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  1. Haha
    J4mes reacted to Tadhg Tiogar in Oops, I bought a car by mistake. Anyone want it?   
    To the tune of Amy Winehouse's Rehab:
    They showed me a Rover auto
    And I said
    "No no no".
    I'm barely in the black
    And if this comes back
    You'll know, know, know
    I ain't got a dime
    But I thought bidding was fine
    And now I've won a Rover auto
    But I can't go go go......
  2. Haha
    J4mes reacted to Andyrew in Andy's awful autos: Felicia Fumbling   
    Glove box inspection reveals winner's attire.

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    J4mes got a reaction from Split_Pin in J4mes' fleet updates.   
    Anyone after any bits from the Toledo?
    It's going its last journey this weekend which is a bit sad. Rip my faithful friend, £700, 240k miles (60k in our ownership), never failed to start or get us home. Not enough space and too many projects.
    Its been replaced with a 2007 Honda CRV mums taxi special..
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    J4mes reacted to Pillock in Design Of The Ford Ka - Legends of the SMOL   
    Haha five virtual pounds to the first person to harass Anthea Turner over a 3 minute segment on BP 20 years ago. TELL ME WHAT YOU KNOW ANTHEA.
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    J4mes reacted to DodgyBastard in Rusty Triumphs in Scotland - '77 BL steel in "completely fucking rotten" shocker - 04/05/20   
    I wouldn't be surprised if the Acclaim was welded and through an mot by next weekend, Captain 70's has been making some excellent progress with the welding today.
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    J4mes reacted to vulgalour in Rusty Triumphs in Scotland - '77 BL steel in "completely fucking rotten" shocker - 04/05/20   
    I wonder how annoying he's finding all of these unsolicited opinions on what he should do with his cars?  Sounds to me like he knows what he wants to do and hasn't  asked for advice and, having been on the receiving end of a barrage of wisdom like this, I can tell you it's pretty annoying and makes you dread reading your own thread.
    If we can all just sit back, get a brew, and wait for Captain to pop back in when he's had half a minute to catch his breath, that'd be grand.
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    J4mes reacted to Mr_Bo11ox in Rusty Triumphs in Scotland - '77 BL steel in "completely fucking rotten" shocker - 04/05/20   
    Don't take this the wrong way right. I admire your serious dedication to the worId of $hite and often wish I had a bit more of your tenacity. But i've got to tell you, I find it borderline unbearable reading this thread. You seem to just lurch from one tragedy to another. Are these cars actually genuinely bringing you any pleasure? You've got practically no money, no workshop, no off-road parking, few tools, and you seem to live under pretty much constant car-related stress and pressure from parents, work, landlords, and whatever else. Despite these pressures you are juggling 3 very ropey triumphs and a tired Civic on which you depend to get to work. Your life looks to me, an outsider, like a constant 24-7 psychological battle against your fleet. I can tell you that the thread is a stressful read, so actually living it must be a nightmare as far as I can see. You bought that Acclaim not long back as a way to drive something interesting but reliable while you made some progress on the Dollys - now you're in for a grand and its as much a project as your Dollys, plus now you have the additional responsibility of needing to store it, sort the welding and still somehow keep mobile.
    That civic might be a miserable dull old POS but it seems to have kept going for a few years (during which you have pretty much permanently been unhappy with its brakes). I suggest expending some deliberate time and effort maintaining it as it seems to be your best option for staying mobile which is the no.1 aim right? Its a known quantity at least. Even if it did need a new clutch, £60 for a kit plus a day on FOAD's lift sorting it will be cheaper and more useful to keeping you mobile than starting to dig the rot out of that acclaim. I don't know what's up with the brakes but whatever it is you've got a 90% chance of sorting it for under £100 even if you had to buy a caliper or two.
    I think you need to give yourself a break - sack off one or two of these heaps and just concentrate on being mobile and living your life. When you find yourself feeling bored of an evening that's when you know you are ready to get back on the $hite train.
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    J4mes reacted to Noel Tidybeard in Rusty Triumphs in Scotland - '77 BL steel in "completely fucking rotten" shocker - 04/05/20   
    you must be the only person in the world who can make a civic unreliable!
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    J4mes reacted to JeeExEll in Rusty Triumphs in Scotland - '77 BL steel in "completely fucking rotten" shocker - 04/05/20   
    (Any news re your job situation Captn? Did you get contract renewal?).
    That last pic above is total class, pure Autoshite.
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    J4mes reacted to Supernaut in Rusty Triumphs in Scotland - '77 BL steel in "completely fucking rotten" shocker - 04/05/20   
    It doesn't take that long to grease up the slider pins / fit new calipers.
    Otherwise, there's a lovely* Acclaim in the ebay tat thread. It's not really conveniently located for you though.
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    J4mes reacted to Split_Pin in Split_Pin's Rover 75 CDT Connoisseur: 20/7/18 So long :(   
    Ok after some encouragement I have decided that the least I can do is investigate the noise, even if its just to get closure.
    A shit sleep and a massive turd of a working day have likely aggravated things, not the best mental environment to be making decisions in.
    Off out running tonight, usually puts things in perspective.
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    J4mes reacted to drum in Oldsmobile Delta 88 diesel - dailying the delta   
    I was the high bidder but didn't meet the reserve. After a bit of negotiating I bought it a week later.
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    J4mes reacted to Dan_ZTT in Most insulting offer you have ever had?   
    Semi-off-topic but I've been selling records and CDs on discogs.com for a year or two. I can enable a 'make offer' button on anything I'm selling but the catch is buyers are allowed to make exactly one offer only, as a seller I either accept it or the buyer is blocked from making any offer again on the same item. The result is I only get sensible offers usually 10-20% below asking, and I almost always accept them.
    Can't help thinking eBay etc could learn from this...
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    J4mes reacted to DodgyBastard in FOAD's fleet   
    RJC_0589 by srblythe, on Flickr
    There doesn't appear to be a way of adjusting them but I found that the wheel cylinder wasn't working properly and only pushing one shoe, it's also leaking.
    RJC_0596 by srblythe, on Flickr
    More rewiring the light clusters saw the registration light sorted.
    I think a pair of wheel cylinders and shoes should sort it.
    The other thing to fix is to remove the cable tie holding the cv joint gaiter and replace it with the proper clip. I'm hoping for a retest and pass by Friday.
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    J4mes reacted to Talbot in A Bad Morning on the Driveway   
    If the bolt is still sticking out through the other side of the captive nut, then I would have said the easiest thing to do would be to dremmel a screwdriver slot in the remains of the bolt, and then run it back through the nut and out the other side (assuming there's enough clearance to get the bit out).
    Trying to unwind it further means you're trying to pull corroded and dirty threads through an already-stiff nut, which is what caused the bolt to snap off in the first place. By "pushing it back out the other way" you are only using threads of the bolt that are already in the nut.
    I'd still go with trying to drill it out. If you have a dremmel or similar, you may be able to drill it out most of the way and then use a tiny grinder head to get to the last bit before peeling the threads out.
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    J4mes reacted to Heidel_Kakao in Estate(s) of the nation   
    Check out my diesel 430 Cedric disc brake rear axle

