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  1. Scrap all that the bastards lied to me, they won't insure me at all. Neither will footman james, it's insurance group 21 and they only do up to 20 at my age, what complete and total fucking bollocks. I'm just totally fed up now. What's the point, might as well just sell everything as there's no chance of insuring anything any time soon. Maybe by the time I'm 35? What do you think? I can't believe I can't insure a slower less powerful car than I'm already insured on. It's absolutely insane. Total joke.
  2. That's a classic import insurance policy with adrian flux, with a 6000 mile limit. I'm 23 I'm not going to get anything better than that.
  3. Sorry for the total lack of updates, but truth be told there hasn't been any. I'm absolutely skint so can't do anything with any of them. In some good news though I got a really good quote for insuring the Taunus at £600 so that's going to be insured pretty soon I hope. Just need to get it an MOT. For which it'll need a little welding, but can't do that as my gas reg won't seal. So pretty irritating all round. Oh and the 2 front tyres on the Taunus went totally flat. So if anyone's got any tyres suitable for a 13x6 wheel let me know
  4. I guess it's a taxi for pootling around a city, doesn't need to get up any great speed. Total bargain that is! can join my taunus reversing through maccies
  5. Hey mine doesn't have any tape! Power steering fluid is actually coming out at a slightly alarming rate now though. I'm being lazy and just topping it up whereas a jubilee clip would probably solve my woes.
  6. It's got a 2.3 fitted now so it's basically a mirror image of a Mk5 Cortina 2.3 Ghia. Oh and it has headlight washers as standard on the ghia and front and rear towing eyes. From what I've noticed UK buyers were ripped off. The amount of features european cars had compared to ours is odd.
  7. I apologise about all the beauty shots, I'll get round so some good ol fashined wrenching soon! I just spent the past 3 days cleaning it. I think it was stored in a bodyshop, so caked in dirt. Spent a good 4 hours cleaning then polishing then waxing it today. There's a few little niggles; Brakes - There are none. at all. Reservoir is full of fluid, but pedal goes straight to the floor. I guess I'll just do a full rebuild anyway for peace of mind. Oil pressure light - flickers when idling, goes out at higher revs. It's a little low on oil so I'm hoping a top up and maybe a new oil pressure switch will sort that out? Ignition gubbins - I always do this when I get something as they're all so cheap and easy to do. I think it's got a bit of a misfire as it's got an irregular drum beat. So points, condenser, rotor arm, dizzy cap, leads, plugs, coil too for good measure. Exhaust. It's rotten. blowing from a few places. Replacement needed. But I hate to buy a new standard exhaust when I want a twin exit. I might get crafty with the welder, maybe This is why I need a tig welder!
  8. Yep its basically a mirror image. Only foreign spec stuff I can see so far is the towing eyes front and rear.
  9. I had no idea these were that old So strange to see what I think of as modern cars on old style plates
  10. I can't believe I've just read all this. I expected a thread of hating lagunas and within a few pages you've come to love them. Madness.
  11. Fourthded. Love that place, spent too much time in there climbing over stuff and under things.
  12. I spent the morning cleaning it, there seems to be underseal overspray all over it, it's been a nightmare to get off. I managed to clean just under half of it before it started raining. I also cleaned out the interior which cleaned up pretty well. Really need to get a fuel filler flap painted up. The interior needs another clean, it's like the first clean is to dislodge the dirt, then you have to go over it again. The carpet has faded to green too in lots of places, It has spent most of it's life in the sun. I'll have to dye it a darker brown.
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