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  1. Winter road use seems fine. I do try to avoid using it when there's salt on the road, but that's for the obvious chassis corrosion issues and nothing to do with tyre grip. It was the transformation with the steering with Latitude Cross. Huge difference. I must get the swivels sorted early next year which will be another improvement.
  2. On my Series 3 there were Michelin XPCs which I'm presuming were factory fitted for Defenders at some point. Subsequently I've now Michelin Latitude Cross 7.50 R16 on the front and these massively improved the steering, making it lighter and more precise (well as precise as steering on a Series can be.) They are verging on eye wateringly expensive, but I'll be sticking with them come replacement time. For what it is worth, this has been for road use only. From the spot linked to by @mat_the_cat which seems about as cheap* as I can find them: https://www.camskill.co.uk/m62b0s13260p102023/Michelin_Tyres_Car_Michelin_Latitude_Cross_-_750_R16_112S_TL_Fuel_Eff_%3A_D_Wet_Grip%3A_B_NoiseClass%3A_B_Noise%3A_72dB
  3. Not sure if these are Northern Ireland issue (not that it matters.) This is from National Numbers. Given there are so many you'd have thought there's room to negotiate.
  4. This is the nearest I've ever found. @Datsuncog https://www.nrc.ac.uk/course/leisure-welding-workshop7
  5. Dave the welder: https://www.facebook.com/davidbrownfreedomwins/about Used him to get the Merc back on the road. Give me a PM/Whatsapp/Call if you want full details. Oh, and I feel your pain... Otherwise I'd offer it up for plasterboard duties (which you'd probably refuse.) Lol.
  6. 2001 Toyota Avalon at Manor Park Classics auction. Oh yes!
  7. Lol. Very good. Now you mention such things, I've just seen the grill should have been recessed and it's not. More confusion!
  8. Bound to have been spotted before, but 73 BGT in Nugent Centre, St. Mary Cray, Kent. No prizes for guessing what on. Very nice to see a near 50-year-old car out and about in November.
  9. One of the prototype P1800s? Obviously a Jensen-built car, but I know they were only red, grey or white. The prototypes (I think there were two sets) and I'm sure one was yellow. Spent many an hour lusting after those Jensen-built cars.
  10. Indeed. In fact I'm mystified where the attraction lies in doing a stretch whatever the financial rewards.
  11. The reason that sellers just don't get round to doing those simple fixes is because they have been busy sorting out the major problems that take real time and money.
  12. Introcars also do a handling package. £1400 which isn't bad relatively speaking. https://www.introcar.com/blog/handling-kits-for-rolls-royce-bentley-models-from-1965-to-2003
  13. Really good to see it has kept its original square headlights instead of falling foul of the upgraded* to twin round ones. Love these early cars. Trouble being, once you've been in one everything else feels a bit low rent.
  14. For what is worth Halifax will dish out Bank of England notes with a little notice. I do still enjoy the buzz of buying with them. I once sold a Jag Mk2 to a very nice German couple who flew over with a bag of tools (just in case), a bottle of German wine (nice touch) and £16k in cash.
  15. I always find that a bit of a mind bender too have been going since at least 1990. Really enjoyed it this year. Real blend of cars, enthusiastic people and great weather.
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