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  1. I’ve seen that A75 one, there’s also one on the A 712 Crocketford to New Galloway
  2. What aerial/ router did you get ? Got a link? Cheers keith
  3. Brilliant thanks very much, will give it a try 👍
  4. Can you let us know exactly what polish you used on the bumper, that looks the dogs !!
  5. Try coke ! No the fizzy drink 👍
  6. A very nice but very expensive Homer
  7. Is this still for sale , it’s all gone a bit quiet

    cheers Keith


  8. Hi mate, I seem to recollect you were on the lookout for a cheap folding caravan or am I totally wrong

    regards Keith.

  9. Hi Billy, I seem to recall you were looking for a folding caravan my lads thinking of selling his in the near future

    regards Keith

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