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  1. Just been watching this 1994 top gear clip watch from approx 4:30 - turns out the Twizzy and Picasso both go back that far! I had no idea - did you?
  2. I might try and see if I can get an enthusiast off carandclassic or the like to come pick it up. I suppose for want of a new alternator and a wiper linkage (or whatever is causing the problems), it would be a bit of a shame to crush it. On the other hand, will anybody really be willing to even work on one of these nowadays even if someone is prepared to spend a couple of hundred sorting it out?
  3. Well that's what I always thought too. But clearly not..... That's not to say that it's always been the buyer complaining. Some have been great guys. But there's a crappy undercurrent on here where everyone tries to jump on the bandwagon and put you down. It's just not worth the aggro.
  4. Perhaps you have just stumbled on a new theory for what happened in Barrymore's pool all those years ago? Young man had the audacity to lower the tone by arriving in a Clio, and they decided to insert it to teach him a lesson. Case closed?
  5. All UK branded canopies looked like that even when nearly new. Obviously shit quality paint or attracted the dirt too easily. Check out Shelley Bank service station in West Yorkshire for comparison. Strangeangel lives down that way, there's quite a few abandoned or still serving independent little service stations to see. KirkBurton and Star garage in Shelley come to mind. There was also a single pump at Denby Dale outside a hag's cottage on the back road to Dunkirk Inn. Still there in the early 2000s, she would refuse to serve motorbikes as it was too small a sale to be bothered! Be amaz
  6. I've no problem buying on here because I am not a cry baby who publicly sulks when my £300 shit box needs the brakes looking at or whatever. I have had some truly appalling cars off here, but sorting them out is part of the hobby. This forum is called Autoshite after all! But selling on here? No, never again. Let them buy a fully sorted example on car and classic and pay a few thousand. Such is the price of whinging...
  7. Well exactly. Sub 500 and breaking down on the way home due to undisclosed fault is virtually a given! Fuck selling anything off cheap here. People are still moaning because 2 years ago they spent £8 on a roffle ticket for an MOT'd automatic MK2 Scirocco (worth £1500 at the very least) which had an electrical FTP 50 miles after collection. They felt hard done to and complained that the car was mis-described........when it wasn't even them that won! So in summary..... Bollocks to selling anything on here quite frankly. A whole lot of people saw a forum called "Auto shite" and thought
  8. The only bailing will be baleing I'm sorry to say. You know it's nothing against you, but I got such a lot of shit from people expecting the moon on a stick for £300 or a fucked electric bike etc on here that I just decided: anything that is not worthy of carandclassic just goes over the bridge from now on. I sent a Horizon to the yard a few months ago for want of some electrical tlc. It is sad, but people ruined it for themselves and others with their "Bald balls" bleating. That said if I decide to sort it out, it's condition definitely makes it worthy of carandclassic at abo
  9. To be fair, it's in stunning condition compared to any of the other (rather rare nowadays) survivors I see out and about. But there again, some people have felt that my descriptions of cars to be too generous in the past. Conflicted what to do. 'Tis rare, but noone cares.......😆
  10. Not sure whether to sort the problems out, then flip the fucker, or just call the scrap man on the 'morrow
  11. Well the 205 was a diesel with Tweed seats.......it had it's attractions I suppose, but they are different eras really. 205 was launched in early 80s, Clio in early 1990s. Fairer comparison for the 205 is the AX really.
  12. 1.2 - surprisingly nippy, but then again only 4 forward gears and no power steering. Personally I prefer it to the 205
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