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  1. Most unregistered C6s were laid up in Citroen showrooms up and down the country. If you were in one of the top performing dealerships - you were offered extra backend incentives if you took on a C6 from Slough. This meant that every six weeks you'd have a different C6 arrive on the back of a trailer to be swapped over for one in the showroom. These cars remained the property of Citroen UK rather than dealer bought stock - but the proviso was that they had to be displayed prominently in the showroom. It did mean though that as a dealership you had to register a C6 demonstrator to qualify - it
  2. Is that the black 99 turbo 2door that ended parked up just beyond the turn at Langland corner??......
  3. I'd love a 2 door Avenger - I went with my father to pick up his brand new back in 1974 - but for many years now the price of 2 door shells has been ramped up by the historic rally boys who have seemingly bottomless pockets of cash to spend. 2door Avengers are very hard to find - this car will end up - like nearly all 2doors as a rally car.
  4. Same door handles but completely different doors.
  5. Back in 1981 - I entered the competition in the Tv times to win the Green Matra Rancho used by Jack Douglas in the Shillingbury tales - I didnt win it...but was gutted when I didn't! Whilst it wasn't showing up as taxed for a number of years - it was only 2010 when it finally met the grim reaper. 😢 From the similar television era - unlike many I was very partial to a bit of Triangle starring Kate o Mara. In this she was gifted by her father a brand spanking new early spec Ice blue Saab 900 turbo - always thought they were the dogs danglers when they came out - would still love one. It w
  6. Braddon81

    Car chases

    A bit of Fiat 124 vs Chrysler Alpine Action 😃
  7. The 406 Coupe lives a happy pampered and relaxed life with myself down in South Wales. ☺️👍
  8. Here are the two styles of Rostyles fitted to Chrysler group cars in the 70s. On the left is the Standard Rostyle - On the right the Dunlop Dunstyle which was fitted to later 1974 onwards Avenger GLS and Gt, Sunbeam Rapier H120s and Hunters. As an interesting footnote - the original 1979 Brochure Car for the last of the line Chrysler UK 2 door Avenger Specials still exists - as can be seen here and resides down near Plymouth.... I think a set of Rostyles would set it off quite nicely too!
  9. The Bbs Starfish wheels as pictured in Hairnets picture were deleted in 2001. The wheels on yours were standard on the Silver and Black edition cars. The only other wheel offered on later post 2001 406 coupes were the equally uninspiring Hoggars.
  10. It's what's known as a Silver edition - basically in UK market terms a run out spec , you could get them in metallic Black too. I agree the wheels are an acquired taste- but they are what was supplied as standard from new with the car - even down to the charcoal painted centres.
  11. These are probably one of the easiest cars you work on if your not well versed in spanner work. What makes you think the head gasket has gone? Is it over pressuring the coolant?
  12. The 2 door Avenger ran from 1973 til the end of production in 1981 in the Uk. They were never that numourous compared to the 4 doors and estates. Up until 1975 in the Uk they all featured the square headlamps including the Gt. For the final year of the Hillmans 75 -76 the Avenger Super in both 4 and 3 door and Automatic spec gained the quad headlamp treatment - you can tell these as they featured the round Avenger badge in the middle of the grille. When the Chrysler facelift arrived in 76 the 3 door could only be ordered in base and DL spec - with some special editions in the process.
  13. A very late pre facelift B1 Passat spotted in Llanelli today. Severely rat scened and in desparate need of some loving Tlc before it go's beyond the point of no return.
  14. Too late for Bosch - all Siemens from late 2002 onwards.
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