    It's summer LOL
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    J4mes reacted to Supernaut in 1995 BMW 320i   
    Fuck it. Ordered the GSF stuff.
    I'll swing past the local scrap yard on my way to the shops and see if they have any E36s with screen wash nozzles, as the passenger side one on the 320i seemed a bit blocked. Not surprised it was a failure point.
    Otherwise, a pair of brand new ones can be bought from ebay for £10, or £5 from Hong Kong but they would take an age to get here.
    I suppose I could buy the Hong Kong ones, and whip one off the 316 just to get the 320 through its MOT in the interim...
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    J4mes reacted to Ian_Fearn in David_Ba11sack's Mk1 Renner Trafic love-in   
    I reckon in 2.2i form, it'd be a reasonable alternative to a Talbot Express. I wonder if the driving position is as bad?
    Anyone for a TATA WINGER?

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    J4mes reacted to Jim Bell in David_Ba11sack's Mk1 Renner Trafic love-in   
    St Anthony's Road, Walker. Looking at the junction roundabout on Welbeck Road.
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    J4mes reacted to Jim Bell in David_Ba11sack's Mk1 Renner Trafic love-in   
    My old man had one seen in the background here.. he loved it but the box went French. He wouldnt part with it but didnt want to tax it so he parked it in this raised flower bed between the road and footpath. Argued somewhat successfully that it wasnt on the road or blocking the footpath when challanged about its lack of tax or insurance.
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    J4mes reacted to Mr_Bo11ox in David_Ba11sack's Mk1 Renner Trafic love-in   
    I've got rid of a few motors lately and am feeling a bit like my shite habit is under some sort of control. Unsurprisingly I've thus been having 'the urges' again - inexplicably for one of these rusty old heaps. It started off with this one:

    Miles away from home of course, non-running but never failed an MOT on rust and looked a straight old tank. I really wanted it but it made £440, which with the cost of shifting it seemed too salty for me.
    Why do these appeal? I know theyre shite of course. But they have got a bit of that old French 'market trader' van vibe left over from the H-van days I reckon. Weedy petrol engine offerings (1397cc pez!!!!), mega low load floor, and some good utilitarian touches - I think the windscreen is flat for one.
    The early ones with the smaller petorl engines look great, I guess you need to look over the channel to find a good one:

    Aint that a beauty? 1200€ hardly seems a mega rip off.

    FUCK!!! That looks the business and only 600€

    OMG 1397cc petrol!!!!! 1500€, again doesnt seem like a rip.
    Theres a minibus one of these festering in a yard near my house, its a W-reg (W942XBV - never been through an MOT seemingly??) so a vey late one and is covered in green mould. Of course its got the later face on it which looks rubbish but I might go round and see what the crack is with it.
    Something that would offset the disappointment of a later one would be to find a Vauxhall Arena-badged one. None have appeared on the bay for a long time though. Were those built in Luton?
    Anyone got any experiences of these old crates?
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    J4mes reacted to DodgyBastard in FOAD's fleet   
    They are exactly the same as 106, Saxo, and 205 calipers with solid discs. The calipers I bought were a fraction of the price of the ones I found listed for the 305. They were listed as 205 calipers.
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    J4mes reacted to cobblers in FOAD's fleet   
    Don't know if I'm teaching my granny to suck eggs but those calipers look a lot like base model 106/saxo fronts.
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    J4mes reacted to fraser.innes.3 in Ex-Junkman Range Rover p38 - Drawn - thanks for playing!   
    Back in aldershot next week, so hopefully collection then.
    Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    J4mes reacted in Wobstang II   
    Probably some twat boat parked in the middle of the port blocking everyone as he'll 'only be five minutes'
    Or is that just Adsa carparks?
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