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  1. I would absolutely agree with this. When I was running my Visa Decapotale back in the noughties it would regularly fry its clutch cables regardless of how many different variations of trying to shield or keep it out of harms way. The pedal boxes aren't the strongest either so check for any flexing or breakage from that area too. ☺️
  2. Imps have been a constant in my life since I passed my test over 30yrs ago. Go kart like and huge fun to drive - only ever had one head gasket failure too - back in 1990 taking a date to watch Pretty Woman at the cinema. I put the large Popcorn Bucket to good use afterwards filling up the cooling system.... she wasn't impressed.. 😂 😂
  3. The only 929s we got here in that flavour were the 2.0 litre estates.
  4. Thanks for the kind offer. Fate has probably done me a favour in missing the raffle ticket boat this time! ☺️ Good luck ☺️👍
  5. I'll take one of the remaining tickets?
  6. I've currently got 4 of them.... Bought my first 12yrs ago as a Cat D vandal damaged car with a slashed hood and every panel keyed - sprayed it myself in Ford Imperial blue. Bought the red Phase1 for 199 quid with a weeks Mot whilst I had the first blue car in bits - drove it back from Essex to Swansea and used it for 3years - always tatty it had been written off twice before I'd owned it - it was good fun and very reliable. Its rear beam became very creaky so I kept it for spares My son came upon the second blue one - it used to be seen around locally to me - and the suddenly disappeared. Parked under a hedge and covered in green - the owner was just about to scrap it. The hood frame and covering was rotten in metal and fabric. I swapped the hood and front springs off the red car and this year I'll have had it 4yrs. The yellow car is best known on here as the ex BorniteIdentity and AlsoMike car. I've re piped the hood hydraulics - sorted out the heavy clutch.. broken fuel gauge etc etc. I've had great fun with them - and once you get to know some of the specific issues and quirks they're not any harder to maintain over a tintop. Although many say I'm just a glutten for punishment! ☺️
  7. Top - Renault Kangoo Mk1? Bottom - Preface lift Mk3 Astra?
  8. 22 - Datsun Cherry 100a FII Saloon lamps methinks?
  9. A mate of mine bought both the Viceroy and the ex press car Hpe Volumex. You can just about see them both parked by my 406. Standing idle in Stondon had done neither any favours whatsoever mechanically - he'd had the romantic notion of using the Viceroy to tow his historic Mg racer but despite stripping the carb down twice to get it to run properly he lost interest in it - He chucked it on ebay and a eccentric chap from Ireland came over with a flatbed and away it went. It was up for auction on ebay again a year or so ago. The Hpe suffered from similar storage related fueling woes. Body wise it wasn't horrendous - but there was quite a bit of filler hiding cosmetic rust - but it was a long term project that deserved more Tlc that he could spend time on. It was sold on a year ago to a Lancia loving bodyshop owner.
  10. A quick interruption to the Corolla Party - just seen this on Fb for breaking, might yield some useful bits. ☺️
  11. It's been just over 12months since your heroic efforts kept this beastie on the roads. Have its keepers got back touch with you for any more work? ☺️
  12. I've always loved the 'Tomcat' since I saw a satin black prototype being driven through Marlborough back in 1991. Really tidy ones are pretty thin on the ground these days - and the car your interested in looks ripe for some extra tlc from an enthusiastic new keeper. I'm sure the dealer would be up for a bit of a barter at that sticker price. 👍👍
  13. https://ebay.us/a4CyiX The Corolla T sports go pretty well - fall under the radar with most of the Jap fan boys who all want Civics - and essentially are bang slap in your price range. I know the 1.8s have a reputation for oil consumption, but most remaining cars should be OK. A mate of mine picked one up for peanuts last year as a fun car to thrash around in and he absolutely loves it.
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