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  1. Not quite shite, but,In 2006, I picked up my oldest (now) from the hospital in...A 1998 R reg Mercedes E240 Avantgarde....Man, I loved that car.


    My youngest this year was ...a 2005 vauxhall astra 1.6...reliable enough car, but shite. The Astra has since been replaced by a Honda CRV 2.0 I vtec...

    I don't intend to be picking up any more newborns in the Honda,I'm getting the snip.

  2. Just to add to this, I currently have a 2004, 54 plate T5 (2005 facelift model) 6 Speed manual. It is a very very strong pulling car....3rd gear acceleration is rather addictive & it pulls like a train.

    Weak points on the petrol turbos, the PCV System, it has a canister under the inlet manifold, this collects all the oil gasses & residue & then recirculates it. Saves it just burning out the exhaust. However, this is often neglected as the cars get older, & the pipes into the canister & the canister itself block up with thick, hard oil & carbon deposits...this in turn causes the engine to produce back pressure, which in some circumstances pop's out the dipstick due to the pressure. Look up volvo t5 pcv replacement on you choob, very good videos on how to replace it & what it does & how to test it with a glove.....it affects all the 5 cylinder turbo models. If ignored for long enough..it can blow the rear crankshaft oil seal etc.

    I have the whole new PCV System for mine,cost £110 off of eBay.

    Also....suspension bushes...they like a suspension bush or 2.

    Turning circle like the QE2...Annoying at times. Mines has the 18" split rim bbs wheels, looks lovely.

    Very comfy & solid feeling. & the sound of the 5 cylinder from 3000rpm onwards is lovely.

    I like my Volvo...despite it needing some TLC, I am looking forward to getting it how it should be. Oh..it has covered nearly 150,000 miles now & could easily do that again.

    Overall....it is my first ever Volvo & I am happy with it. Also..the alarm siren message pings up on mine...I just ignore it.

    Just to add, late 2004 facelift model T5's have 260bhp standard & I believe that they re-map rather well.

  3. Sometimes for the sake of a few quid it’s easier to farm jobs like this out to a ‘man under the arches’ type outfit. I’ve got 2 days off this week, it’s going to piss it down on both of them. I’ve got a new driveshaft on its way, I’ve give the garage up the road a try he wants £75 to fit it. I’m not going to fuck about in the rain on my hands and knees doing it for that.

    That's what I think I am going to do, give it to someone I know to sort.

    I genuinely did not know about them needing to go in a specific way.

    Oh well....everyday is a school day as they say


    Top tip for future reference people...check the rear wheel bearings are magnetic on one side BEFORE fitting them.


    Thank you all for your replies. Apprieciated.

  4. As per title, today I replaced the rear wheel bearings on a 2006, 56 plate Fiesta. I did not have a press, so used the tried & tested socket & extension bar & hammer combination & It worked a treat knocking them out.


    Got the new wheel bearings (With new ABS reluctor rings) placed the old bearing on top of the new one & placed a bit of wood over the old one & proceeded to knock the new bearings in (both sides), checked bearings were seated correctly,put the circlip on, built it all back up, take car for test drive & once at 15-20mph the ABS light comes on, which was not on prior to this......Bollocks.


    So...My question is....is the wheel bearing magnetic on one side on these? If so..I think I may have installed the bearings the wrong way.



  5. LOL!!!!..........LOL!!!






    this car turns heads when you are driving along.  the wrapping was a personal project and i have since learnt i am no good at wrapping, i dont need to be told it looks rough up close i already know.






    if you don't like the wrap you can always take it off, but be warned the rear passenger door has recently been replaced (previous owner got into a fight with a shopping trolley and lost!) so that is blue, the rest of the cars original paintwork underneath is green.


    & The best bit ever...




    I have had the car valued by 3 separate garages so i know the p/x value and what they suggest i should ask for. so no silly offers please.



    Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you.....This....LOL!!!




    The rest of the pictures are just as bad....but check out the LED upgrades.....LOL!!!

  6. As some of you on here may know, Last year, around October, I bought a 2003, 53 Plate Jaguar 3.0 S Type. I got it MOT'd & sold it on to my Dad, who really enjoyed smoking around in it. 


    In January this year however, it decided to FTP.  


    What happened was, it was parked up as normal, my Dad went out to it the following morning, put the key in the ignition, turned on the ignition, turned the key to start it &........Nothing. No Click, Just nothing.


    Ignition lights all come on ok, it just will NOT turn over. Various messages on pinging up on the display, ASC Failure, ABS Fault etc. (This has only been since this happened, the car was going sweet up until this point).


    First thought was the Battery, as it is a Jaguar battery. But the battery was showing as fully charged on the battery tester.


    This was in January this year....& it has been sat since, looking like an abandoned car. (Still taxed, MOT'd & insured)


    Last week, my Dad & I tried a brand spanking new battery, which was not cheap, as it is specific to the S Type.


    Installed the brand new battery.....fingers crossed, Key in the ignition, turn ignition on, lights up as it should.....turn key & Nothing.....So, pissed off by this, my Dad returned the Brand new battery & got a refund.


    I have heard many things that it could be, from starter motor, Starter motor solenoid, dodgy R20 relay, Bad Earth somewhere, etc.  But, we don't have the time to spend trying to fix it.


    It sounds like a piece of shit I know, but it is a solid old S Type, Not galloping with rot. & when it was working, it was a really nice car to drive & be in.


    Oh & the day before it FTP'd, one of the rear exhaust back box's fell off, which happened when my dad was driving out the street, it caught the left rear bumper & popped it off the clips holding the bumper on. This still is like this.


    So, I offer it on here to fellow shitters, £250, However, this price is negotiable but it would be advised to come & see it first.


    It will NOT drive away, so recovery/trailer would be required. Located in West Lothian, Scotland.


    Here are pictures from when I first got it.... & then, Just imagine a sort of barn find look now, as it needs a good wash.


    it's reg is MV53 ZYF.


    Also...in the pictures, it had just been washed, it has NOT got a water leak.







    If you are looking for a luxury van with sporty looks and super comfortable then as BMW don't make vans we had to ! 
    We have custom built this awesome sporty van from a BMW 1 series with the sporty 2 ltr engine 
    If you want an office on the road that is comfortable, luxurious but functional too then this V1 BMW van is perfect for you 









  8. GLWTS. My S60 is a cracking car (albeit a bit thirsty, but it's a 260bhp T5) & it is a very nice thing to waft about in. it can fair shift on when required..just ask the arsehole in the Mongdeo St220 who came charging up behind me...3rd gear in the Volvo &..bye bye Mongdeo :D I must say however, the turning circle is rather poor. Mines does require some TLC now,it's done nearly 148,000 now.

    There is a judder from the front when braking from speed,a clicking c.v joint & I need to get the (important on these T5's) PCV pipework changed, as I do not believe that this has ever been done on mine.

    Otherwise...I like it a lot. Oh & mines has heated seats.

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