a flood plain (it flooded once, in 1962) it needs attending early. Being Christmas and lockdown, no one in France can do anything until at least the New Year, and the insurance states that as soon as I become aware it has to be sorted asap or no cover. Booked eurotunnel to cross Tuesday early hours. Today I loaded the trailer with mini-digger and loaded the car, ready to depart about 10am tomorrow.
    Just been announced all travel forbidden UK-France for 48 hours from 2300 tonight. Bollox. Have managed to get a booking at 0530 Christmas Eve, but fully expect that to be cancelled as well but at least the insurance remains valid!
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    Mally got a reaction from EssDeeWon in Tell me I shouldn't...... MBZ CLK content - Now Viewed/offered   
    If I wanted one for Xmas I'd just buy it. I'd offer £1,600 first mind.
    No scrub that, if it's local I'd go round with £1,600 in my back pocket.
    There's always the hole in the wall if you absolutely must have it.
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    Mally got a reaction from garellikatia in Classic mini (Tina) I will get her finished   
    FYI,  a tap at Mini Spares costs £63.  https://www.minispares.com/product/Classic/Accessories/Tools/TOOL25.aspx?0108&ReturnUrl=/product/classic/TOOL07.aspx|Back to
    I'd chance the cheap one but be very careful.
    I'll have one somewhere, but I'll never find it.
  20. Haha
    Mally reacted to Jim Bell in Like a G6, Like a G6...Now Im feelin so fly like a G6...   
    Looks lovely. That Reg must be worth a fortune.  
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    Mally reacted to Inspector Morose in Bus Shite   
    My first bus.

    You know when you are young and there comes a time when the cash in your pocket from your job starts burning a hole? Yes, that time before the responsibilities of mortgage payments, rent, food, electricity and gas bills and all of that stuff that grown-ups have to contend with but not you?

    See those pictures? well, that was that sort of moment for me. We had gone to photograph the buses around Nottingham that day and we called into the operator Lamcote Motors, not only an operator but a Ford car dealer too. We knew that there would be something interesting in their yard but didn't know that there would be two Midland Red shortened Fords there. Shortened Fords? Let me tell you the tale.
    In 1977, Midland Red Omnibus Company Limited (MROC) were conducting their Viable Network Project (VNP) route surveys and a need for smaller buses on certain routes was identified. Following this, the company bought three Ford Transit minibuses for trials in Evesham and Redditch, but these vehicles were soon found to be not up to the job.
    By late 1977, a number of Ford buses (bought by Midland Red in the late '60s and early '70s to replace own built vehicles on lightly trafficked routes in the country areas) were scheduled for disposal and as an experiment, one vehicle was taken to Midland Red’s Central Works and shortened to make a twenty-seven seat midibus. The shortening work involved removing the whole bodywork and shortening the chassis by cutting out sections from the wheelbase and behind the rear axle. To assist weight distribution, the fuel tank and batteries were moved to the rear. The original bodywork was overhauled and shortened by two bays before being refitted.
    This experimental vehicle re-entered service at Redditch depot in December 1977, and was found to be very successful so, over the next two years, Midland Red shortened an additional eleven vehicles for their own use. 
    Midland Red Omnibus Company Limited (MROC) also offered these conversions to other National Bus Company (NBC) subsidiaries that were looking for small capacity vehicles. However, demand was not very strong and only four vehicles were converted for other operators, two for Western National, one for City of Oxford, and one for Alder Valley.
    The conversions didn't last that long with Midland Red, given the amount of work put into their rebuild; most were withdrawn at the expiry of their certificate of fitness five years later with a scant few lingering on in lesser capacities.
    However, small operators around the country saw the potential in these heavier weight minibuses and a number were bought and turned into useful, if slightly utilitarian, mini-coaches. Lamcote Motors bought at least three of these and reseated them with Plaxton coach seats and they proved to be very useful little vehicles lasting into the 1990s. When we visited their yard, two were still operating; YHA361J and this one YHA359J (one of the two sold to Western National after conversion).
    Parked in an awkward spot with the shadows of other vehicles putting 359 in the dark we knocked on the office door to see if it was possible for it to be moved into the sun for a shot.
    "Shure, you can buy it, if you like too" came the reply from the reclining man at his desk in the office. Inevitably the "how much" question was asked in retort and with a reasonable figure quoted back to me, I shook hands on a deal that I had no intention of making that morning.
    And that was that. I owned a bus. What I was going to do with it, I had no clue but it started me down the slippery slope of bus ownership with others soon joining the 'fleet', all kept under duress at my 'friendly' local bus operator. Soon, the opportunity of saving the earliest WMPTE Bristol VR came up, meaning that 359 had to be sold on to raise funds. An advert in the trade rags caught the eye of a small operator in Great Yarmouth who, as it turned out, had been a uni pal of one Brian Souter. He seemed over the moon at the little green Ford and duly paid the asking price for it, netting me a tidy little profit and enough for my share in the VR. I wasn't that sad as there were a number of these little short Fords knocking around so someone will preserve one, surely? Sadly this was not to be and they all disappeared until there was one, now under the care of Wythal bus museum although it hasn't turned a wheel in anger for many years.
    Hindsight is a wonderful thing and if I had my time again, I'd have stopped at this one (and probably bought a house or two with the money I subsequently spent on keeping them and their smaller cousins around). Historically largely forgotten but these really were the last buses built by Midland Red. Okay, they had a starting point in the withdrawn Fords but they were totally dismantled and rebuilt into a completely new bus, at least initially, specifically for Midland Reds needs and then offered to other operators, just like they used to do before WW2. Yes, they built bodies after this but never again a complete bus making them, in my mind, the end of an era.
    I should have kept it.

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    Mally reacted to Lord Sterling in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    Currently in Belgium. Getting here was NOT a grin, but I'm glad I actually made it.
  23. Haha
  24. Haha
    Mally got a reaction from mat_the_cat in Why don't I listen to myself?   
    I may buy my next car from you.
    Then every time something goes wrong I know who to ring😀
  25. Haha
    Mally got a reaction from Cookiesouwest in Why don't I listen to myself?   
    I may buy my next car from you.
    Then every time something goes wrong I know who to ring😀
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