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  1. Sadly not true; We had a long detailed and very boring email about why it wasn’t.
  2. Trying locate a number plate from the dealer "john wallwork" , preferably the Worcester branch, from around the mid 80's - 200/400/700 era! By number plate, I mean a photo of one, as I'm trying to get the right dealer logos. Terribly sad I know.....
  3. Also this. Mines outside if you need any photo's/advice/where does this go? type of stuff Help is just a PM away
  4. Does anyone know of a proper aircon place? Not someone who can re-gas, but someone who can re manufacture/repair Condensors, pumps etc? Most of the AC stuff I've got is NLA, and trying to hunt for such a specialist just brings up loads of Gassing businesses.
  5. Just one thought. The car had a full tank of fuel, and problems started after that...
  6. No wiring changes needed; just don’t use the plug over the gearbox. Handy tip too; it should start and run on the 1zz ECU. Just helps when ruling out starting problems.
  7. Is this the ford era of volvo’s where components were coded to the car? Your probably going to need vida/dice to clear the code.
  8. You got the 2zz ready to drop in? You’ve also reminded me I said I’d fish out the guide I did....
  9. In case you’re wondering how good these are, here’s what mine managed before being written off (t-boned by a bus) Was still going strong. Would occasionally have a wobble when the injector that had the sensor on it did something funky, but you cleared the code in FCR and all was well once more. Think I may still have the cable lying around.
  10. Yup, I’m taking either the v70 or the 480
  11. Will be going but not exhibiting; it’s still one of the best shows about!
  12. Still need the following to complete my garage.... Rover 216 coupe in Tahiti Blue (honda engine) Daihatsu Cuore Avanzato TR-XX R4 (because of the ridiculous name)Mazda AZ-1 M2 1015
  13. Is it actually blowing any air or just a bit asthmatic? Blocked pollen filter?
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