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  1. I can’t remember now when or where!? It was on a motorway though! So probably was you
  2. Think I may have spotted you this morning. I’m working around Glasgow this week
  3. I always order off eBay. Never shown my v5! Not been active of late. Shite buying has commenced well modern shite anyway. Sunday before last noticed nice c180 coupe on Facebook. Travels to Rhyl does the deal. Very tidy car bit of damage around the front but drove lovley. My car check advised all clear 1500 quid was handed over and car was taken home. Cleaned the hell out of it. Mrs was inside trying to tax it. She was having issues! The log book we had was an old one! Spoke to seller he was no use.i noticed the v5 was a replacement! I had a gut feeling about this car... something told me to do a proper hpi check. Only had a log book loan on it and Cat D 2 years ago!! Dishonest sellers and mycarcheck is shite. Took the car straight back and demand my money back! Proper put a downer on my car buying! I’ve had loads of cars and never had this issue! So.... this Sunday.... noticed another car on Facebook up the road loads of miles slightly pineappled went to have a look. Made him a cheeky offer and drove it home. (Proper hpi done)
  4. Mrs is still using my civic as I sold her car as it was going to cost me big bucks!! Can’t find a replacement eBay scumtree face book is littered with utter scrap these days! “Only needs” “it will just be” fuck off itsfucked! Spent yesterday at buxtons oval! Bus Bangor racing! Was brill!
  5. They will take ALOT of abuse. Mines on 115k it’s had 15 owners and I would put my house on it that it’s been smashed everywhere by 15 people. Still quiet and goes like fuck. Fastest one I’ve had
  6. Sold the mrs Leon to some guys of gumtree so for the past two weeks I’ve been car hunting normally I would be excited! But I think I’ve lost my mojo:( just can’t be bothered
  7. Fffffwwwwwaaaarrrrrrr! What a peach! Look at that interior!
  8. Yeah it's great signs me straight in! Usually works a treat tbh
  9. Apologies mate I don't know what your on about. But o will say it's worked very well previously! Kodi is a god send when I work away as freeview is pants
  10. Except if your in the reading central then it's utter shite! Trying to watch iorn man on the fire stick it totally impossible! I've got to the bit where he eats cheese burgers at a press conference 3 times!!
  11. I was listening to 1xtra until late bit I made a switch to capital extra! It's brilliant but the adverts piss me off so I've gone back to 1xtra! If any of you are local Chester ish can I recommend radio city2 it's brill
  12. Get it through its test but get on ebay and find a Seat! Remember my on of my old saxos seat snapping back when I was having a spirited drive. (And im a fat cunt) shit me up!!
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