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  1. Saw a new Rolls Ghost with the plate “GH11STS” earlier on
  2. Quite strange locations for the rust blebs are the not sealed from underneath?
  3. Apparently they were working with a company called Camcon who were developing a system which used electronic valve actuation, each valve capable of being opened independently thus completely variable lift and duration. I’m sure some engines these days might use similar systems or at least partial electronic valves, Fiat and Ducati spring to mind.
  4. Weren’t mgr looking at a cam-less engine too? Would have been about 2003/4- Probably would have been something grafted on to a k series
  5. That 4x4 version belongs to the owner of summit garage in Dudley that’s still going. There are a couple of 1.9 jtd 75s about and various g series diesel cars too though it’s all gone very quiet now in regards to these cars. Guess most have had problems due to all the prototype parts fitted
  6. Are you sure it’s the shells? It could be the chain rubbing on the timing case if it’s really rattly causing the particles. Are they magnetic?
  7. I’ll get some pics of my 1999 saxo, it’s down to the bare metal and primer on the spoiler and boot. The lacquer doesn’t just peel, it’s sloughs off in sections like inch long fish scales
  8. What causes the chain to jump on these? Slack in the chain tensioner due to wear and poor oil/servicing (or the lack of it)?
  9. Will have to renew my membership there’s then I let it lapse about 7 years back
  10. I might go that route next year when mines due, did you get the full set of tools for 50 quid?
  11. That’s a good price for the work done there then to be honest, it’s a 600 quid job done properly with a dephaser change along with belt and full aux belt kit
  12. Had an old vectra b 1.8 up for around 400 quid was scruffy with a few dents, a cracked rear bumper but otherwise mechanically sound, had some old fool ringing up tutting over the photographs saying “ooh that doesn’t sound good to me, it’ll be a lot of money for a new rear bumper and it’ll need a respray that’ll be a fair few hundred etc, can you come down a couple of hundred?” Just ended up hanging up on him in the end after telling him where to go. Why are you looking at bargain basement cars when you want concourse condition but only want to spend pennies. Some tinkers came the next day with 400 cash and drove it away Or a metro gti SE with 58k on the clock, pretty much mint and boxed and no rot. “It’s fucked mate it’s worth 150 quid” Yeah jog on lads.
  13. unclecalzone

    My civic

    Always liked the ep3 civics
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