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  1. Well it looks "closed until further notice" to us! You know, the trees growing in the guttering above the big door and all...... Comrade McKay Doubleyeller collective
  2. Saw a rough white Arna on the move in Horbury around 2007...haven't seen one since - very sadly! Only 2 left? Not surprising really - rusted like Billyo! Doubleyeller collective
  3. Used to see these all over London in the early noughties - then they just all vanished overnight! Doubleyeller Collective
  4. This little Yeller went to market, Doubleyeller shudda stayed home! This little Yeller had All Aggro......
  5. Grandfather bought a Dacia at 87 (2013) as his "last car" - continued to do 15 -20k a year in it.........Had it not been for covid I think he would have replaced it with one final car @94 years old - as it is, it has effectively 'saved' 30k plus in mileage since this bollock job began, now only going to do the shopping and a few miles away for walks etc. Will probably be his last car - but never say never, there are a few who still drive at 100 plus. Comrade Samways Doubleyeller collective
  6. More details please Which awesome car??? Doubleyeller collective
  7. As posted in the lazy spotters thread, recently spotted this Trabant parked in the street in Manchester. Which got me thinking: aside from Billy's Wartburg a year or two back, there has been no ownership of DDR cars on here. Going back to when they were current (1991 back) : were Wartburgs / Trabis sold in the UK as per Skodas and Ladas? Anyone got any smokey 2-stroke tales of unreliability to relate? How cheap were they? I suppose for example if you lived in Thurnscoe and only had to get 3 miles in a straight line up the road to't pit at 4am, and to the supermarket once a well then they were probably good enough really! Doubleyeller collective
  8. Yes we quite agree - actually it's easier to focus on things when lit up in the dark thus. doubleyeller collective
  9. This new Trabbi arrived after just 18 years' wait!
  10. Hey, I just would like someone to repost a photo they posted in this thread they actually snapped a gold Renault 20 driving about in Croydon back in 2007, because I would like to know if the car has survived into 2021! Even in 2007, a running and MOT'd R20 spot begged the question: "what is this sorcery??" I had nothing to do with the shenanigans that the thread relates - I doubt that "Baz" has even thought about it for 10 yrs plus! Mr Chairman Doubleyeller collective
  11. Would love to see this photo again if you still have it? Could check out the reg and see if it's still about.....has been 14 long years since this post!
  12. Yeah - what's left of it! Never going back on the road IMO..... Doubleyeller collective
  13. So what's actually happening here now that Robert Wilding has conked out? Looks like the pumps are being preserved, but the Raleigh sign, Oil canister and Pump globes are being stored somewhere for safe keeping? Why can't they just keep this going one or 2 afternoons a week with a few volunteers beats me - the hamlet has also lost it's shop with this!
  14. Mr Chairman's wife says she agrees with your sentiments! He's a lousy rotten bastard! She sent the kids down to the colliery gates to catch him on the way out, but he sneaked out through the management carpark, and as we speak is down the Dog and Duck drinking away the week's wages! He's too bad even for Thurnscoe.... Comrade Birken Doubleyeller Collective
  15. what became of this fine motorcar of distinction? Doubleyeller collective
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