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  1. The bank normally! Should have bought that R11 which Bramz was selling.......
  2. Fucking hell, been checking out on the net and you were right, I were wrong. R9 & R11s now selling for real money - who would have guessed it 10 years ago?
  3. And what is wrong with that? All that is missing is a front grille....
  4. Their ridiculous proportions - ie length = width x 10 make these feel like driving about in a Glasgow Underground carriage.
  5. Between about 1990 - 2005, these became synonymous with OAPs - Old Age Poverty sufferers! And anyone old enough to remember them when they were current will have a hard time shaking that image!
  6. It's one of them mate - an interesting old car which technically should be worth your asking all day long. BUT...hard to reconcile myself to the fact that I would have been paid to take it away 10 years ago / could buy an MOT'D Vel Satis for £500. £675 a bit too cheap you say? Probably not. Imho, this is gonna command £600 once bargaining is allowed for. GLWTS - why not keep it?
  7. Oh, and one more thing....can you not get the necessary parts to rebuild the Solex?
  8. Sorry to be a pain Jumkman, but can I just ask why you are not rebuilding the Solex? ????
  9. Well considering that a EML illumination = MOT fail nowadays, a simple and basic car should / could become a valuable commodity! What became of the R18 American btw?
  10. You'd have done a lot more damage if you had hit the badger!
  11. Is it one of those special Mercedes oils made from Unicorn piss at £82/litre + VAT? The annoying thing about the oil change in most cars is the very fact that they take 4 litres. So you always have to buy 2 bottles because you need the other for top-ups down the line or one bottle only takes it just past the bottom line. So with a 6 litre sump, you also need two bottles, and have 2 litres left for the top ups.
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