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  1. Learned driving in a panda, as soon as I passed my test I got a Renault 5 with 1237ccs. I thought I was the bollocks with my colour coded bumpers and electric windows. Never broke down. Central locking never worked properly. didn't dare use sunroof after a failure. Sold it when I went to work abroad. Came back got a fucking miserable but we'll paid job in a chipboard factory, and my reward was a GT Turbo. It lasted a week. The guy I bought it off rebuilt the engine but used water not coolant/antifreeze. Minus 7 and headgasket went. Rebuilt painstakingly by myself, so happy when it started up, only the fucking liners had gone too. Sold on. Next GT turbo was my favourite car ever. Never ever needed anything except pads and tyres in three years and I drove it hard. Parked up ony mother's drive for twelve years till I eventually parted with it. Wish I hadn't. When I had children got an espace and that was great apart from a couple of electrical faults. Grand scenic, absolute shite worst car ever.
  2. He's just driven past a large layby frequently used by vosa or whatever they are called now, I'm pretty sure the tosser works for a mega tosser I unfortunately know. What the fuck would make you think this is ok?
  3. Sick of living in a flat above what used to be a nice pub. Now full of scrapey scum shit people. The police have named the pub as a place renowned for drugs, and I was mentioned by name as a drug dealer by them to the landlady. Fuck you police. I have never sold drugs ever. I move in to a property next to the police station next week. I'm going to start by putting a bike rack outside their front door for me and my children's bikes, I have the rack and some concrete bolts and some resin, then decide what to do with their garden area, I will probably fence a bit off. the actual drug dealers drive AMG mercedes a45s and have never had jobs..............
  4. Any Renault 21 experts on here? Will it be fucked through rust under the body kit like the 5s of same era. Get driving licence back soon.............
  5. Oops didn't mean to put in for sale section mods, they probably aren't!
  6. Saw these Saturday, just in case anyone interested. The garage has always had an interesting array of vehicles, fuck knows if they make money or swap chod for goblins or whatever but was good to see.
  7. Hi, I have managed to find it, will post it out this week, sorry for the dick dance, been not well at all. 



  8. Mini melody. I love it I put the key in kick it and go scoot.
  9. This is my favouritest shite I ever had. You can bungee bacon sausage and egg on the back for load lugging.
  10. When I get down there tomorrow I will post up my route back
  11. Cool beans will be offline rest of the day going on pizzle. I'm sure we can sort it
  12. I don't mind bombing about and meeting Monday to Wednesday but must meet on the way home fairly direct or the lads will want to kill me.
  13. I'm now working all over the place, mostly down south and live in Cheshire, there will be room in my builders van for shitely services on return. For example next Thursday or Friday I'm returning from Bournemouth. I can drop shite off, providing people meet on time (two other guys in the van will want to get home and are huge grizzlers). If we can meet on time and on my direct route I will move your shite. Mog
  14. Can I bing you some coin please floaty, and do an exchange of phone numbers. Thanks again.
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