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  1. Right let's check I've got everything, phone charger, gaffer tape, windscreen mount,tapes, tie wraps,wallet and a pic of Colombo! Yep that's it!
  2. I'm totally fecking lost but I do have a thing for Helen Mirren !
  3. 9-11-31 for me please let's got this car gone and if I win the wife and/or the daughter will kill me
  4. Ticket & card arrived today, many thanks, but the galaxy has kicked me in the nuts ! Bare in mind it's not moved since it rolled off the flat back when I won it I checked it yesterday and there's a pool of brake fluid under the drivers side rear wheel . No problem fuck messing about with rubbers just get a new calliper.wheel wrench out nuts don't move, no problem , spider wrench out - nuts don't move -ok scaffold bar on spider wrench - not a fucking chance ! Getting serious now - torque wrench on highest setting AND scaffold bar only snaps the 1/2 drive on the wrench !! Don't know who put the nuts on but wouldn't want a punch off him ! So does anyone want to take it off my hands stands me £200. Dont even mention insurance prices - at least Dick Turpin had the grace to wear a mask -hate the bastards. !
  5. Top purchase, wish I was brave enough, good luck with it
  6. How reliable would you say it is? may have to be pressed into service sooner rather than later doing about 60/80 miles a day ! Will it cope ??. cheers Keith.
  7. Hi Bob, are you willing to sell the no plate ? 

    Dalbeattie know it well - used to water ski on Milton loch in Crocketford - happy days !

  8. Hi mate, I’m the lucky shiter who won the galaxy riffle last night, would you be interested in transporting it to Liverpool for me ?

    cheers Keith. 

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