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  1. This was a bit tongue in cheek and I totally expected you bastards to have filled this up and roffled it by now. I have only the best thoughts for Bornite, regardless of how he considers me. I've had enough shit in my own life time.
  2. I've had the odd run in over the years, as have others, but bear no animosity to any member. Anyone on here have reason to think I'm not honest, Lets have a list. 1. Bornite
  3. Tbf If I was the would be seller you would have had the option to be the owner. I don't expect any backing, but there was an offer that was not accepted. I'd have taken it. They are all just an car to me.
  4. I got a black bumper offered at £100, which I knew I'd never see back. Someone on here told me you can just swap the centre section, and they probably had one but I never followed it up. I could run through my messages but I'm not sure if it was a pm, or just a comment on one of my posts. I'm not sentimental about cars, I've crashed them for 55 years. Feel free to do what you like. It's a nice thing in the sunshine though. Edit, and surprisingly snug in Winter.
  5. Tape on the bonnet and boot? You have better eyes than me. I only washed it once in 6 months though. Have you rubbed the hole in the front bumper out that still gives my D in L nightmares? It's a very nice car that was compatible with my needs at time of purchase. Hope it serves you well.
  6. You can measure my seats if you like, but I'm in Spain for a fortnight. You are aware that your airbag light will be on constantly ūü§£
  7. She must have been near the front, there's only 8 cars in the race and she went over sideways before end over end Two new bottom arms, new rack, new strut. radiator. Bonnet, door skin and and wing knackered , but going back on again. Left it for now, need to fix other car for weekend, which may well be cancelled with the rain.
  8. An eventful weekends racing at Blyton raceway Amelia was slow in her first race Sat, so I fixed*the gear change with a cable tie. Seemed to do the trick, she improved as the weekend went on. We gave her a target. There are 8 cars per race and she was in with the new starters. Try not to come last! Sunday, drawn 8 no hope there. Set off like a rocket, was in second place. Decided she was going too fast and slowed down. As the others passed there was an altercation resulting in an innocent Amelia being attacked by another car. Damage to Wing, bumper and bottom arm. Much crying involved but unhurt. Shall we leave it for today? No I'm going again, so we fixed* it, and off she went. Finished next to last, which was all we asked. Everyone's happy with that, Car looks a bit sad, I'll try and put a photo up later. Hannah also raced. Won the first heat, Third in the second heat. By this time I'd left to take Amelia's car home, it's difficult unloading 2 at once. I get a phone call. Hannah qualified for the final which was last race of the day. Drawn 7, hard from there. Ste told her to leather it round the outside and try to cut inside around the apex of the first bend. This went well until the car from lane 2? attacked her resulting in a very spectacular roll. Her kIds were watching from the same bend and began screaming. She could hear them from the car. All OK, Car is a mess.There's video footage which I don't think is allowed even if I knew how to do it. It's on her f/b, Hannah Mallinson if you fancy a watch. She quite enjoyed it seemingly. Edit, because it was the last race and they were over time, they cancelled the race and awarded positions from previous points. This gave Hannah 3rd place and a rather nice trophy.
  9. As it's the master cyl that's different, I'd alter that. Hacksaw/file/dremil? Just need a steady hand.
  10. Providing drunk driver is insured and hasn't legged it.
  11. Not updated this for a while although I have mentioned a little elsewhere. Amelia had her first race, failed to change gear and struggled round slowly in first gear. Since then we have taken her for another practise, Sat in the car with her whilst she set off, changed gear, and put her foot to the floor. We also had a trip to Belle Vue Speedway to show her how to really gate properly. All this could come good next Sat and Sun, or prove to be to no avail. As long as she enjoys it, no matter. She got 4th gear a few times instead of 2nd. Have discovered the spring across the gate is very strong, so may cure* it with a cable tie. We have bought another trailer for a grand, sold the tyre rack on it for £150, and spent the cash on tyres and marker lights. Rover 75 will start earning it's keep at weekend when we take 2 cars. Hannah's car has had a makeover. was difficult sticking vinyl over the lumpy bodywork, but it's fine from 6 feet. T
  12. Dave Chisholm, yes World Champ in both. A very good driver. Didn't know him in F2, I was an Outlaw in those days. Watched him often in F1, very fast and smooth. Rarely crashed into anything. (fastest way round, but in those days everyone else bumped).
  13. This is exactly why I have a Streetka on SORN. I'm quoted over 2K for 2 cars with full NCB. Ka will have to go shortly I need the space.
  14. It needs an extended adaptor, male/female, same thread. I mean I haven't got one like but..
  15. I'm feared of grabbing the disc, my son does that, and can also bang a flap disc on the floor. I use the correct tool, but only 1 peg. Always have a tool on the bench, drill stand and floor (somewhere).
  16. Clean it up level as best you can then treat the rust and prime it. The better it looks with primer on, the better will be the chrome* finish.
  17. I've learnt something here. I have a reg I thought nothing about, but maybe I should retain it as I did find it easy to remember. I can then sell my StreetKA for £250 less using man maths, despite the fact it will cost me £80 plus a new set of plates. What is this fantastic reg you may ask? J33 FWP.
  18. Put all your screwdrivers in a box and post them to me.
  19. Triumph Spitfire and sell the MGB?
  20. I'd be frightened of going up to the next notch.
  21. I've also got a StreetKa for next to nothing . Been very reliable.
  22. Sorted that out 30 years ago. Hopefully. You can never account for all events.
  23. This is what can happen. You need a POA to prevent such things happening. Unfortunate for my Son though, who will be left with a pile of crap in my garden that suddenly becomes his responsibility should I lose my marbles. Edit, thinking about it, it's mainly his crap anyway. Serves him right!
  24. It is better when it's warm. Until it rains.
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