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  1. Live......From the side of the road, Sell your car where you crashed it, including using the pictures of it crashed...lol.







     Until this morning was a good running car.















    So I slid off the road near Tyndrum and won’t be able to fix it if it can be but not for the value of the car. I was quoted £350 for recovery alone. So if you have the horsepower to get it out then I’m willing to pretty much give it away.



    & you need to recover it yourself.....

  2. WD is far to Americanized now, prices are always in $(dollars) & what boils my piss the most is, when Mike calls opening the bonnet, Opening the "hood", or the boot, he calls it a "trunk" bumpers are "fenders"...I can see why Ed got pissed off with the way WD was going, if I was Ed, I would have wrapped a 36mm spanner (or "Wrench") over Mike's head in the end.


    As for Car SOS, I am of the same opinion as most on here, Fuzz is good, Tim is an annoying twat.


    Flipping Bangers, I actually though it was alright, at least you got to see most things being done, my favourite was the old 190 Mercedes they did, although, I would have kept the ride height the same as when they got it & not jacked it up with the wrong struts & springs, which made it look like a 4x4....

    The solution?....fit bigger profile tyres to it!!!...bravo lads..bravo.

  3. An 850 on the drive aswell in that picture...is a possible sign that the 960 has probably been looked after.


    I imagine the 3.0 engine would be a bit gutsy on fuel. My S60 T5 is a bit gutsy on the fuel consumption front, but 260bhp is impressive in 3rd gear at the correct time...& addictive sometimes, the sound of that 5 cylinder howling..lovely. However, I still would not mind smoking around in that 960, comfy comfy big cars Volvos.


    P.s...My S60 is my first ever Volvo that I have owned & I have to say, every time I drive it, I like it more & more.


    If getting a V70 (phase 2 model) estate,

    Late 2004 (05 model year facelift) are the ones to have, & if you want performance & sleeper looks...the 2.4 T5 is the one to have, especially in Manual flavour...the Auto's are a more common however, I believe that the auto boxes are a bit ropey as they get older.


    I was originally looking at Focus ST's when my Volvo popped up on my radar.

  4. The newest car I have owned was my 2010 Skoda Octavia VRS 2.0 Tsi (EA888) engine.


    When I bought it, it had a very very brief rattle on cold start up,it sounded like an old 1.2 corsa.

    Anyway, it turned out that it was the timing chain tensioner ready to give up the ghost. I had it replaced ,as well as new guides & chain, cost me just over £600. However, it turns out that it is a well known issue with this engine & there are plenty of cases of it failing & trashing the engine (look it up on the web) Skoda quote around £5000 for a new engine!!!....

    Needless to say, as much I loved the car, I did not trust it to last me another 10 years with just simple routine maintenance...plus the thought of the chain failing, the carbon build up on the valves etc...So, I sold it.


    I like old cars better, & at least with an old car, you have a decent chance of finding parts from a scrapyard. Try finding a 2010 Skoda Octavia VRS in the Scrappy's....good luck with that.


    As some may know, I now have my s60 T5 as my daily & whilst it's a bit gutsy on the fuel consumption, I know that it's simpler to fix than the Octavia was should it have an FTP.


    Plus, the Volvo owes me nothing.


    This is not a Skoda bashing post, just trying to point out the complexity & cost of some moderns repair wise.




    Old cars all the way.

  5. Evening All, I have decided to have a clear out this year of all my cars, except my CLK 430 & Rover 75.


    So, without further ado....I thought that this little beauty might be of interest to someone on here.


    It is a

    2000, W Reg, Honda Civic 1.4 s, 5 door (same shape as the rover 400, but without the added OMGHGF issues of the rover)

    Genuine 69,000 odd miles from new,


    MOT until end of July 2019.


    In Metallic Blue, with full cream leather interior.

    It starts & runs & drives good for a near 20 year old car.

    Clutch is a little high, but it works as it should.


    Excellent service history with x12 stamps in the book upto 2017 & various receipts for work done over the years.

    Timing belt & coolant changed less than 2000 miles ago (2017). New battery last year, tyres etc.


    The bodywork is in good condition also, & it comes with x2 Keys, & owners handbook pack.


    It does require a new sump pan, as it leaks, however, a brand new sump pan & gasket is here to go with the car.

    The central locking is temperamental, but does work.


    It is, for it's age, in good order & has been looked after throughout it's life.


    I am looking for £350- the car is located in Scotland (Pm me if interested).


    I will add pictures of the Car tomorrow, as the one picture I tried to add on to this post turns out sideways for some reason?.

  6. Not quite shite, but,In 2006, I picked up my oldest (now) from the hospital in...A 1998 R reg Mercedes E240 Avantgarde....Man, I loved that car.


    My youngest this year was ...a 2005 vauxhall astra 1.6...reliable enough car, but shite. The Astra has since been replaced by a Honda CRV 2.0 I vtec...

    I don't intend to be picking up any more newborns in the Honda,I'm getting the snip.

  7. Just to add to this, I currently have a 2004, 54 plate T5 (2005 facelift model) 6 Speed manual. It is a very very strong pulling car....3rd gear acceleration is rather addictive & it pulls like a train.

    Weak points on the petrol turbos, the PCV System, it has a canister under the inlet manifold, this collects all the oil gasses & residue & then recirculates it. Saves it just burning out the exhaust. However, this is often neglected as the cars get older, & the pipes into the canister & the canister itself block up with thick, hard oil & carbon deposits...this in turn causes the engine to produce back pressure, which in some circumstances pop's out the dipstick due to the pressure. Look up volvo t5 pcv replacement on you choob, very good videos on how to replace it & what it does & how to test it with a glove.....it affects all the 5 cylinder turbo models. If ignored for long enough..it can blow the rear crankshaft oil seal etc.

    I have the whole new PCV System for mine,cost £110 off of eBay.

    Also....suspension bushes...they like a suspension bush or 2.

    Turning circle like the QE2...Annoying at times. Mines has the 18" split rim bbs wheels, looks lovely.

    Very comfy & solid feeling. & the sound of the 5 cylinder from 3000rpm onwards is lovely.

    I like my Volvo...despite it needing some TLC, I am looking forward to getting it how it should be. Oh..it has covered nearly 150,000 miles now & could easily do that again.

    Overall....it is my first ever Volvo & I am happy with it. Also..the alarm siren message pings up on mine...I just ignore it.

    Just to add, late 2004 facelift model T5's have 260bhp standard & I believe that they re-map rather well.

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