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  1. 2 nights in my mk1 galaxy(back seats removed) was as comfy as being at home.Nearly 7ft of floor space.🥱
  2. Thanks for the offer.Haven't deceided wether to stick with Special Tracks or go for something like those.If I do I'll drop you a pm.🙂
  3. Thanks,exact same tyre/lift combo I have.Rears at the limit of tread tho so I was thinking of going to 70 section all round because they've been catching the rear of the back arches.Don't really want to start cutting metal.ARB's have been removed already it seems.
  4. Long time ago but I dropped off my then bosses SL55 Kompressor to the far side of London for some warranty work.I got given an ancient diesel Primera with 285000 on the clock.It was so hateful I really would have rather used the train.😳
  5. Plan,should sort that easy enough.
  6. Ooh bugger.Where to?.Least you know whats what now.
  7. So situation update.Now oil tight and in a drivable state.An exploratory trundle down my lane revealed a gearbox devoid of any synchro and 1st/2nd whine more than the ex wife.So it's toast.Will be ordering a recon box in due course along with an engine hoist and intend to change it out in due course.Until then I shall attend to the minor welding needed and a few other small mot related items.At least the gearbox is a reasonable price.🙂.All in I reckon it should owe me about 1650 when finished.Not bad at all tbh.
  8. Nothing new TBH.Halifax needed two days notice for more than a bag 15 odd years ago.🙄
  9. TBH I don't know I'm afraid.Both my previous D1's were bog stock.LRUK forum is a good source of knowledge.I'm on there to.🙂
  10. That's what's been done.It was ok when it went in not when it came out.I think the(non LR) garage inadvertently moved something.🙄
  11. Got drive in 5th.Goes into 3rd from 4th but not from neutral.No drive in either.Lever is sitting in the wrong place(below 1st).Should be below 3rd.
  12. Got that ta.Hoping for bias plate.Had a brand new clutch fitted and it's likely the garage put something out.Mainshaft failure means drive in 4th only.Or the grub screw on the slip ring has moved on the selector shaft.Still be done without dropping the box.Could also be a selector for which is new box time.Will look at bias plate first obvs.
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