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  1. I hope you're not going to "go legal" on this one, Squire, because it sounds like you've already had the book thrown at you!
  2. Personally I think that the steam car is the way forwards. Before anyone scoffs, check out just how advanced they really were technology wise. The concept was thought to be a possible threat to the dominance of the internal combustion engine as late as the 1960s. Banish thoughts of Sentinel type machines, shoveling on coal etc. These were refined, sealed system high technology wonders....... But petrol won, just like the VHS defeated Betamax despite being inferior in concept.....
  3. Nissan Prairie MK2 (preferably with wheelchair ramp for easy loading) Datsun Stanza (lots of glass, lots of light) Seat Marbella (incredibly basic) Vauxhall Signum (drinks cooler) R20 GTL (makes a very big car look like a pretty runabout) R20L (different to all other R20s in every way because poverty) R30 ambulance (preferably when I'm on my way to be pronounced dead 💀- what a way to go!) Maxi Diesel (could have saved BL) Citroen LN (but not an LNA!) Renault 3 (never been convinced it truly exists) Scirocco GL Automatic (what's happened to it?) Proton Impian (💩) Fuego Diesel (because somebody actually bought it new!)
  4. You're not missing much tbh - unsatisfactory brakes for the modern road, massive body lean. One speed wipers, ventilation lever simply opens a flap on the scuttle! Junkman's is very comfortable with the TX interior, and it's nice to be able to get out either side because of the dash mounted gear lever and handbrake. But in my opinion, the R20 is the R16 with all the shortcomings solved. R20TX is the ultimate incarnation of the 16 series of you look at it objectively....
  5. The bank normally! Should have bought that R11 which Bramz was selling.......
  6. Fucking hell, been checking out on the net and you were right, I were wrong. R9 & R11s now selling for real money - who would have guessed it 10 years ago?
  7. And what is wrong with that? All that is missing is a front grille....
  8. Their ridiculous proportions - ie length = width x 10 make these feel like driving about in a Glasgow Underground carriage.
  9. Between about 1990 - 2005, these became synonymous with OAPs - Old Age Poverty sufferers! And anyone old enough to remember them when they were current will have a hard time shaking that image!
  10. It's one of them mate - an interesting old car which technically should be worth your asking all day long. BUT...hard to reconcile myself to the fact that I would have been paid to take it away 10 years ago / could buy an MOT'D Vel Satis for £500. £675 a bit too cheap you say? Probably not. Imho, this is gonna command £600 once bargaining is allowed for. GLWTS - why not keep it?
  11. Oh, and one more thing....can you not get the necessary parts to rebuild the Solex?
  12. Sorry to be a pain Jumkman, but can I just ask why you are not rebuilding the Solex? ????
  13. Well considering that a EML illumination = MOT fail nowadays, a simple and basic car should / could become a valuable commodity! What became of the R18 American btw?
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