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  1. When I was around 7 years old (1987 to be exact), A neighbour in my street had a maroon cavalier mk1 5 door. It was his pride & joy, & he was always, always out doing something to it every weekend in the summer, not because it was a shed, far from it, the car was immaculate.


    One weekend, The neighbour spent the whole Saturday removing & respraying/restoring the rostyle alloy wheels.


    It was that Saturday evening that I will never forget. In the early hours of the Sunday Morning, I was awoken by the sound of a car alarm going off in the street outside my bedroom. This went on for around 2 mins....then the alarm went all wonky sounding.


    I got up & went to my window & saw flames shooting out of the passenger side of the neighbours car...I immediately ran out of my room to go downstairs to wake my Mum & Dad to tell the the neighbours car was on fire.


    When I got to my Mum & Dads room door, my Dad had also been woken up by the alarm & was on his way out of the room to get the house phone (No mobiles back then...well for us anyway) to phone the fire brigade.


    By the time the fire brigade arrived, the Cavalier was well alight & it was destroyed when they put it out.


    It turned out that someone/ people, had stolen the 4 newly refurbished rostyle wheels, left the car sitting on bricks & then set fire to it.


    The neighbour was quite upset (obviously). I remember it sat outside in the street for around a week afterwards, covered with a tarpaulin.


    It freaked me out at the time, I had never seen a car on fire before, let alone outside in my street. My mum & Dad's hallway was stinking of acrid melted plastic & rubber (If you have ever smelt a burned out vehicle, you will know the smell I am talking about) for about 2 days afterwards.



    Sorry to detract from your Minted cavalier Cavboy80, It is just seeing your one made me think of the neighbours one.

  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Renault-Clio-2004-Spares-or-Repair/192482235438?hash=item2cd0d5d42e:g:e60AAOSwKJFaqTvQ




    2004 Renault Clio 1.2 5 door hatchback. Head Gasket Failure for spares or repair. The car does not start and will have to be towed.
    Has been reversed into a lamppost and boot doesn't open. Also wing mirror is held on by duct tape. But apart from all that it's fine :)



    lol.....£1.20 Currently..





  3. Currently £5.50.........Complete with council abandoned vehicle notices.....






    Right, this auction is for a rusty heap of crap E36. I'm not going to lie to you, this car looks like it was parked in the sea. Almost every panel is rusty, and the underside isn't much better. You'll be the envy of exactly none of your friends.






  4. A Genuine WTAF??????.........LOL!






    I have two C8s that i bought last year in the misguided hope that i would get one running. Both had cam belt failures which i dealt with. One is a 2.0, the engine and gearbox are repaired but the key needed to be re-coded as due to it not having run for about three years and the battery going flat it will no longer connect to the ecu to unlock the fuel system. The recoding is £45from Citroen but how to get the vehicle the 18 miles to get it done. The second is a 2.2 and the belt failed on its way back from MoT. Easy say I got the kit to get injectors out as i have just done one. No way, with40tonnes pressure they would not move so the head is scrap. I put an earlier head on and am going to use it in my Relay. Its to go for spares as tyres etc are all good. I have an old low mileage picasso engine but it will not marry up to the gearbox and as yet i have not tried to change the diff so the C8 drive shafts fit. Sounds interesting, but now work away and only home at the weekend to sort things so they have to go.





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