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  1. I'm in need of drive space/derv muncher would there be any interest in a roffle
  2. So as previously posted I have been into my 4x4s but with me changing jobs mud tyres and a vitara are not the best combination also I think it was fubar anyway. So I saw a post on that there facebook for this ? Swap for a van or 4x4 so I sent him a Dm and hour later I'm running home in this roof down feeling smug. That was until the management light came on but that's for a different time ?? Many miles on it exhaust has fell off and few tiny niggles but I think I did OK had a clutch and timing chain recently ?
  3. Jams

    New car/truck

    Hello all I’ve recently taken a dip into off roading had a few off roaders but I’m done with the whole landrover thing I hate them jimny are great but to small and I’m not overly keen on an vitara as off road parts are quite expensive and hard to come by second hand. A friend recently suggested a izuzu trooper? And found me one! But.... it’s in bloody Fife and I’m in Chester ? thinking of getting the train and driving it back but my anxiety is through the roof at the moment and I’m hopping you guys can convince me that’s is a great idea. It’s an 02 it’s had
  4. Not been on this site for a long long time! Been getting into my off roading had a td5 discovery loved it but it was fit for the scrappers after going through many hedges and many many pay and play days scored a cheep jimny loves it but it was to small. That’s gone on to live on a farm after the farmer was sick of having his quads nicked. won another discovery on eBay last Friday and I’m getting it picked up as I’ve no free time lately! It’s unseen and I’ve payed for it ???
  5. I’ve done exactly the same thing on Friday matey ? luckily I still had the money from the sale of my previous car! Unfortunately I went to send the seller a deposit and sent the full amount ? td5 discovery unseen I must be bananas Its getting delivered tomorrow hopefully another 200 quid
  6. I can’t remember now when or where!? It was on a motorway though! So probably was you
  7. Think I may have spotted you this morning. I’m working around Glasgow this week
  8. I always order off eBay. Never shown my v5! Not been active of late. Shite buying has commenced well modern shite anyway. Sunday before last noticed nice c180 coupe on Facebook. Travels to Rhyl does the deal. Very tidy car bit of damage around the front but drove lovley. My car check advised all clear 1500 quid was handed over and car was taken home. Cleaned the hell out of it. Mrs was inside trying to tax it. She was having issues! The log book we had was an old one! Spoke to seller he was no use.i noticed the v5 was a replacement! I had a gut feeling about this car... something told
  9. Mrs is still using my civic as I sold her car as it was going to cost me big bucks!! Can’t find a replacement eBay scumtree face book is littered with utter scrap these days! “Only needs” “it will just be” fuck off itsfucked! Spent yesterday at buxtons oval! Bus Bangor racing! Was brill!
  10. They will take ALOT of abuse. Mines on 115k it’s had 15 owners and I would put my house on it that it’s been smashed everywhere by 15 people. Still quiet and goes like fuck. Fastest one I’ve had
  11. Sold the mrs Leon to some guys of gumtree so for the past two weeks I’ve been car hunting normally I would be excited! But I think I’ve lost my mojo:( just can’t be bothered
  12. Fffffwwwwwaaaarrrrrrr! What a peach! Look at that interior!
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