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  1. I'm in Sunny Beach. It's not!
  2. Would it be possible to fit an extra cross bar just forward of the front of your head and curved a little higher? If so, the fall from that may just clear.
  3. Used to be a UK thing. Dunno about France. If you put rear windows in a van you had to pay purchase tax, which vans had exemption from. Some used to stick a small window in and say it was for safety reasons.
  4. Any idea how long the shine will last? Is there a way to preserve it? I envisage someone rejecting a less than shiny van somewhere down the line, having viewed the 'as new' photos. I'd be tempted to fix the windows closed and fit do not open notices. They will get broken. Is it possible to make and fit flat or perspex replacement windows now, and store the unobtainium ones? or just remove the catches.
  5. Are you insinuating we never pay more than £200? We are trying, collectively, to give you much more than that for your Micra, but you seem to be ignoring us.
  6. Yes I'm aware. I've travelled to Spain 6 times during Covid, Providing it wasn't illegal I was on Ryanair. Only 6 people on one flight, I've had Curfew in Fuengirola, Restaurants closed at 7. Walked the length of Calle Gerona in Benidorm in pitch blackness. Been refused admission to my paid for meals in the Hotel because they changed the rules, unvax not now allowed in Restaurants. I'm very old, I haven't got time to spare. So I carry on, Shit or bust. Spain still require a test, think Portugal do as well. Absolutely pointless, there are many ways of producing a negative test, or positive even, although I wouldn't do it myself. many do. They let 150 vax people on a plane without a Covid test, and 50 unvax people with a test. Defeats my logic that one.
  7. A few weeks ago. Spain won't let me in because un vax. Fair do's. Then they say, Open house, anyone in, free for all. So I book and pay to go the following week. 8 hours later, Spain 'sorry mistake not allowed in'. Cancelled holiday, almost lost money, but Travel Agent D in L saved me. Next review due 15 May, according to experts* expected to be allowed in. On Spain's review ban extended until 15 June. Sod Spain, I book Bulgaria, no test needed free for all. Today 21 May, Spain, You can come now from today, with a test, It's only 6 bleedin days since you extended the ban for 30 more days. On the bright side. I'm going on holiday!
  8. I have visions of Missy Charm in the passenger seat, with hair blowing in the wind at 185 mph.
  9. The A pillar could turn out to be a pain by affecting the door fit. Ideally you need a jig, for the door, but obviously that won't happen. I'd also be having nightmares of it folding in the middle whilst stood on axle stands. I'd at least support it under the middle until you finish welding.
  10. All being well, it's now sorted. It's an age thing.
  11. Car on trailer is too far forward unless engine is in the boot. Hence van is on it's @rse. You need a bit of nose weight, but not to that extent.
  12. Free entry, but pay to display. I know it's for the trophies, but it seems the wrong way round to me. Should be donations on the gate.
  13. Chrome bumper FTW.
  14. Midget reminded me of sitting in a 3 wheeled Reliant. Legs down a too small tunnel sort of thing. I didn't enjoy it enough to buy one MGB Gt proper car. Roadster I never took to somehow. Gt had wider tyres, dunno if that made the difference.
  15. Three times as much as you would think.
  16. Something will always fall off/leak. Don't do it.
  17. Long story, it's all on here somewhere. Because original rotor arm was DD I left it alone. Sorted a few bits and pieces, got it running, ran it 15 mins or so. She jumped in for a test drive........it stopped and wouldn't start. I ordered new red rotor arm, delivered to her house. She fitted it. It's been fine ever since.
  18. I'm sure* it will be fine...............but the rotor arm on @Mrs Spart 's MGB was Distributer Doctor like your's. That's why I didn't twig it straight away. It had been stood a while though.
  19. I've had an aluminium Reliant Regal with detachable fibreglass roof. Dutton Pheaton x 2. Robin Hood , MGB, Currently a Saab 9-3. Plus probably other short stays that I've forgotten All had problems bar the Robin Hood. Loved them all, but no fun in the rain except the Saab, which laughs at the weather.
  20. MOT it first, then you will know how much you have left,to splurge on tyres.
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