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  1. Mini melody. I love it I put the key in kick it and go scoot.
  2. This is my favouritest shite I ever had. You can bungee bacon sausage and egg on the back for load lugging.
  3. When I get down there tomorrow I will post up my route back
  4. Cool beans will be offline rest of the day going on pizzle. I'm sure we can sort it
  5. I don't mind bombing about and meeting Monday to Wednesday but must meet on the way home fairly direct or the lads will want to kill me.
  6. I'm now working all over the place, mostly down south and live in Cheshire, there will be room in my builders van for shitely services on return. For example next Thursday or Friday I'm returning from Bournemouth. I can drop shite off, providing people meet on time (two other guys in the van will want to get home and are huge grizzlers). If we can meet on time and on my direct route I will move your shite. Mog
  7. Can I bing you some coin please floaty, and do an exchange of phone numbers. Thanks again.
  8. He says that's fine. Thank you. Can collect next weekend. I need to bing you some money. Thanks again
  9. NR32FD is the postcode is that OK? No problem if too far. Thanks Mog
  10. That would be great. Will get back when the chap replies.
  11. What day are you back please floaty?
  12. This sir would be excellent, I'm away but I can try sort something thanks Mog
  13. It's this little thing. Waiting for postcode many thanks.
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