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  1. very interested, other half is at work. will contact you later when he gets home thanks shirley
  2. winner well maybe, after hunting through many car forums looking for a little runabout for my daughter who all but wanted a minty fiat uno to replace her minty fiat uno that was damaged by low life who wanted her minty fiat uno more than she did,........... oh bo77ox to it, let go straight to the point is this or is this not still for sale ? ive sent her a pic and received back an imoji with love hearts for eyes
  3. this looks cool all that lovely laquer fade would love to be let loose on it with a sanding disc take that exposed paint back to steel and let mother nature create some art work, yeah im a rat lover but theres no known cure for it
  4. no lurking here straight in at the deep end for me mark over in Bolton but not so sunny at the moment lol, daily drive is a bag of shite auto beemer E38 30L and its going down the rat route so no shiny shit for me, rust rules rust is a must and patina floats my boat lol, I did let the kids go wild for a bit on the beemer with chalks after painting the whole car in chalkboard paint for them but today started seeing the patina look which will of course end in rust like the famed rusty slammington not sure how to get picks up but will at least try, http://i839.photobucket.com/albums/zz319/mark
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