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  1. Ha ha so did I. I was tired of every Mk2 Escort I owned or drove vaporising in a cloud of rust and one of these seemed like a way to make them live - as well as giant Meccano construction fun.
  2. I think you may have misunderstood. I wasn't complaining. What I used to get called at school for being crap at sport isn't something I want to repeat on here. Also I'd expect to be called to account if I did. I was not complaining about not being allowed to say that word.
  3. I was thinking about this today. Outside Cannon Street Station in that London there is a cherry picker parked up on a public road, on double yellow lines. It has no reg plates. It's been there several days. It's. not doing any harm, but if it was one of my cars, I'd have a hefty fine to pay.
  4. Yep, me too. except they called me a fucking useless (word we can't use any more)
  5. <grumpy> you'd probably get turned away form our top with one of those unless you had a tip permit </grumpy>
  6. and me. We could actually provide employment to more people if we spent some money on various things - not least a few more coppers amongst other things.
  7. As someone else observed - that's not the objective. The objective is to appear tough on "scoungers" (the sad truth is many people who haven't had dealings with this stuff and/or have no empathy don't realise what it is like and think it's all scrounging), whilst ensuring friends of the relevant government folk get to trouser plenty of cash.
  8. IIRC very very few of those German cars would even have had a radio included in the price in those days, so the list prices aren't really comparable with, say a Ford.
  9. My then wife sourced a brand new Alfa GTV in 2000 from Belgium or Holland - it was way cheaper than the UK price. We didn't go to Belgium though, somewhere in Kent to collect it. It took quite a while to be made/delivered though. She did a lot of miles in it during which it was 100% reliable and very unlike the reputation people like to ascribe to the them.
  10. cort16, on 23 Feb 2019 - 08:01 AM, said: I remember the UK got massively ripped for car prices up until the late 90's. We At the risk of mentoning the unmentionable, if I reczll correctly, some wrangling in the EU sorted this out. Some people noticed one could order a rhd car in UK spec in say Belgium and it'd be cheaper. Manufacturers tried to stop people doing this and the EU stepped in. This is all just my recollection so could be arse.
  11. I tend to agree - on both those counts, but the issue we seem to have is that views we might not like aren't just being challenged they are being actively removed. Mumsnet is great for this - every now and then someone will post something asking why all men are cheating *cunts interested in beer cars and other women and they will get challenged by some other posters saying it's wrong to generalise in that way. Mumsnet just deletes any personal bile pretty much immediately, but leaves people to debate the issues. I used to enjoy, yes really enjoy reading such a range of opinions about stuff other than just Marina gearboxes on here. *I am not a big fan of this term, but it is used liberally on Mumsnet.
  12. I agree - we've had our differences (one actually I think) which was a difference of opinion not personal and settled on here. I have said as much in the other place. What I don't understand is why we can't talk about the 2/3 things that are deemed unmentionable on here but have an absolute ban on personal attacks. That works on other sites. People who want personal fights/flame wars can fill their boots (off the board) I preferred it when you were allowed to suggest I wore Brexit underpants because of something I posted and I said I don't (I really don't) instead of this sorry mess.
  13. It mentioned voting Conservative. To be clear, I don't mind (because I think the rule is arse) but it's politics and banned on here.
  14. More than welcome to borrow my engine crane - I can't offer to deliver it, but maybe passing shiter could move it? (5 mins from J23 M1) *Offer applies to other shiteists
  15. I haven't told anyone though so it doesn't count as grassing.
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