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  1. I just did my first trackday, took the Porsche 924s round Donington. My racing line was decent but I'm poor at knowing when to brake and apply throttle when going through corners. Locked up and went deep into corners a couple of times and spun once at the chicane between the straights. Also lots of other race cars there who were bloody quick! I think I was lapping about 1:45-ish, not that fast but room for improvement with some practice. A fun first go!
  2. Excellent, i'll send him a message. It was my Herald, but I sold it to a friend a few months back. I bought it from a thread on this website - it was Jersey registered - did a fair bit of work to it, got it MOT'd and registered, drove it and realised I wasn't that much of a fan! Replaced it with a Porsche 924s which had been off the road for 10 years and also needed some light* welding.
  3. Thanks, but tried all them before. They all said the insurance would only be valid in the UK (and when driving to a pre-booked MOT)... This sounds like my best bet, provided I can find an insurer willing to insure on the VIN who doesn't insist the only driving on the policy is to an MOT to help register the car...
  4. That is what this would suggest: https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-insurance/driving-abroad But all the UK insurers I've spoken to imply the below isn't the case, and that the insurance is only valid on UK soil (when registered on the VIN number)... "Driving in the European Union (EU). All UK vehicle insurance provides the minimum third part cover to drive in other EU countries." Hmmmm
  5. Confusion! I'm buying a car in Italy, that's on Irish plates, in September... A sexy Triumph Toledo. The issue I'm having is insurance. UK insurers will only offer me insurance that is valid when we reach the UK, and Irish insurers won't touch me as I have a UK address. Any ideas? Someone here must have driven a car home from the continent here?!
  6. I'm really interested in this as it'd be perfect for my planned escapade - see this thread: http://autoshite.com/topic/31847-buying-car-in-italy-to-drive-home/ If you could PM me a phone number to have a chat that would be grand!!!
  7. I took the 2cv 2000 miles round France a couple of years ago, having previously done a couple of hundred over the previous 15 years...only the three breakdowns, all fixed by the side of the road!
  8. Perfect, thank you! I could trailer it home, but where's the fun in that. Old carbureted engines only have so many failure points...
  9. Has anybody here done this, who can advise? From what I can see, you have to be a resident to buy an Italian car This has the potential to scupper my bulletproof* plan to buy a Fiat 127 or Panda and drive it home 1300 miles. I'll upload a picture of said car when my computer behaves...
  10. And their motor museum is rather wonderful
  11. Great work! If you ever get bored of it, you could convert it into a mechanical chariot...
  12. No thread hijack intended, but have you ever had a problem with the temperature gauge? Mine seems to be having electrical issues. It shows that it is running very hot...but then but killing the engine and immediately turning on the ignition it shows it sitting bang central where it should be. Any ideas?
  13. Any shiters in Notts? I've got a project car (Porsche 924s) which I've almost finished a clutch 'change' on (long story...) but it's now got to the point I have to reinstall the gearbox...oh. My gearbox jack is shit and basically I can't be arsed with the hassle. Just want to take it to a garage and let people with the right tools do it. It's not movable (obviously), anyone recommend a garage that also has a flatbed for pick up? Or does anyone fancy lending me an a-frame for a beer or two and a spin when* it's finished? Pic attached of the beast
  14. Looking sexy after a wash. Lots of electrics to fix. I've come to the conclusion that the gearbox is fine, but the clutch is fucked. Doesn't engage at all. Brakes unseized by towing it, and the engine starts and runs ok! Gets hot though and the fan doesn't kick in so still a bit to do!
  15. This sounds like a winner. I'm going back briefly on Saturday so I'll see if that's the issue!
  16. Not too sure. I'll check that first though as hopefully it's that simple. I'll need to check at the gearstick end and at the gearbox end right? That'd be brilliant - I'll PM you.
  17. That'd be the dream! Sadly it needs a fair bit of work to get it in a decent state. Give me a couple of months... Much appreciated, I can happily pay you with many beers. Do you think this would be ok on an A-frame? For that would it just need to be in neutral and have tyres in good nick? Can rent one of them off eBay for £25. No worries if it's too far out your way though - not sure where you're based but this would be Alfreton to Nottingham. Just rung them - £120! For a journey of 15 miles it's a fair whack. Cheers for the suggestion though. Any idea about it not going into gear even without the engine running? It seems to crunch into 1st and reverse but won't do any others. Unfortunately as it's not with me yet I can't do any more diagnosis!
  18. So yesterday, things got a bit out of hand, and I ended up getting a Porsche 924s which I want but definitely don't need: It doesn't drive, so my first problem is getting it transported. It's about 15 miles from where I live - any suggestions for companies in Derbyshire/Nottingham that are decent? Also, it didn't want to go into gear with the engine off - and the clutch pedal goes down and doesn't rise again - any ideas with these? I've not worked on clutches/gearboxes before so need some pointers on where to start...
  19. Albert Looms in Derby is still like this! Can see what they've got in the yard too: http://www.albertlooms.com/content.aspx?id=10
  20. Looking for a project to waste money on and get frustrated with. A Porsche 924 is something I've been quite fancying, but other cars considered!
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