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  1. Anyone after any bits from the Toledo? It's going its last journey this weekend which is a bit sad. Rip my faithful friend, £700, 240k miles (60k in our ownership), never failed to start or get us home. Not enough space and too many projects. Its been replaced with a 2007 Honda CRV mums taxi special..
  2. I've seen 3 of these since buying the ticket, is it some terrible, financially crippling omen?
  3. Go on then stick me down for 51! First raffle luck maybe?
  4. Good effort getting sorted in the end! We have all had these relatively simple jobs turn into what seem at the time to be absolute ballaches, the next cv boot or anything that you removed to get to it will be an absolute breeze next time. James.
  5. Onto the Alfa, head is almost fully rebuilt, had to order the correct Locktite for the new variator, its arrived now so will try get that done tonight, then its hope for a warm day to try and get things back to together! 20171105_142332 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr New variator: 20171105_142452 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr Correct tool: 20171105_142614 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr New waterpump: 20171105_142628 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr Cam lock tool: 20171105_142336 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr Also did a bit of 'weight reduction' on the Corolla: 20170820_203544 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr 20170820_212244 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr About 5-6kg removed from both sides, which isn't bad, it had to come out on the drivers side anyway for a rust repair as someone had used the floor pan as a jacking point in the past. Accord could do with a wash mind: 20180119_115723 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr
  6. I've also been make a few extra quid when work is quiet and I'm stuck in the workshop. Been buying, blasting and rebuilding Accord Type R calipers, then flogging them on. It's starting to get really hard to find places with them in stock so its a bit of a 'gap in the market' type thing. They're a really popular upgrade for other Honda's so the market is quite big. Thinking of expanding into other brands, any ideas what's in demand? 20171128_101046 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr 20180102_152204 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr Managed to do this in December: 20171128_150203 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr Reversed into my own house, late night, pissing rain, steamed up car and screaming child were my excuse! Luckily only smashed the light and grazed the bumper, but that already had a crack in it. Light has been replaced, but really struggling to find a bumper locally, even standard Accord bumpers without the lip. The search continues..
  7. The Toledo keeps on doing what it does, just about to click over 230k miles (170k odd on clocks but its had replacements). All it needed for the MOT was a rear shock. 20170902_112828 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr Click and collected from ECP and fitted in an hour, and back in for test. £38 for another ticket is good value in my eyes. Although I've been experiencing some funny electrical gremlins which are starting to wind me up! The dash lights sometimes stay lit, even when the car is locked up (they'd usually go out). Completely intermittent problem so I investigated the clocks and headlight switch but can see nothing untoward. 20171010_194957 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr 20171010_200836 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr Needless to say, I've ignored it and it still comes and goes! Hopefully related to the above its got a failed indicator stalk which has resulted in the headlight dipped beams being out and a clicking hazard relay. I've got a replacement (£22!) on its way, hopefully solve everything!
  8. Had a car 'Rally' to Wales for a weekend in September. Decided to make the Accord look a bit more repectable, so tracked down a Pre-facelift wing in NHB, which I picked up from a very 'respectable' breakers yard in Slough while on a work trip. Collected and fitted the day/night before setting off to Wales. 20170914_175401 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr What a fiddly job, should have dropped the bumper off, it would have been easier! Refurbed and polished these carbon fibre foglight scoops picked up for a bargain while in Scotland for work. 20170905_160336 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr 20170908_103928 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr Polished and stickered up the morning of setting off: 20170915_115441 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr 20170915_115453 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr 20170915_115435 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr
  9. Yeah so I'm not the best at keeping things up to date, the whole Photobucket thing killed most of my threads across the forums, and my enthusiasm suffered. But I'm back now with Flickr, which I'm still trying to work out.. Anyway on to the cars! Puncture on the Accord (1st one ever!) killed a Goodyear Eagle F1 with 5mm left, was not happy. I was even less happy when my tyre man couldn't get hold of Assymetric's only A 3's, which meant 2 new tyres. Various Cars by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr Don't bother with the Assymetric 3's as they're shite, worse in every possible way. Time to find a new fave tyre I think! Had a day off so decided to hit the Accord pretty hard. 20170817_114841 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr Sheared bolt in drivers side strut 'fork' was nice and 'safe!' 20170910_124303 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr Good job I'd spotted it and blasted and painted a spare. 20170910_124301 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr Bottom balljoint was an absolute slag! But got there in the end. 20170910_113614 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr 20170910_115236 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr Top wishbone was nice and simple, balljoint was ok, but I had one in stock so it got chucked in. 20170910_124839 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr All back together: 20170910_151658 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr 20170910_151653 by jgreenefc4eva, on Flickr
  10. How clean is the IACV? On my Accord ot idled high when it was filthy..
  11. Is it worth banging a couple of holes in the bottom of the lights, let the moisture out? I've had to do this in the past, not on a Puma mind..
  12. Looks a good example of a really reliable motor! Would love a VTI version!
  13. The K+N Typhoon (ooer!) on the Accord has proven gains. The filter is located right at the bottom of the bumper not in the engine bay. The standard air box is decent, but it also has a resonator box pre-filter which is quite restrictive. Another option is resonator delete combined with a panel filter. Edited to add, it came with the car and there's no way on earth I'd spend £250 on an airfilter for possibly 2bhp gains!
  14. Sounds like you got good service from the Wallsend ATS! Will keep my eyes peeled when I'm around your parts. Fancy a "oh so 90's" Toyota photoshoot when I finally sort my GTi?
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