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  1. Is this the same engine as the Focus ST then? Similar performance? Seems a much nicer proposition than an ST that's been on track days and then seen a minimum level of servicing to tide it over.


    Guy round the corner has one and it looks tired and baggy. Pretty sure it's wearing cheapo tyres too which explains the cock-eyed bumper like it's had a brush with the scenery.


    I believe that the (Volvo Sourced) Focus ST engine is essentially the same, bar capacity,& some internals... Focus is 2.5....mines is a 2.4..However, I stand to be corrected on that one, as I do not know much about Volvo's.


    I was looking at ST's, but the vast majority of them had quite a few previous registered keepers, One even had 9 previous owners...Feck that..

  2. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. Still no further forward with this, however, being a weekday & working, it is hard to get the proper time to spend

    on the car. Today, We had a brief go at getting to the bottom of this problem.


    When turning on the ignition, the lights are as normal, then when you turn the key to start it, it turns as normal, but nothing at all happens, the ignition lights do not go dim or anything.


    What I did notice however, when the ignition is turned on, the display comes up....DSC Fault, ABS Fault & Gearbox Fault......But the car was perfectly fine right up until this happened. So....I am thinking some sensor has fucked up somewhere. 


    I also tried what Barry Cade suggested, Turn the key as if starting it & try gently move the gear stick at the same time....but it does not move from P........


    I also had a quick look up at the Brake light switch on the brake pedal as suggested by Captain Furious....Both the switches & plugs into them looked & felt fine, with no signs of loose connectors etc. 


    My Dad also removed the battery last night after I posted on here, to see if it was possibly needing a small charge up, but when he connected the battery charger, that said that the battery was fully charged already. 


    So, he put the battery back in today, & it has not made any difference, the car is still the same. 


    Time will be spent at the weekend on it (if the weather is not shit) & hopefully, get to the bottom of this.


    Again, thanks for all your suggestions, any help is very appreciated.

  3. “I know that does not rule out a duff battery however.“


    Well, it kinda does, if the battery were that low then all your dash lights would die as soon as you turned the key.


    Also then switch for the gearbox/start inhibitor on the brake pedal will be different to the switch that is used for the brake lights, so those working doesn’t necessarily rule that out.


    I stand corrected. I will investigate this more tomorrow, I appreciate everyone's suggestions so far. Thank you.

  4. Aren't these mega sensitive to battery voltage? Stick some jump leads to it from a running vehicle and see if it suddenly comes back to life.

    Also could it be a faulty brake light switch?


    I don't know about voltage sensitivity on these, but being modern(ish) probably. The strange thing is though, the car had been perfectly fine up until yesterday. The ignition lights illuminate as normal, with no dimming & when you turn they key...they stay the same brightness.


    I know that does not rule out a duff battery however.


    Also, my Dad mentioned the brake light switch, so we checked to see if the brake lights are coming on & they are all fine.

  5. First off.......I know that this is NOT a Focus ST & nothing like it either.


    Instead of buying an ST, I bought this old thing instead.......at a much, much less price than a shagged, several thousand owners focus ST.


    2004 Volvo S60 T5 2.4, 6 speed Manual. 


    The Brucie Bonus (to me anyway) is that it has never been a police car.....So is nicely spec'd with the leather heated seats, nice alloy wheels, decent stereo etc.


    It does need some fixing/tinkering for it's MOT however & with it being 14 years old now, but the main things, engine, box, clutch etc are spot on.


    Hand brake is quite high though & I think one of the rear brake calipers is sticking slightly, but this is nothing that concerns me, as it is going to get some time spent on it & new parts fitted.


    it is my first ever Volvo.....I have never owned one before, So......Apart from wallet raping petrol thirst....WCPGW???


    Some Pics....












  6. I hope some Jaguar minded person can help here..


    My Dads Jaguar S Type had a FTP yesterday/today.  


    He went out to start it, turned on the ignition, turned the key to start it &.......Nothing....not even a click. The dash lights seem to be lit up OK, & it had been starting perfectly fine every time, up until yesterday.


    I had a try today, & it is the same, turn key to start it & nothing at all?...


     Has anyone heard of this, or can offer any advice?


    Putting your foot on the brake to release the gear lever does not seem to be working either.



    it is a 3.0 V6, 2003.






  7. Sorry to seem a pest here, but is there anyway to allow members to delete some posts that they have created?


    For example, I posted a for sale advert on here the other week there for a ford focus. I sold the car at the weekend just gone, but when I went to "my content" & went to delete the entire post, It came up a message about administration/authorisation to do it.


    So.....I just deleted the pictures & content from the post...so it is basically a blank thread/post now.  


    Does that make sense?

  8. When I was 15 (1995).....One of my friends Dad, bought him a Nissan Micra mk1 (Square shape one) so that they could fix it up & then my friend would have it as his first car when he had passed his test at 17......He was 16 when his Dad bought him it.


    His Mum & Dad used to go to work during the week, so during the summer holidays, when they were at work, We all talked my friend into driving it up & down his street, with all of us in the car. x3 people in the back & one of us in the passenger seat.


    Now, this worked well for around a week.... All of us down to his house,  drive up & down the street, then, at around 3pm, park the car exactly as it was on the drive, before his Mum & Dad returned home.

    Weirdly, Not one of the neighbours said anything to his Mum or Dad about this.


    Anyway, one fine hot August day, we, as normal went to my friends house, he got the key for the Nissan & we proceeded to drive up & down the street. It was this, that I will never forget....


    As it was coming up to 3pm & the car had to be back on the drive, My friend was slowly creeping forward onto the driveway, when one of my other friends said for a laugh "Shit...there is your Dad!"...At which point, My friend driving, panicked & his foot slipped off the clutch...Well, the car launched forward & as it did so, my friend steered to the right & the car proceeded to go straight through the wooden driveway boundary fence.....It was like something out of a cartoon, all the fence planks shooting up in the air, as it hit each one....then it stopped dead when it hit the thick support post....


    My friend sat there, his head in his hands...."what the fuck have I done?".....Needless to say, we all bailed out the car, Left him & ran away....Went back about 30 mins later & the traffic police were there, along with his Mum & Dad......Friends eh?...lol.


    It taught me to wait until I had passed my test, before driving...

  9. I nominate this......




    The Astra MK2 Estate......I had one of these many moons ago when I was younger, G Reg....Silver 1.4 L.....I ragged the shit out of it every where, loaded it with all sorts, from a huge honda diesel generator one time, to assorted car parts, engines etc....It just ran & ran & ran.....3rd gear foot to the floor was a big buzz for me back then.......Ahhhh Happy Days.

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