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  1. Well bought. Looks like a good wee car. I hope you can sort the rust out and keep it running for another few years.
  2. I love the fact that there are still some absolute bargains you can buy for the price of a months finance on a new Skoda...
  3. How much per ticket... conventional maths and bank balance say I cant have this. Man maths says I can... provided its on a roffle ?
  4. I have one from my old skoda fabia albeit it is just half a dash pic but still shows how it was a rather satisfying green colour.
  5. Best of luck with sale, that looks like a minter. Can't believe a motor from the year 2000 is soon to be 20 years old!
  6. Was a good today, first time meeting fellow shiters. Will need to get to another meet.
  7. Apologies. I’d forgotten. I’ll stick with the original plan and take your ticket ?
  8. Where are people meeting for brekkie? I’m not far away from the event so can be there at any time.
  9. Would it be possible to meet you before the event and give you the money for it?
  10. I still need to get a ticket off someone if there is one going spare
  11. Well I’m up and awake. Will probably not be there for all of the day as need to get back and get a kip before my shift tonight.
  12. My cars not washed and not hoovered lol. Will be hiding it away so it’s not an embarrassment lol
  13. I’ll clear out the boot of the fabia and we can use it. It has plenty of space with it being an estate.
  14. Jeez. I’ll need to set an alarm clock haha! Pretty much slept for the last 12 hours, only got up at 9 to wander off to the pub haha
  15. I’ve only just noticed this post. I’ll be there. I’ve just started working nights again so my body clock is all over the joint. Unless I pick up a car tomorrow which is the plan I’ll be attending in the fabia of much rust. I only stay about 40 mins away from the event. What time are you all planning to get there?
  16. leanycan

    Car features

    City steering on the relaunched panda. Never seen the point on having it even though the steering was light enough already. Does rust count as an option? Seems to come as standard on most cars I buy ?.
  17. Think someone has seen one of these on the recent series on top gear and thought because it has been on national tv it will be worth more. It’s probably not even worth 3k let alone 30k.
  18. Anybody else been harassed by there employer while on annual leave? Started a new job a month back, finally on a permanent contract pending successful completion of probation with a decent pay rise but I honestly think I’d be happier picking in a warehouse on an ongoing temp contract with min wage. Been working on phones in call centres for nearly 7 years now and need to get out of this cycle I am in.
  19. Clean Austin Mini and a lancia of some description.
  20. Land sail are currently on the Skoda on one corner and don’t know what’s on the rest. That’s what happens when you buy a wheel and tire for £20 from the nice local scrapyard.
  21. Flintshire to pontefract and back. Probably need an overnight stop for that...?
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