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  1. I think they might have been owned and / or restored by Alan Jarvis of AJS Capri spares Nottingham.
  2. I thought it was because mineral rather than synthetic were used more widely.
  3. Every market is different, I wouldn't be too envious of a lot of the £200 UK motors but I know what you are saying. Between 2008 and 2010 I lived in Adelaide where at that time I paid 1300AU Dollars for a 1985 Mitsubishi Colt (vgc, with rego from a dealer), however I sold for 950. When I returned to the UK the scrappage scheme seemed to have taken a lot of cheap used cars out of the market so I forked out £695 for a 95 Carina e. The half decent £300, £400 and £500 cars seemed to have disappeared and become a thing of the past.
  4. Thats interesting and unfortunate for car owners in USA. Doubly unlucky as it seems used car prices are strong there, so you'd have to pay what looks a high price to us for an old car and plenty to service or repair it.
  5. Volkswagen, in the UK market the mark one Golf was still sold as Cabriolet and Caddy after the mark two Golf was launched. I guess that was possible through Golf 1 production continuing for other markets such as South Africa.
  6. Seeing the Falcon ute through the ages reminded me of Mitsubishi motors Australia manufacturing Colt and Sigma. Assembled at Tonsley Park, South Australia into circa 1985/1986 model dependant.
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