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  1. I didn't know that was an option! I appreciate the limitations of where you can put the screen on a mk4, but it seems strange to have the sat nav that far down, under the cupholders.
  2. Not very easy with the BIS, but very common with the aircooled. The aircooled rear engine mount panel comes out with 4 bolts and is easy to modify to take the fire engine. On the BIS, the panel can come off, but there is a remaining structural panel which will get in the way. The BIS is not the easiest for engine swaps unfortunately, also not many tuning options for this engine. I also have one of these, but mine is currently more Flinstone friendly.
  3. I had the travel sob story once when I was selling a bicycle. The guy seemed happy about the bike, but the fact that he had paid for a return train fare to come to my house had become an issue that I had to resolve. He was told that the price remained the same whether he bought it or not, so he phoned a friend before handing over the money. It must have been a tough day for him.
  4. Thanks to all. As I said above, brakes on the 500 are good and well maintained. Not looking to address a braking issue with a current setup, looking to improve braking on a car that will be going a little faster than standard. I'll have a look at the remote setup and send a few emails. It looks like I could use the servo off an uno, but there's not many around to pull spares from.
  5. I've been running a fiat 500 for a number of years and have no issues maintaining the brakes. I am due to start restoring a 126 which I plan to make a little faster so I want to swap the drums for disc brakes for a bit ore stopping power. With disc brakes added I would like to enhance the pedal feedback by adding a servo. When disk brakes are fitted, the feel of the brake travel is rather flat, almost binary. It's quite common to fit disc brakes to these cars, although I don't think discs on their own are the best solution.
  6. It is a fair comment. I plan to fit disc brakes to the car which gives a simple improvement, but there is not enough mechanical advantage in the pedal box, so it's a a lot of effort to get it to brake well. I'm hoping the servo will improve the mechanical advantage and improve the pedal travel.
  7. It's a fiat 126. There was no servo fitted in the series. Although you've got me thinking it might be worth checking other fiats of a similar vintage as they may have shared a master cylinder. I'll take a few measurements this evening to see what space I've got.
  8. I have a small car with no brake servo and I would like to fit a brake servo. I have very little experience with such things and my main issue is finding one as small as possible. plenty of images on ebay, but dimensions are never listed for standard replacement parts. Can anyone suggest the smallest diameter servo they have come across? It doesn't matter if it's a bit longer than normal Preferably something easy to get parts for.
  9. Christ on a bike, what a tat-fest.
  10. barn find. Barn not found Where is the barn? I can only assume that it would have kept some of the rain off of this perished mess.
  11. There's more water on the inside than the outside.
  12. Impressive. I would guess the square footage of rust per square footage of land is high
  13. That's a lot of effort for an Alan Partridge
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