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  1. It bet it goes like a bomb! 😂
  2. The Honda Ballade is exactly the same car bar the 1.5 derivative of the same engine and difference s of trim - built in the same factory as the 200 and then checked over by Honda's then newly opened Swindon crew. Ballade survival is now apparently single figures.
  3. Couldn't the tank in the Albert looms car be a possible option?....
  4. That's a Citroen press car from late spring 1986 from a batch specially registered in Carmarthen to get the Bx plate. It must be one of the earliest facelift Bxs left.
  5. The problem as I see it is this - lines between Hubnut and Ian Seabrook have been blurred. Real life Ian Seabrooks life changes necessitate a reliable hassle free family and business use vehicle. You Tubes Mr Hubnut needs quirky obscure needy and unloved tackle to maintain his channel and Usp. There's nothing worse than having to rely on near end of life cars as daily transport unless you have the desire and the financial means to spend major dosh on a particular car and stick with them for a length of time. Any old shitter is a spend away from the crusher, we all know that - Ian Seabrook now needs to get a decent car for himself and not for content . Mr Hubnut needs to start setting deadlines for some of the projects and getting some mojo back. How about the Yugo Sana for 2022s Festival of the unexceptional?.. Perhaps invite Tiff Needell to revisit his original Top gear test once the Sana is back on the road and do a collaboration with his Love cars channel...??.. a few hours with a decent autosparky should see the Sana running or at least diagnose properly why it wont - at least then you can find out if it's a viable prospect or something to offload. If there are then certain jobs on any of the cars your uncomfortable with or just plain can't be arsed - its no shame getting in getting someone in to help to get things moving again rather than let them gather dust and damp in the shed to further demotivate yourself. For the latest Olcit - I would quietly beaver away at it - film the content but not serialise it in real time - it will give you the breathing space to get things done properly and take the daily Youtube pressure to finish it off - which in the mean time can be filled with general enjoyment maintenance and buffoonery of the rest of the fleet. In terms of the C5.. the last time I changed a clutch on the driveway was a decade ago and after putting my shoulder out I swore I'd never do another. If one of my car shows any signs of impending clutch doom - I go out and by the kit in advance and nurse the car until it needs fitting and spread the material and labour costs in to two separate lumps. Ive enjoyed the recent C5 content, I did good business selling them when they were brand new.
  6. The G T was available from the UK launch in Sept 83 - it came with Velour seat trim , the pressed steel sports wheels and the twin carbed 1360 suitcased engine. Until the Gti arrived in 1984 it was the sportiest variant - the only real option being 13 inch alloys that would later be used on the Roland Garros special. It was joined initially in 1985 by the identical spec but 3 door X T . In 1986 the Xs arrived and replaced the Xt - still with the Suitcase engine but adding the tweed sport seats and front spoiler and foglamps. Surprisingly though the 5door Gt carried on unchanged and didn't receive any of the Xs additions - it stayed faithful to its original spec until it was deleted from the 205 range in 1987. When the facelifted Tu engined range appeared in late 87 the Xs remained visually unchanged but fitted with the Tu3s engine - but it was at this point when the Gt was replaced by the Sr which in truthfulness was just like the old Gt but minus the sports wheels and Gt decals but now obviously fitted with the Tu3s lump. The Sr only lasted the 1988 model year before it was superseded by the reintroduced Gt in 1989 which finally became the 5 door twin of the Xs and lasted until 1991. The 3 and 5 door Gtx's appeared in 92 which were the petrol twins of the D turbo which were in turn velour upholstered Diesel Gts. As production was being rationalized in favour of the newer 106, the 5 door Gtx's were deleted in 93 and the 3 doors were rebadged XT , bringing back the shortly lived badge from 1985 to an equally shortly lived run out model.
  7. They were sold throughout their model life in the UK, which preceded the Chevette and ended when the Fwd Kaddett (Mk1 Astra) arrived in the Uk in the latter half of 79.
  8. Spotted this in Mumbles today. It surely has got to be the finest remaining example in the Uk. It was absolutely immaculate on top and underneath.
  9. What a truly epic find. My grandparents neighbour - who was a builder, had an identical dropside Cabstar on a W plate brand new back in 1980 . As for what colour it should go - it has to stay blue - it's the default Datsun commercial vehicle colour. 😊
  10. Don't cry for me.... Argenta. https://ebay.us/x1onz1
  11. Standard fit passenger door mirrors became a standard fit legal requirement along with rear seatbelts and indicator side repeaters on all cars registered in the Uk from January 1986.
  12. If it was me i would have to buy that back, even if it was just to get the satisfaction out of pulling all that shite off it!
  13. That would be the Hunter based Ginetta - GRS Tora.
  14. Most unregistered C6s were laid up in Citroen showrooms up and down the country. If you were in one of the top performing dealerships - you were offered extra backend incentives if you took on a C6 from Slough. This meant that every six weeks you'd have a different C6 arrive on the back of a trailer to be swapped over for one in the showroom. These cars remained the property of Citroen UK rather than dealer bought stock - but the proviso was that they had to be displayed prominently in the showroom. It did mean though that as a dealership you had to register a C6 demonstrator to qualify - it also meant that to remain fully in Sloughs good books and get maximum backend bonus points you also had to keep a demo Pluriel on the fleet too. To be brutally honest - having a C6 stuffed in the showroom was a right royal pain. Take your mind back to the mid late noughties and Citroen had been transformed in to a value brand - cashbacks and Picassos from 9995, C2's and 3s for165 quid a month . Suddenly having this 30 -40k luxobarge stuck in the middle of the showroom - doors locked - it's battery normally as flat a a witches tit didn't really scan - Citroen dealerships just weren't set up for selling such a car in the modern era - the car was too expensive for your average Citroen punter - and the dealership experience was far far too low rent for the modern age premium car punter - so the dealer display cars just came..and went. Within the first year we'd be given pre registered Slough cars to punt on the used yard. These tended to be the 2.2 Linage manual spec - which drove - not unsurprisingly like a facelift early C5 with a few extra trinkets - and much like the unregistered top spec showroom cars they remained unsold and got sent back to Citroen - to be put on another dealers lot. In the time that Citroen UK were making any effort in selling the C6 - we sold 3. All top spec, 2 of which were dealer demonstrators that we managed to transfer existing C5 exclusive customers in to - one of which kept his C6 for a decade - and another straight business sale to an eccentric Australian businessman who absolutely adored the car for 6 months - that was until its electronics started to play up and would cut out randomly for no particular reason. He played very hard ball with Citroen for a replacement car - but after his experience id very much doubt he'd have bought another. I'll always regard the C6 as a bit of a curates egg. It looked fantastic but in the cold light of day it's C5/407 based underpinnings were a bit undernourished for the purpose - the 2.7s eat their way through front tyres and certain elements like the generic Psa comms unit and stalks could have been upgraded - and why they never fitted the fixed Hub steering wheel from the C4 always bemused me when it could have added an extra futuristic feature to the facia. A decade and a half on though -the very fact now you can purchase one so cheaply is a great source of amazement - and are the electronics any worse or better than any Merc or Beemer of the same era??...not really. Most of your of your cars issues are just symptomatic of its age and lack of general maintenance in the past few years. I shall be looking forward to see how you get on with it.
  15. Is that the black 99 turbo 2door that ended parked up just beyond the turn at Langland corner??......
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