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  1. Show debut for the Duster today, and it only went and won!
  2. Off road for the first time
  3. Well that's my Duster back on the road with its very first MOT (thanks to D J Automotive Engineering, Kingswells) Happy days!
  4. Got a new plate for my 1976 Stag:
  5. The garage is finally making some progress. It will hopefully be ready for its first ever MOT soon! Roadster Driving 18 Dec 18.MOV
  6. Hope to make Shitefest if it's back on the road in time.
  7. Off to a local garage to get recommissioned
  8. No, my Acclaim is Opaline Green Metallic actually
  9. It's not the only one. I'm aware of at least two others which are not on the road, plus there's this beauty newly finished a complete restoration in Romania. I think it's is due back in the UK later this year.
  10. Wow, I've just joined but delighted to discover that Shitefest 2018 will be more or less on my doorsep! Hopefully I will have the Duster ready, but otherwise will take my Acclaim Graham
  11. Zero currently on the road according to the "How Many Left?" website. I'm aware of a few that are currently not licenced including one that's been shipped back to Romania, completely restored, and is now ready to come back to the UK!
  12. Yes, but too far for me I think. I do intend taking it to "Dacia Day 2018" which is a national event organised by Dacia UK - date and venue still to be confirmed.
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