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  1. Been all over Europe in my 2cv...bought in 2015 and had been off the road since 2001...about 6 months repairing it and now it gets a regular run out. First bought Stripped Cecile returns to France...here's the Arc de Triomph Replacing alternator belt near Bordeaux Spark plug thread stripped on way to Amsterdam...helicoil needed so sadly not a roadside repair Our lovely Peak District Scotland last year Eilean Donan Castle
  2. One thing I wish I had on mine was a sunroof, if you can get a watertight one they look ace! The wiper stalks (in my experience) are a nightmare, easy to take off and clean (just need to whip the steering wheel off first) but often doesn't last long before they start playing up again.
  3. I'd have a couple of roffle tickets!
  4. Stunning! Best interior possible in the 924, well bought!
  5. Hi all, I'm hoping for recommendations for a garage in the East Midlands that is good at some old school diagnostics...ideally with Triumph (Spitfire) engines or similar. As per this thread from a few months ago, I have been intermittently plagued with a misfire on cylinder 1...no spark condition (particularly under load, but also at idle). I have worked my way through the ignition components and also tried other bits and bobs like valve clearances but haven't really got anywhere... Spent this week on a 1200 mile road trip around Scotland where at points it was particularly bad...I've now exhausted my knowledge and would like someone else to take a look! A handful of trip pics below...went very well (apart from the above!) with no mechanical issues except from a small coolant leak easily fixed with a new jubilee clip.
  6. 300 miles Tuesday, 140 yesterday, 100 so far today - currently en route to Skye!
  7. Hi chaps, I've got a Mobylette which I'd like to carry around on the back of my 2cv like a proper Frenchy. Any recommendations for bike racks that can fit on a towbar? Dave Cooper racks appear on Google, are they any good?
  8. Could a mod change the title to wanted: MGB or similar?
  9. Sadly he's not too keen on the above - looking for a bit less work, I think something with good bodywork would be ideal, but in need of some mechanical fettling. Specifically he's keen on an MGB or similar - any of those knocking around on here or is it time to brave eBay or the like?
  10. Cheers all, I will pass them on!
  11. Hi shiters, Got a friend who is interested in getting a car project - fancied an MGB but open to suggestions! What have you got?
  12. Yep, give Hagerty a call. They insured me a foreign car on the VIN number with no restrictions on timeframes to register.
  13. Thanks all, I've checked the valve clearances and they all seem good. It's got an electronic ignition, so no points gap to be checked. I've tried a couple of spare dizzy caps, same end result. All engine earth cables are good. My thinking is it must be the grounding of the spark plug (based on the video below attached), as it fires when grounded elsewhere - but what can I do apart from clean the thread (which I've already done), try a different spark plug, check connection between HT lead and plug is good, check plug gap...? Confusion... UPDATE: having written this out and waiting for a file to upload, I cleaned the plug holes again and cleaned the end connections on the leads...now it's all good! Took for a test drive and it quickly relapsed, but another clean and all good again...think I'll be replacing those leads (again)... Thanks all and merry Christmas!
  14. VID_20181224_170853.mp4 Whoops - wrong one before - this is the engine at idle (occasionally fires).
  15. Yep - when the lead is swapped to a different plug, it fires every time. Just doesn't seem to like this plug/cylinder combo.
  16. VID_20181224_171238.mp4 Occasionally firing at idle. VID_20181224_171259.mp4 Fires when given a bit of revs.
  17. I'm using lead additive, but I don't think it's this, I think it's electrical - there's clearly no spark at idle, but there is at higher revs...
  18. Seems alright - the rotor doesn't wobble if that's what you mean?
  19. Yep, done that, swapped with a plug from another cylinder - no luck.
  20. I've taken the Toledo 150 miles south for Christmas, but am now faced with a bit of an issue. As a present, the Toledo has given me 3 plugs firing, 1 plug not. The engine (1296cc Spitfire MK4) has started misfiring at idle. It's only the one plug, and it seems to start firing at higher revs - I've had the spark plug light tester thing on it. I've tried a few different plugs, a different HT lead and a different rotor and dizzy cap - but still exactly the same on that cylinder! Any ideas? It's still drivable - I just have to not let the revs drop at junctions - but it's certainly not ideal!
  21. Thanks chaps, much appreciated. However I've decided to go for Junkman's Mobylette - it's a sexy beast and it'll fulfill my french mechanical fetish! Will post an update here when it's collected and back on the road.
  22. May have gone over the top with the pictures Pre and post restoration/recommisioning (SORN from 2002-2015, many hours welding required) Breakdown on way to first MOT Changing the alternator belt by the side of a French motorway near Bordeaux Some French landmarks Off-roading part 1 - easy Off-roading part 2 - stuck The 900 mile weekend - Midlands to Ben Nevis and back Peaks The beast with friends
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