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  1. Braddon81

    TV cars

    The best car for a moody yank private eye in London? A Hillman Imp Rallye 998cc that's what! One of two Imps used in 'A Man in a Suitcase' .
  2. Braddon81

    TV cars

    I was always partial as a young impressionable lad to Hadleighs Monterverdi Speed 375L. Which in reality was the UK importers first Rhd demo car. It still just about exists but needs a lot of work......
  3. Late chrome bumpered Mk1 Fiesta this morning.
  4. Loving this. The totally irony of the Mk3 Granada being probably one of the best Fords built in the past 40yrs and yet being worth pennies puzzles me. One of my father's pals was in to his Granadas big style back in the day and had a Pre launch invite to our local dealer as he was running a fully loaded late Ghia x Mk2. Knowing that I loved my cars he took myself and my dad along with him. I've still got all the glossy premium printed pre launch pack literature. He ordered a brand new Scorpio on the spot. Had it the first day they came out - one of the very first on a B plate. He loved it so much he kept it for over decade - to be replaced it with a facelift frog faced Scorpio in the late 90s. Yout doing a cracking job on this - looking forward to seeing it fully mopped! πŸ‘ πŸ‘
  5. Chuffed to see this this morning. Nearly exactly 37years on from its first registration and one of the first Sj410s on the road. The first time I've seen it in years and it originally lived a mile away from me - where I'd pass it regularly whilst riding my Grifter. I can still remember the day it's owner picked it up.
  6. There was at least one Mirage 2 completed. This engineer built Granada 3.0 based car was listed on ebay back in the mid noughties after its owner had passed away. It sold quite cheaply and was originally black and silver. Quite soon after it was recommissioned and repainted in the Qv green and gold scheme you see here. Not sure if its still on sale but was last priced up at Β£29,995.....
  7. The Dream....... verses the 2019 reality! Built with any screws and bolts Peter Monterverdi could lay his hands on! The ultimate Shiteists exotic. 😁
  8. Some spots from the local Lidl car park.
  9. Intresting read that. I'd totally forgotten the early cars were Ford/Rover based.
  10. Its a Challenger. A very close E type replica kit launched in 1986 on a spaceframe backbone chassis. The first cars used a complete XJ6 including its standard wider rear axle and therefore had flared rear wheel arches - which kind of spoilt the illusion. On later cars like this one they supplied narrow rear axles on exchange, to make them near as damn a doppelganger for the real thing. They weren't made for that long - I think the early to mid nineties were when the last cars were produced. Due to the rise of prices of the real things, a well built Challenger will today set you back around 30k.
  11. If I can recall many Taxi conversions were undertaken by Allied Vehicles up in Scotland - they held stock of them for conversion and then were officially licensed as Taxis by them on first registration. The are also responsible for the Berlingo /Partner wheelchair converted cars which are also quite popular mini cabs - the majority of which are also first registered North of the border.
  12. The Escort was actually a 1300 sport modified by Ford in Boreham for Euston TV for Terry Mcann to drive in the show. It wore a genuine Ford Rs wide Body kit and as someone has stated above - at the last gasp it was swapped for the Capri as it was deemed to flash for Terry to drive. Both the Capri and the Escort were subsequently sold off as a pair and ended up down in South Wales and sold by the Baglan Car sales in Port Talbot. My mates Sisters boyfriend at the time ended up buying the Escort - he worked at the Swansea Ford axle plant at the time and stuck an Rs2000 lump in it and used to thrash it around Llandow. It used to be a regular site around Swansea in the late 80s. It did start to look quite dog eared by that time as most 10year old Escorts did by that stage. He then sold it from when it just dissappeared-although there are rumours it still exists lurking in a barn down in West Wales.
  13. Hillman Imp 12" wheels or indeed Imp fitment alloys will also fit Foxanne . ☺️
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