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  1. I did notice there was the odd* mention of u derbody corrosion in the MoT history. Did particularly like the colour. I also have soft spot for Seafrost.
  2. That really hurts. I wince when Top Gear take the wing mirrors off their Jag going through the bollards. Is that is for X308 ownership?
  3. I enjoyed tonight's end of session episode as did the wife and my eight-year-old son. There aren't too many shows that can offer something to entertain most, but Top Gear is one. If I want to watch something that get the grey matter going I can nip over to BBC Four. TG is a decent bit a light entertainment. Top work gents.
  4. The interior looks extra lovely - what a great shade of blue. I broke a 1971 T-Type once which only had one picnic table. I thought this most odd and reasoned that one of the seats must have been replaced. However, when I took the picnic table out there were pencil notes stating passenger side only.
  5. Me too. Love to hear more about your Shadow antics. There is something magic about a down-at-heal Rolls-Royce. It must be the faded glory. Shadows seem more respectable now after a very, very long time in the doldrums. Spirits now seem to have taken over the mantle of crap Rolls-Royce. This one at Historics on the 7th March encapsulates that certain something: 1983 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit - Historics March 7th Auction From a little bit of research it looks like a dealer couldn't shift for 18 months (happy to be corrected on this) and now it is no reserve. The slightly curious colour, third rate 'private plate' and cheapo whitewalls are the icing on the cake. Like a certain kind of women, she would no doubt lead you financially astray, leaving you lost and heart broken. Heaven knows how much I what this car, if nothing other than it will annoy the hell out of the neighbours.
  6. I pinched my Dad's B roadster when in Blighty a few months back. Nipped down to see a friend in Tunbridge Wells and was probably the nicest drive I have had in quite some time. The sun was out and there was something totally endearing about its simiplicity.
  7. I'm presuming I was brought back in a Rover P4 because we had them for a long time. My son was taken home in the Land Rover S3. The normally forgiving missus was not best pleased. This was compounded by me insisting we go to Tesco on the way home because 'having a baby isn't going to changes things.' The_Equalizer what a fool you were.
  8. Exactly my thoughts too. Cars cost money. Just bought a full set of Continentals for it at £360. I once had a cheap tire completely disintegrate at 70 coming on to the M25 I don't muck about anymore.
  9. I am mightly impressed with that mileage/cost outlay. I am happy with £1500 to buy with £750/year to keep going. Only do about 5k miles/year too. That said, the current Merc floppy top in question did cost its first owner about £40k in real terms so perhaps it is relative?
  10. For anyone who likes numbers here is a nice graph (just pop those interest rates into a mortgage calculator):
  11. I was at a Barons auction back in about 2006 which had a W126 Merc with exactly that. Someone had gone to great effort and it would swap between three different number plates.
  12. Good point (well made*), but the principle still stands. Natural wastage would do the job. Also, I would love to see figures on annual mileage compared to the age of a vehicle. Are 10-year-old cars covering the same distance as that of a new car? If London's population hadn't increased from approximately 6 to 9 million people in 30 years then there wouldn't be the same problem either.
  13. According to SMMT the average life span of a car in the UK is about 8 years. I would have thought the number of cars deemed too polluting will rapidly dwindle just through the passing of time.
  14. Or use them to ship free condoms to the entire World? It is people, or rather the rapidly growing number of them that is the problem.
  15. I would suggest going to the preview the day before. Ask the auctioneer to start the engine on anything you like, have a good look round the car and check the paperwork. I used to avoid any cars entered by dealers. Make sure you know your limit plus one cheeky bid. Have the funds in place and a plan to get home. It is always a bit nerve wracking and when bidding time goes by super quickly until you have the highest bid and want the gavel to fall in which case it seems like an eternity. When you do win something, just be prepared to find a few problems with your new motor no matter how good it looks. Overall it is quite an exciting way of get something new on the drive.
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