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  1. I've come across those before but never one in prizewinner Blue. I think I'd quite like one as a runabout for work at some point. Must keep an eye out.
  2. I am forever bleating on about the capabilities of a ducato/relay/boxer and for good reason, but I do believe that it would be even more pertinent in your scenario. I should imagine a lwb hi top van is your mission, the more you can fit in, the less trips are needed. These particular vans are, according to my research, the most economical large vans available. Mercedes and Ford hi/long vans are rwd, thus thirsty and less spacious. They both rust too. Your money might not go as fresh as you think but I would recommend getting a good condition ex carpet shop van over a fresher but rougher tradesmans van, as dents and bent doors and mucky interiors will make long journeys unpleasant and noisy. However I am talking about large vans and I don't have enough experience in small vans to suggest anything, having only had a couple of berlingos and a connect on the fleet. Don't buy a connect of any sort, tragically slow which will not be good for that long drive. I can't think of any larger van I would like to go to a job interview in though. Unless you get a not white vw transporter, that might be passable.
  3. Reason for all the cat d cars is how easy it is to bump the front and completely destroy the front bumper, lights and bonnet at 5mph. Losing water will just be the coolant tank, they are very prone and common for cracking. Those wheels on the black one are sought after. Remove and sales for money. Engines are not bullet proof, no sir. Will outlast the boxes though. Cooper s is a great thing, the standard ones are nippy but too slow. I used to hate them but have driven a couple now and owned a blue s and they're not bad. Very problematic though for an expensive small car. At current prices though they make for a good value disposable.
  4. I wonder does that 02 in the background also need saving...
  5. surprisingskoda

    Car lot

    It annoyed me no end that when I went to see a 2 grand subaru a few months ago, which had been advertised online for ten days already, and I phoned ahead, that it was neither there when I arrived, nor when it did show up some 15 minutes later with the owners missus, I had to wait for it to be washed, and that before the test drive I was told it couldn't be taken away that day, as they had to service and valet it first. What was even the point in advertising it then? I wasn't for making the 1.5 hour each way drive again and told them so, even still, it was one big bill of being a nail so we walked. And bought a better one off a far more ignorant, useless, unscrupulous and dishonest dealer.
  6. Would you mind telling half the Scottish and Northern Ireland assemblies that Please? They seem to think there is.
  7. That's some good 4wd if you make it home upside down.
  8. Brand new rear wiper motor is around £80 from the dealer if I remember, that's what I ended up doing. And a rear badge which was nearly the same, spent a million quid on mine to tidy it up and then drove it 500 miles and bought a 300 quid bmw. To keep it nice, you understand. Not to replace it. It's on wide 17s and has 6 cylinders up front, turn circle is pretty good for me.
  9. I had a set of winters on an auto bmw on the rear during the snow drifts of doom and while everyone else was sliding down the steep hill down the road I was up and down it taking people to work and to school etc. In an automatic bmw. Go me.
  10. Mr 6, I need a airbag control module for my zt. I can't take it off for being in wrong country etc. If anyone comes along for a bit that knows where it is located please convince them to remove it for me. Thanks!
  11. I have to say, that's the best looking £600 car I've seen in some significant time. It certainly doesn't look 20 years old neither. Hopefully the new owner will get an ageless plate on it before showing it off to their neighbours in the council estate, so they can be asked "so how much is the finance deal on that" and proudly say "paid a tenner for it innit"
  12. Yoss I love zts especially 190s and yellow is wow. Definitely not high (or low?) On the scale here! Cavman didn't you have a totally nasty matiz recently? I endured one of those years ago, did less than 100 miles in it, thankfully. Managed to get rid of it, thankfully
  13. Does it have stop start? That should be an r53 model and although earlier, never had any problem swapping batteries over (constantly) on my 02 s.
  14. As borrowed from someone else on here. Happy Jesusday.
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