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  1. You should try buying them second hand..... 600 Euro's is not uncommon and that's for second hand parts, that will fade and crack in time. At least the French reproduction lights are built the more modern plastics, with UV protection. Because TADTS, and the value of the cars are relatively low, it drives people to break a car, rather than repair it.
  2. Ah..... You're on here too..... Just need you in the forums for the full royal flush!
  3. Jifflemon


    Faceache marketplace seems to be awash with "quality german toolbox sets" with names like Widman, Munichtools, Nuttenberg, GTS etc; All identical and, I suspect, all cheap chinese tat. BUT does anyone know the actual source?
  4. Had similar “fun” with (I think) silverline ones....
  5. that's a bit of awesomeness.... Although I'd be tempted by a more modern engine.
  6. Have we had this one yet? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Volvo-480-ES-Sports-Estate-1988/333625829209 £8.5k ? Rotten Arches, No MOT, Heater button bodged, no coolant, rampant mould and suspicious engine bay wiring? Even KGF only charged 5k for their Celebration model (which was low mileage and decent condition!)
  7. oooo there must be a 3rd then! His (and it's doppleganger) are the later(?) model. Both in silver.
  8. the only other thing I remember, was one of the injectors had some sort of sensor on it. Occasionally the car with throw a wobbler and pop a fault code, running like a bag of spanners. Had the diag software (vol-cr or something?), and it was always something with that unjector. Clear code, fine for another 6 months!
  9. Have just realised that you must be "the other" member of the Bucks sebring owners club.... Membership of two. My friend has the Milton Keynes one. Utterly silly car - Eats front pads and discs, can't corner, struggles to get into double digit consumption figures. His reason for buying it? The cup holder can warm a cup or cool a cup. ?
  10. Had one, loved it. Every single year I'd tell myself it'd be it's last MOT. Every single year it'd just need something trivial. Eventually written off after being T-boned by a bus, with a paltry 350K+ miles on the clock. Absolute top steed
  11. A friend has just done something similar but with a different approach. He’d been lusting after Triumph gt6, sat under a tarpaulin for a least 5 years; well known in the local circles as one of those “do not ask, it’ll never be for sale”. My friend knocked on the door, started talking to the chap about the car; explained how he’d seen it getting worse under the tarp and would the old boy mind terribly if he removed the tarp and gave it a good cleaning - may even dissuade some of the annoying people knocking on the door asking if it’s scrap etc. During the car clean (which turned into several successive cleans - deliberately), they chatted at length about the car, the history of them etc. He ended up not just cleaning it, but getting it fired up and running. After 6 weekends of visits, he ended up getting the car through an MOT (despite it not needing one), where upon the old chap gave him the car. There’s a whole sad tale attached to why he was so attached to the car, and seeing someone else who had the same passion for the car is what helped him let go of it. My mates also made a bit of a habit of popping round to “ask him for advice” on the car. So, I’d say ask away; the worse they can say is no.
  12. Bloody love a R4, ran one for many years back in the 90's. Cornering at speed would have onlookers pointing and running for cover!
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