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  1. A few more jobs finished incuding alloys and boot badges & decals
  2. I have a fairly comprehensive history file. There was only a father and then his son that owned it before me.
  3. Gave all the Turbo components an inital clean today
  4. Yes, the original scrapped Avon Turbo that I got most of the parts from was registered in Ireland!
  5. Sorry, should have posted in the main forum in the first place!
  6. I'll keep all the parts, and perhaps the next custodian will have a go.
  7. I do actually have all the Turbo Technics mechanical parts too (turbo, intercooler, carbs, exhaust, etc.) from a long since scrapped actual Avon Turbo, but they are very old and don't look in the best condition. It would be a major job to instal and actually get working.
  8. Yes, 13" Kiwi Lineas. I've found a set. Just waiting on delivery. It was first registered in Norwich (Harry R. Fisk Ltd). Still retains the original number plates and rear window sticker.
  9. No, sadly it's just a replica which I'm newly finishing. Just got Alloy Wheels, boot badges and decal now to complete, but mechanically it's still standard Acclaim.
  10. My Triumph Acclaim Avon Turbo!
  11. Show debut for the Duster today, and it only went and won!
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