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  1. Fuck me I've bought that and now found a better deal, GSF
  2. They tend to come up occasionally and are in most garages, I tend to have a bit of a stock up and clear the shelves, only as I'm a bit anal on oil and filter changes
  3. Was filling car up, and had to pay in shop. In the filling station shop, all oils reduced, its the Redex variety, all grades, plenty good enough for most of the cars on here. 2L tubs, £4
  4. Have a look at the windscreen washer motor, I put a new one in last week, I'd bet its not seated in seal on the header tank, it was pretty much full when we were under bonnet. Is the reservoir lamp on ?
  5. Hi there, I'd be interested in carrying the torch on the panda should it move onwards, we've still got the Ex Giles suzuki here, still doing sterling service a few years on,
  6. How to obscure a number plate. 1/10 must try harder 😇
  7. Having just purchased the Ex HMC, and Chris667 BMW 330ci it's been shod with 4 of China's new death rings. Current mileage 146k Front 225x40x18 Aptany Rear 255x35x18 Aoteli Bottle of wine for closest mileage before it's through a hedge backwards
  8. Wasn't going to miss it this time around, nice to purchase one of your vehicles sans 7hr rail trip
  9. And me too..... It's like Bramz Mk2
  10. Looks like Wednesday is Autoshite collection day. We're off, few hundred mile further north of Suffolk start for me
  11. Is it somewhere with shopping ? for the majority of people you need to go in nose first to be able to put crap in the boot
  12. there is 10 quid as a guide, however some people elves have been very generous in the past
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