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  1. It's off it's closely related mechanical cousin - an early 70s Simca 1100 .
  2. Quite straightforward to get mechanical parts. Brakes are standard Lucas girling affair - and with the underpinnings being the same as the later Sunbeams there are plenty of parts hoarded by people that have raced or rallied them. The owners clubs have had some parts remade - and with the Avenger being made in South America up until the 90s there is still a good band of enthusiast's . They're easy to maintain - great fun to drive if looked after properly - and it's only rampant rust you need to look out for in the sills jacking points inner wings and front chassis legs. Straight out of the box from new they were a nicer drive than an Escort. A hugely underated car now due to the brand being washed up in the tide of the Rootes Chrysler Talbot PSA mix up.
  3. It is actually the official Peugeot dealer fit bodykit offered for the 205 - bloody awful even 30 odd years ago.
  4. New clutch kit finally fitted to my roffle winning 406 Coupe - it's thrust bearing finally gave out the ghost a few months back. Had dagger eyes from my usually chirpy spannerman - it turned out to be a pig of a job.
  5. All L's had the plastic bumpers - only the base and City X spec came with the black metal ones. The seat trim is standard - L spec material became slightly plusher for the 1984 model year. This would be a late registered early dashed model - C plate was the crossover period for when the dash was swapped for the Montegos and the Mayfair trim level added.
  6. I've owned a Yaris Verso for nearly 8 years now. Brilliant things - a proper swiss Army knife of a car. I won't part with it even though Toyota's rustproofing on the rear half of the floorpan and sills was dire - it's always a constant struggle to keep it tidy underneath. Even half about examples are worth more than people think - and they're Ulez exempt which is an extra bonus.
  7. It's not the only one in existence though - it's a butchered Capri based Jba Javelin Kit car from the mid to late 80s. It would have started life looking ike this.
  8. Sadly there are hardly any standard cars left - and those that tend to be kept relatively unmolested are the very few remaining TI's or Lotus cars. I'd love a Petula Clarke spec white 1.6 S with stainless bumpers and green check interior - but those are nigh on extinct and any tidy barn finds are quickly snuffled up by the rally boys who'll easily pay 10k for a really nice car. To seek out a tidy Ti it might be worth joing one of the Sunbeam Avenger clubs - good cars tend to be quietly traded without ever being offered on to the open market.
  9. It will snapped up very quickly - it's a very straight low milage Sunbeam shell that needs minor work - its value is in its huge potential as a historic rally car base rather than it being a plain Jane Sunbeam 1.0. The car is being sold in North Wales - they fully know what and how the car will be used. 5k is pretty reasonable these days for a low milage Sunbeam for the rally boys.
  10. The thing is - the rear wing pressings are completely different for the later 1976 Chrysler Avengers as is the rear panel and the boot floor. As somebody has already mentioned the filler neck was moved to the drivers side rear with a flap and behind those blanking ends lay a flat mounting panel. One can only presume the body engineers decided that they couldn't reliably press that shape in one go. Could never understand the reason why they deleted the original hockey style stick lights - I even owned a Chrysler Avenger for 4 years and always thought the execution of the rear end restyle was half arsed.
  11. It's a trick of the phone camera lense. Those are standard issue post October Series 2 Horizon wheels. 👍
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