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  1. 7 minutes ago, Tamworthbay said:

    Strangely my wife’s 2008 Mazda 3 Takara was 100% rust free when it went a couple of years ago. Fuck knows how as most are hanging by that age.

    Probably have spent most of their lives living right by the coast or in Scotland. 

  2. After another change of battery on the astra the fucker still won't start. CTB booked for tomorrow. Hopefully they will be able to take it off my drive as it down a tight lane and the car wont move under its own power. Can't wait for this to be gone.

  3. 22 hours ago, Cavcraft said:

    All the VW apologists in the world can make their excuses and tell you how great those cars are. Here's a better picture of the 'build quality' though...


    ...I'm not accepting any excuses (must have been an after market wing/all cars registered in that region rust like that/previous owner must be SpongeBob Square pants etc) because it's down to these cars being shit.

    On the way to work this morning I was rewarded by an automatic sock and trainer cleaning device in the shape of a fair amount of water dribbling in from under the dashboard. I bet that will end well with the electrics and anything under the carpet.


    They clearly didn't learn from earlier models, such as the God awful Passats.

    The seats haven't changed since the MK3 Golf either, you sit on them rather than in them. The dashboard is still that full VW wank pot with weird coloured illuminated dials, too.

    I've had some truly abused/neglected Zafiras etc and not a single one was as shit or rusty as this thing.

    Will that VW be finding its way for sale soon Billy haha...  probably a bonfire no doubt.

  4. 12 hours ago, 1duck said:

    I didn't realise the TT issue was that widespread, but they did remedy it.

    cheating is cheating, but when nearly all the manufacturers are at it you have to ask yourself...are they at fault or is the test? The whole emissions thing was pretty bullshit anyway, when you consider the energy put into building a car, then a car that can do 200k miles before being scrapped in my mind is better than a more efficient car that can only do half that mileage before it's uneconomical to repair. The whole diesel-gate thing was in my mind backed by america who were watching VW grow at a rate of knots and shitting themselves over the future of their own car manufacturers. They decided they had to hobble the competition, if ford had been playing the same game, would they have got the same punishment? i very much doubt it.

    It is a bit like when BP had the deepwater horizon oil spill off the coast of florida, which was caused largely by their use of american contracting firms if that had been exxon mobil i don't think they'd have got buggered as badly as they were....but because it was a foreign company they were more willing to play hard ball and make an example.

    I firmly believe the VW diesel scandal is what sounded the death knell for diesel cars and has brought on the current wave of lets buy electric cars pish. Yes, saving the planet and all that is a must and clean renewable energy has to be better than diesel for sure but look at what company has benefitted from that massively, Tesla... an American corporation. Does make you wonder. 

    Anyway as a side note... anyone else think the govt will have to backtrack on the banning sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030...

  5. On 9/7/2020 at 7:53 AM, cms206 said:

    My normal chariot is off for annual test for the next few days so I'm on this for most of the week.

    Not that I'm complaining...


    Is that Linwood retail park or am I completely wrong?

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