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  1. Oof.I so want.They are temptingly cheapish now......Word on the street is that the Jaaaag engine is pretty much unburstable and the best option.
  2. Quite a few over the years,4lb lump hammer spotted on Wandsworth Bridge roundabout,did another lap and scooped it up leaning out the drivers door.Still have it 30 odd years later despite losing it for 2 years in the fields(I stepped on it one day),various big ratchet straps,18inch long flat blade screwdriver,high end multimeter and complete Halfords Pro 5/8 socket set from a P38 I had(still use regularly) and most recently a Sykes Pickavant torque wrench/short extension and 27mm socket in the back of my Disco.
  3. I spent a very pleasant 2 weeks tooling around Cornwall in a CL500.A glorious car all round and a firm favourite.A CL55 Kompressor would be my perfect car.👍
  4. They're not full width,they supposedly stop shite getting up between the outer wing and the top part of the inner.Generally the rust starts around the plastic fixings which then fall out followed by the liner some time later.A lot of people delete them tbh.
  5. Finished up today,just the arch liner to install.
  6. Yes,not pretty.Strange how the o/s is much worse than the n/s was.Usually the other way round.PITA having to take the drivers carpet up.At least the rest is OK,pretty solid.
  7. After waiting for better weather and longer days I decided it was time to tackle the bit of welding on the o/s inner arch.Which turned out to be much worse than I thought.🤦.Aaanyway,made a start today,plenty more to do.And,yes,that is daylight visible through the footwell.*sigh*.
  8. Phascinating phact: the first 1/4 inch of movement only raises the tick over(a lot), which is why when you start a Mini on full choke the bastard is revving it's nuts off.Not always ideal on a cold engine!.
  9. I've ridden a motorcycle in India.Truly terrifying.
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