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  1. +1 While i cant say ive had any run ins with the mods or anyone for that matter, closing certain threads has turned this place into a bit of an echo chamber (and yes i am a lefty ffs!) Poll would be good IMHO
  2. Same with my old typ 44 audi 100.. you can just lay under the fucking thing!
  3. If you squint a bit you can see that they all have a bit of plywood slyly slid underneath.. easiest to spot on the a35! Reminds me of going round gaydon if you looked under any given car you would see A. Manky drip tray B.Oil slick
  4. Spaff! what a cracking motor i went to see one that was priced at £500 a few years back and it was cornflakes underneath! This is bargainious please buy it someone
  5. I've always wanted one of these old dogs.. if more for the historied big six than anything else! Some one had an absolutely immaculate M reg one round here, looked lovely until i saw with its front end all caved in Well bought sah
  6. GIB someone.. from a time when cars looked like cars not just fucking amorphous blinged up spuds!
  7. If you would please spike i would be most grateful, i found on mine that the side with the mudguard piece missing was far worse! I should of replace it at the time to keep the salt from flying up.. but alas i got my E39 when i was just a daft kid! Cheers spike!
  8. Also as fitted to some xj6's i think? They had a metallic red xjs in rimars scrapyard (grimsby).. Hands down the rustiest thing in the whole yard, utterly utterly hanging and seemingly held together by the paint like the one you posted! I couldn't get over the state of the floorpans! I would spaff on a non rusty one but then again.. old jags!
  9. Just fucking scrap it! (save the trim and the rimz tho!)
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