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  1. If you don't want to stop the roffle just sell me the remaining tickets Dave, but I'll pay the asking if its OK.

  2. Can possibly collect now, say 6 pm ish tonlght (sat) if you get back quick and are in.

    Cheers Pete

    1. UltraWomble


      Can do if you like - Im taking the missus out about 7pm (one of her mates birthday party) but there is no huge rush

      Im at number 27

      If Im not in then my son will be and its in the big shed (he might have to pull his car forward tell him)

  3. You are now the proud owner of a very nice Saab, never let me down in 18 months.

    When would you like to pick it u

    1. Mally


      Should have said, I'm Pete. My son is Stephen.

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