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  1. Hi Billy, I seem to recall you were looking for a folding caravan my lads thinking of selling his in the near future

    regards Keith

  2. I’d say a absolute bargain !
  3. If it’s no too late 2 for me please
  4. Has anyone seen this on discovery channel? chads got talent and a good eye, seems to spend all his time welding & fab leaving himself a day for paint electrics interior etc
  5. Lovely car, bare me in mind when you get fed up with it
  6. Right let's check I've got everything, phone charger, gaffer tape, windscreen mount,tapes, tie wraps,wallet and a pic of Colombo! Yep that's it!
  7. I'm totally fecking lost but I do have a thing for Helen Mirren !
  8. 9-11-31 for me please let's got this car gone and if I win the wife and/or the daughter will kill me
  9. Ticket & card arrived today, many thanks, but the galaxy has kicked me in the nuts ! Bare in mind it's not moved since it rolled off the flat back when I won it I checked it yesterday and there's a pool of brake fluid under the drivers side rear wheel . No problem fuck messing about with rubbers just get a new calliper.wheel wrench out nuts don't move, no problem , spider wrench out - nuts don't move -ok scaffold bar on spider wrench - not a fucking chance ! Getting serious now - torque wrench on highest setting AND scaffold bar only snaps the 1/2 drive on the wrench !! Don't know who put the nuts on but wouldn't want a punch off him ! So does anyone want to take it off my hands stands me £200. Dont even mention insurance prices - at least Dick Turpin had the grace to wear a mask -hate the bastards. !
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