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  1. 7 minutes ago, Lankytim said:

    Yes it is, I’ve noted it but it seems that’s how they’re designed. I’ll just have to make sure I’m careful, although if the clamp rattles loose somehow and drops down on one side it might create a short. Perhaps a rubber “collar” under the terminal would help.

    I'd chop the  top diagonally left to right.

  2. Just back from my Speed Awareness Course. Two guys, seen one of them before a few years back.

    Told him "I'm deaf, don't ask me any questions".

    Did that  because last time he asked me a question and I couldn't answer. Because (1)  I hadn't a clue what he had been on about, and (2) didn't hear the question.

    He said I should have made him aware at the start

    So made him aware.  He said I could sit at the front.  I said I'll sit anywhere you like, but it won't make me less deaf,     So stayed in my seat.

    His mate came over, "err be a bit difficult with you being deaf, can you lip read?"  He had a bushy beard and 'tash.

    I felt like saying "Yes if I could see your lips". But stuck with Yes.

    All went swimmingly  after that, my new table mates filled all my answers in, and the result is Nil points.

    Tbf some of the videos do have subtitles.

  3. On 08/05/2024 at 11:55, Joey spud said:

    It wouldn't hurt to check if the housings mating face is maybe distorted.

    Place it against a flat surface like a window pane and have a look.

    Back many years ago when I had two stroke bikes I would use a sheet of window glass and grinding paste to reface the mounting surfaces of their barrels and heads.

    Brings back memories of the late, great, Dave numbers.

    Who did a similar job with a Ford Ranger cylinder head before his return trip from Scotland to France, after his collection broke down  in the Birmingham area.

  4. Many years ago I had a lucrative sideline taking my fellow workmates cars for MOT in my lunch hour.

    Mainly lucrative because I generally got the work.

    My late wife drove all the failures that I ended up with for next to nowt.

    Think Allegro, Ambassador, Mini, etc. She was over the moon years later when she bought a brand new 205 with her own money.

    My latest flame has a Kia Picanto Auto, owned from new 6 years ago. Around 5K on the clock now.

    She passed her test in a manual years ago and bought an auto first car, by mistake. 

    Had to buy Auto's ever since because she forgot how to use a clutch! 


  5. 1 hour ago, Matty said:

    Any signs for the Crafter? Or is that a bad idea on the basis of advertising what might be in it if you break in (tools and stuff)?

    Might get a Couple of stripes, motor home style. Has a few scratches high up. Wouldn't bother me, but it's not mine.

    Won't be race van stickered, although it is insured as a race van.

  6. 1 hour ago, big_al_granvia said:

    What colour top will be be as iirc he was s/s when he retired so red or blue??

    Retired as red, I think s/s was year before?        Guaranteed red due to being European champion. Not sure how his points were at that time.

    Had to get a new licence, not sure if he's got a temp, or season one, same number 788. 

    Asked if he could start blue. and Bunter laughed and said no. So red it is then.

    Can be better from the back, especially in a strange car. Never driven a TMR before, always Randell/TLF.

    I'm a little worried he may do well. It's a qualifying round for the Word of Shale, and may not end here if he has points in the bag.

  7. Been quiet for a good while, built a spare Yaris over winter.  Raced a couple of Autograss meetings for Amelia recently.  Ste's wife, Hannah has won a race or two.

    Reason for this posting is I've just been told the Stephen will race an F2 at Kings Lynn on Saturday 6th April.

    We were going watching, it's a big F1/F2 meeting. But a hire car was on offer,  so £550  and on you go. ( plus licence and whatever, he's not booked in yet).

    Last time he raced an F2 was well over 2 years go. It's good to watch him, but I thought the worrying was over for me.

    Next day,  Amelia races a Yaris at Nottingham Autograss, on the way back, which is much more sedate.

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