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  1. I know of someone who has a Mobility Zafira, 17 plate. Was speaking to him on Saturday & he told me that he had just got it back from the Vauxhall Dealer the day before. I asked him why & he replied that it cuts out on him at random, & did it on the motorway at 70mph. Just cut out.


    The dealer had it for 3 days & could not find anything wrong with it. He told them it was random when it happens.


    This is a 2017 petrol, not a diesel one. 


    I have my old Astra Van, 05, & covered 170,000 odd miles now & it is a reliable old thing. Mrs OC has a 2005 55 Astra H 1.6 & in the near 3 years that she has had it, other than general maintenance & a Service, it has never put a wheel wrong. That has covered 112,000 odd miles now, she got it at 92,000.


    But a new Vauxhall, I would not bother with.

  2. There’s a ‘LIM’ light on in limiter mode so it’s not that, it’s weird how it works below 60 ish. At 70 I can feel it accelerate very briefly then cuts out if I click resume so it seems sensor related?


    If the yellow LIM light is on (Usually on the stalk itself, small yellow circle light), that means the speed limiter has been set. To turn it off, just push the end of the cruise control stalk in & the Yellow LIM light should go out.


    I personally think that the cruise control set up on all Mercedes of this age is excellent, & is very easy to use, unlike others where you need to hold a button down, then press another button to activate it. 


    R.E the bonnet catches, I was going to mention that the W210 E Class suffers the same issue.


    Remember also, the W208 CLK (The Model that you have Liggle) is NOT based on the W210 E Class (Alot of people think that it is), However, it is actually based on the W202 C Class. & although the the front end looks the same as an E Class, they are NOT interchangeable, So, if you ever need to replace say for instance a headlight or front wing, do not get an E Class one as it wont fit, despite looking very similar.


    Also, boring point of interest. The Elegance models have factory green tinted glass & wood coloured wood trim as standard.


    The Avantgarde models have factory blue tinted glass & black birdseye maple wood trim as standard.


    Sorry to bore you here, but I am a proper three pointed star licker.....Infact here is a picture of my CLK 430. Mine is an Avantgarde, with factory fitted AMG kit.


    Edit to add, the foot parking brake is another superb thing once you get used to it...infact it is so good, that when you get in to another car with a conventional handbrake, you find yourself feeling about for the foot parking brake & the release handle! I did that quite abit...lol.


  3. If it is anything like my v6 you will become friendly with your local petrol garage.......


    I like old sheddy merc`s and that looks a good un



    I disagree about the fuel cost of these, I had a 2001 CLK 320 & I thought that it was rather good on the juice considering the engine size....Compared with my previous Audi A4 2.8 Quattro...Now....that liked a drink.


    Well bought, these are lovely car's, Look after it & it will serve you well. I regretted very much selling my CLK 320...Until I got the CLK 430.


    Elegance Trim.....More luxurious items as standard, like heated seats & a softer suspension set up than the Avantgarde models.


    The Mercedes V6 Engine in these are also a very nice, reliable engine, Smoooooooooooth as fuck. Also, they are sublime, effortless cruisers, The comfort is superb on a long run & a mention goes to standard the sound system, Nice clear sound & nice bass, especially when listening to Kings of Leon, Or the Eagles etc.


    Make sure that you keep the x2 bonnet catches greased...they tend to seize if not lubricated often. Which results in the bonnet only opening at one side when you pull the release handle, bit of a Pain in the Arse when it happens.

  4. lol.........I think it is Fucked....







    The car starts with no issues and runs well, has a fully working All Wheel Drive system, clean interior and working electronics


    Sounds Alright.....fully working AWD...Go on, tell me more...



    3 coil springs snapped, rear drop links worn, small exhaust leak, engine underperforming after 50mph, small fuel tank leak, rusted floor and sills, and engine management light on due to exhaust sensor.



    As Junkman say's.......It's Fucked.



  5. Fiat Stilo anyone?.......





     ARE FEW THING NEED DONE TO GET IT RUNNING AGAIN SO SELLING AS A NON RUNNER , IT                                                                               NEEDS A CLUTCH  , CENTRAL










    It is a piece of fucking shit I think he means.....



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