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  1. Minor update,it appears the new m/cylinder I fitted is faulty.Leaking out the back which explains the slowly sinking brake pedal.Rimmers sending replacement but I'm stuck with the same aftermarket type,OEM are obsolete now ffs.
  2. I tried that with the Eazibleed(more out of frustration than anything) but it made no difference.But it was better than the pressure bleeder which wasn't clearing the air out properly.I'll have another try if swapping vac pump and servo doesn't sort it.Thankfully I don't have the triple bleed nipple set up being a later model.
  3. Bloody hell,you been in the sea!!
  4. Ah OK thanks.I already have a new vac pump waiting to be fitted plus a secondhand servo as well.👍
  5. Right,having sorted transmission and got it driving ok a problem with the front brakes is apparent.Good pedal but weak bite.It always had shit brakes,first thing I changed was the m/cylinder for new.No difference.Since then I have put braided flexi's on the front,checked front calipers(in good visual condition,pistons free etc),disks well within tolerance, put new Delphi pads in(bedded them in this morning),servo/vac pump working(pump is tapping tho' but drawing good vacuum) and changed the pressure valve for a new one.And bled it all at least a dozen times with both an Eazibleed and a pressure bleeder.They are still epically shit.The only thing I haven't done is properly inspect the rears but they are working and shouldn't affect the fronts anyway.No leaks anywhere either.I'm at a loss tbh.Doesn't have ABS so should be easy you would think.Suggestions and thoughts welcome,cos' it's doing my head in.
  6. Update.After delays and procrastination about which route to take re a replacement gearbox I stumbled across a chap locally who breaks D1's.A good complete transmission was mine for a mere £150. New OEM slave installed along with a Valeo clutch kit,fluids changed and I was ready to go. Getting it back in was easier than expected,in fact after some careful alignment it went straight on.Result,esp considering I was on my own.Shiny new de-cat single box system to go on along with propshafts etc but it's all downhill from here hopefully.🙂
  7. Yes,one of those cars that was better just to look at.😃.Never realised they sold so few.I've never seen another one unsurprisingly.
  8. Panhard,whose wonderfully quirky and very expensive cars were available in the UK from 1957 to 1967 in rhd flavour.I well remember when I was a lad a chap across the road had a white Pl17(and an impossibly attractive mistress who drove a yellow Fiat 128 estate but I digress). He upgraded to a 1967 CT24 in red which he kept for a good few years.
  9. Oof.I so want.They are temptingly cheapish now......Word on the street is that the Jaaaag engine is pretty much unburstable and the best option.
  10. Quite a few over the years,4lb lump hammer spotted on Wandsworth Bridge roundabout,did another lap and scooped it up leaning out the drivers door.Still have it 30 odd years later despite losing it for 2 years in the fields(I stepped on it one day),various big ratchet straps,18inch long flat blade screwdriver,high end multimeter and complete Halfords Pro 5/8 socket set from a P38 I had(still use regularly) and most recently a Sykes Pickavant torque wrench/short extension and 27mm socket in the back of my Disco.
  11. I spent a very pleasant 2 weeks tooling around Cornwall in a CL500.A glorious car all round and a firm favourite.A CL55 Kompressor would be my perfect car.👍
  12. They're not full width,they supposedly stop shite getting up between the outer wing and the top part of the inner.Generally the rust starts around the plastic fixings which then fall out followed by the liner some time later.A lot of people delete them tbh.
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