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  1. & Finally.......A Barried Mercedes Vito....... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mercedes-Vito-2-2-Van-with-Bodykit-/112131325659?hash=item1a1b8c3edb:g:Y3IAAOSwi0RXyZXj lolz...
  2. Aside from the Non Running Rover V8 Engine........For half a bag of sand????? WTF?????....... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/unfinished-kit-car-rover-V8-/112125348993?hash=item1a1b310c81:g:~a8AAOSwvzRX0CAm
  3. LOL.....WTF????...http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/flat-bed-trailer-/142113439628?hash=item21169eff8c:g:7CwAAOSw-kdXysai
  4. Someone is being a little economical with the truth here....... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Spare-or-Repair-7-SEATS-2003-Nissan-Terrano-4x4-TD-3-0-/262617028531?hash=item3d2531d7b3:g:grQAAOSwFdtX0qM1 Then Check its mot history.....
  5. I dont know if this has been posted already...but if not.......check out the price!!!!! Only has 46 mins left... 0 bids! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-840-CI-SPORT-INDIVIDUAL-1999-23K-MILES-ONE-OF-THE-VERY-LAST-/172326871406?hash=item281f7b616e:g:oSUAAOSwMtxXu2L5
  6. I know this is not a very good subject for people & i am in no way endorsing joyriding, but check out some of the old (new/new'ish back then) cars. It is not easy viewing, especially the 3 door sierra cosworth Also, check out the rover 825? police car handling....heavy body roll.....i am surprised it didn't roll over.
  7. This? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LANDROVER-DEFENDER-with-PERSONALIZED-PLATES-Model-Toy-Car-boy-dad-birthday-gift-/111752423763?hash=item1a04f6a953:g:oUQAAOSwqu9VOpAE
  8. So in other words.. it's a piece of shit then?.. I know nothing about buses,as demonstrated.
  9. Sprinters are relatively decent, even with gung-ho high miles & they hold their residual value far far better than a transit. If it was my choice, over a transit, it would be a sprinter or Vw LT. But, that is just my own preference.
  10. I would be wary of Transits, especially the 2001-2006 models. Aside from TDCi fuel pump & injector woes, most of them now are VERY VERY crusty underneath, check very carefully if going to get one. Rear spring hangers, cross members, rear floor, front steps, sills(inner & outer) are just a few little places to check. Otherwise, they are alright.
  11. This perhaps? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mercedes-Benz-709D-30-SEATER-MIDI-COACH-IDEAL-EXPORT-MOTOR-HOME-CONVERSION-/252519672782?hash=item3acb586bce:g:D~YAAOSw5ClXxp5U
  12. I really wish I had somewhere to store/keep/work on things like this, I would rescue that in an instant. That is cool...needs saved & restored.
  13. The description says .... 1 Registered Keeper, Blue, 1 Owner, Service History, 2 OWNERS, Cloth interior, Airbags, Alarm, Remote central locking, Power steering, Immobiliser, Height adjustable drivers seat, Folding rear seats, 3x3 point rear seat belts. 5 seats, PX TO CLEAR (T&C APPLY), 395 p/x to clear. How many owners? lol
  14. Sorry, I didn't intend to start a barryboys thread..:-$
  15. I never noticed that tbh...my jaw was on the ground at the vulgarity of the BMW. Well noticed
  16. Yesterday, whilst in Sunny Edinburgh with my good lady..I spotted this...what can only be described as a monstrosity. Note..the 99p shop lettering of the authentic Alpina badge...the custom Louvre bonnet vents, & my personal favourite....the smooth doors....I could go on & on about the state of this...however..you can judge for yourselves. I give you....the new streamlined BMW E34.....
  17. Here is one...its a little...,fucked!...lol https://www.gumtree.com/p/vans/ford-transit-85-t260-/1184191257
  18. You learn something new every day. I never knew they existed in 2 door SRi flavour. Cheers diesel assist
  19. I don't think I have ever seen a 2 door 1.8 SRi????...I thought they only came in 5 door hatchback or 4 door saloon flavour? At least in the UK anyway. But feel free to correct me if I am wrong however.
  20. That is what my dads one was, a 1.8 SRi. I also remember he had an old pale blue Diesel mk2 cavalier hatchback, but i am unsure what size engine was in it..1.6?
  21. I happened to find this website by accident, after reminiscing about my Dad's old MK2 Cavalier SRi, which was a Y reg saloon, In red. I remember the Recaro seats (With the badge) Trimmed in that black tartan(ish) type material. It was a good looking car & he had it for around 5-6 years,& apart from the usual service & wear & tear items, it never once let him down. He then put it off the road with the intentions of restoring it. However, as with all good intentions, he never got the time to sort it & eventually & sadly now with hindsight, he scrapped it (this was a
  22. That is a waste of a Mercedes W211 E Class, that needs saved.....the astra?.....Mehh.......not so bothered about that.
  23. I have thought of that, however, once i get the alternator sorted (& get it m.o.t'd) it is not going to be used alot, Sundays, dry days only etc. it is still going to be a garage queen.
  24. Cheers for the comments. It is indeed a CLK 430 The front bumper has indeed twatted the kerb, it is actually split completely at the right hand side, it is just placed on in the pictures. Have you seen the price of the AMG front bumper for one of these????.... I think i will follow your lead & cable tie it together....Autoshite at its finest.
  25. After a very thorough valet Note..new Audi alloys fitted These pictures (of the golf) are roughly a year old now. The Rover & Mercedes were taken today
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