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  1. You can still spend £900 or more if you like. Still makes me chuckle that my parents' washing machine cost more than my drophead Benz.
  2. I am going with my old man - it is a good excuse to go and see my folks. Will be flying in to London City and seeing what my Dad will be liberating from his garage. Top tip, you can get a Bonhams' catalogue which gets you into their auction and the event too. Not much (or any?) saving, but you get to look round the auction. That said, there wasn't a great deal that tickled my fancy this year. This obviously only works if you go on the Saturday. I used to enjoy looking round the car park, but most people seem to come in moderns these days. The National Motor Museum is good. Always feels like the tipping point between summer and autumn. Oh and the New Forest is always magic.
  3. Cheers for the tips. I have my eye on a 4-litre X308 with 43k miles. It is up for £3750 which isn't too strong provided it has been looked after. Would love a XJR, but decent mileage ones - including Jap imports- are £7k plus. I have seen XKRs cheaper now. I have run Mercs of a similar period so (fingers crossed) should be okay.
  4. It is a Jag you are running. What was this new in real terms? £45k probably. Lovely cars need a few Bob spent on then now and again. I am busting to own a X308.
  5. @Fat_Pirate How comes your wings are not rusty? There is no such thing as a W208 without rusty wings.
  6. Yes, the brake pedal switch is the common problem. Go to the dealership and get a genuine one. You have to get into the footwell which is a little awkward, but not too much of a pain. If you do swap the battery or disconnect it you need to reset the windows by lowering them and keeping the switch depressed for five seconds. Then raise them and depress the switch for another five. Plus you have to turn the steering from lock to lock to clear dashboard warning lights. Details here: http://www.mercedesmedic.com/bas-esp-abs-mercedes-benz/
  7. Absolutely. Those W202s are nice cars. Think someone will have paid about £25K in real terms for that new. I see it has cruise control. It is worth checking the sills on these and, if you can, get Dinotrol (or similar) any where you can on/in the underside. As mentioned, these do like to rust.
  8. Someone I know well had his four-year-old in prep school. Prior to their meeting his other half had bought a ex-local authority house on the edge of what used to be Europe's largest housing estate. Negative equity meant that they were in no position to move at that point in time so little Jonny - with his floppy hair do, shorts, blazer, knee high socks and school cap - looked quite a sight on the way to and from school compared with the other kids in the area.
  9. Speaking of which I managed to bag 20 copies of The Beano including delivery for £17. First thing my son has been genuinely interested in reading. I think that's a win!
  10. No, prep school uniforms are far smarter than that.
  11. No problems. It is only the internet and he is ten-years-old so nearly grown up.
  12. Done 20 years in NI too so probably know it better than London now. You'll have to come to Ballyclare. Poor Datsuncog needs someone else to talk to!
  13. Ah, but I am a local. Sorry to rain on your parade. 😉
  14. Pretty much how I felt. Spent most of the day talking to interesting people about interesting cars.
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