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  1. Hello & Welcome. They look nice, especially the 850 T5 estate. Is that a manual or an auto?


    I also run a Volvo, an S60 T5, it's currently waiting to in go for some major surgery on Monday, it requires a new clutch slave cylinder & clutch assembly etc.


    Fine cars though, especially the T5's.


    keep posting your pictures & stories etc.

  2. No, twas a genuine uncovered steering wheel.

    Hmmmm.....Are you going back anytime soon? If so,could yoy find out how much for that, I am genuinely interested in acquiring that if it's not gung ho expensive.

    & thanks also for pointing out that it's not a steering wheel cover.

  3. Says he who wades in and rattles a KV6 Cambelt off like it was a walk in the park.


    You S60 isn't a metallic dark gold colour by anychance. I had one for a while a few years ago as a temporary fleet car for about 4 months. D5 Manwell, it was a fine car

    No, it's a colour called magic blue I believe, it looks sort of dark purple in certain lights.


    It's this exact colour (not my picture)



  4. You heartless bastard, fixing your car how dare you!

    Lol.....i know eh?..this time yesterday, my arse was shitting buttons at the thought of getting it sorted....now though, it's all good.


    I will definitely let every one know how it's goes, & all going good, some updated pictures of the Car aswell.. & if I can & anyone is interested in it, i will get some pictures of the old clutch assembly that comes out of it, see what it looks like.

  5. Sounds sensible to keep a car you know & like.

    My thoughts exactly Hooli,& as they say, old Volvos never die. But, it's a good thought that it's going to be sorted & on the road again, plus, once it's done, I can't see it needing done again for a long long long time, certainly not with my driving style anyway..lol.


    It is possible also that this is it's original clutch, so if it is, 15 years & 143,000 odd miles is not bad I guess.

  6. Ok, update on the Volvo. I spoke today with one of the mechanics I know & that I asked yesterday. It's going to cost between £600-650, which is better than the £955. So, it's is now booked in for 8:30am Monday morning, for some major surgery,being done by someone that I know & trust. It is also getting transported to my friend, I sorted that out also.


    So my Volvo is going to live on, which is a result.


    I am more upbeat about it now than I was yesterday.


    So, it will be, new clutch plate, flywheel, & clutch slave cylinder, plus brake/clutch fluid & gearbox oil. Oh & he is going to sort the track rod end & ball joint whilst he is at it.




    I will update once it is sorted, but I am well happy & looking forward to getting it back sorted. So to summarise....it is not getting & will not be bridged...Result.

  7. I'd say splash the cash.

    Sounds shit, but you know the car (and trust it)

    Just don't get an idiot to do the work.


    That's exactly what I don't want, an idiot doing it. I trust the people that I spoke to today, I am waiting on 2 of them getting back to me tomorrow with costs & time etc. But, if I didn't know any of them, I would be proper shitting myself about letting anyone work on it.

  8. Drop subframe (plenty of wood offcuts, axle stands and jacks needed)


    Remove the cooling fan, it's easier & don't stretch any oil or water cooling lines.

    I'd also undo the bottom arms etc for access, but not always needed.


    Undo gearbox

    Drag the fucker out

    *easily* line up the clutch and bang it all back together.


    Took me 2 days (3 hours getting to the subframe drop point) then it pissed it down, so gave up and called it a day.

    Next day - 2 hours burning my flabby arms having the box in and out - As clutch wouldn't line up.

    Then 5 hours putting it all back up.


    Yeah it's not a quick job, but easier if you're not on a driveway


    That sounds like a nightmare to be doing that on the drive. Hats off to you for doing it.

    See, even if I was brave enough to attempt it myself, my luck would probably run out on the "don't stretch the oil or water lines" part..

  9. Why the fuck do manufacturers do this? A potentially simple and cheap job becaomes a nightmare and on a part that are known to give issues over decades of car design.


    It might be worth asking on the Volvo lickers forum, lots of people on there who have work done/ know what’s involved.

    I will maybe do that depending on what comes back to me tomorrow. As for why manufacturers do shit things like that, I guess it's so that when eventually the car gets to the age it is now (15) & is effectively not worth much,therefore not worth fixing to most people, they get an old car off the road & get a new car sold in its place. But I agree, it's a headache for what should be a relatively simple fix...But it ain't.

  10. Indeed, it's quite a rare machine,& as you say, it's never been a police car, & being the 2.4, 260bhp T5. Not many about.


    I would say it's in average condition for it's age & miles. Some small signs of wear to be expected for 143,000 odd miles, but no nasty dents & scrapes etc.


    The flywheel has never rattled or shown any signs of doing so.


    If I do end up getting it sorted, it would be the first ever car that I have owned & needed to do a clutch on....& the most expensive ever repair on any car that I have ever owned.


    Don't know if that's good or bad though...lol.


    Cheers to everyone who has posted & offered their thoughts also, I didn't expect that, I just needed to let off some steam when I posted the first post.


    I will update tomorrow once I have an idea of costs etc.

  11. scdan4, you are correct, I believe that the clutch plate itself would be contaminated from the slave cylinder leaking.

    Hence it's best to replace the whole clutch assembly at the same time.


    It's not that I don't want to keep the car, it's just the financial cost in one hit is not really do-able.


    When I also think about it, of all the cars I have owned in my time, this is the only one that has done something seriously costly. I am awaiting another couple of mechanic friends that I know getting back to me tomorrow, with costs, if I can afford it, I will fix it, but if not....I don't really want to think about bridging it, but......

  12. Cheers for the replies people. It's hard because it's quite a rare old thing, being a 6 speed manual T5 & never been a police car either, as the majority of manual T5's have been.

    But as said, it comes down to cost of the job & value of the car.

    Unfortunately, I am led to believe that it's a gearbox out job, which in turn is a drop the front subframe etc to get the box out. If it was something like a fiesta, I would do it myself, but, I don't fancy undertaking a big job like this lying on the ground with the car on axle stands & jacks, plus it's a heavy big car also, so a lift up ramp is probably best.


    It would be a shame to bridge it because of this, as the engine is mighty fine & in fine health, as is the car itself, the gearbox is good also. But, head & heart say 2 different things.


    I need to go & speak with Mrs OC & see what happens. Volvos.....great cars, but great bills also.....bollocks. lol.


    I will update eithier later on, or tomorrow with the outcome.

  13. Well folks, today my Volvo was booked in for its MOT...& it failed on a bottom ball joint & a track rod end. Fair enough, not all that bad, & I kind of expected it to fail on something.

    However, The clutch pedal then decided to stay on the floor, so...it looks like it's the clutch slave cylinder that has failed. This is the pain in the arse part though, because the clutch slave cylinder is inside the gearbox on these S60's...& it's gearbox out job to replace, & whilst that is out...It's best to replace the whole clutch plate assembly also.


    So....I am currently trying to get a cost of the above mentioned job from some mechanic friends. One has quoted already £955!...

    I apprieciate that it's not a simple job, but nearly £1k????...the car probably is not worth that.


    So, I am yet to decide, my heart says fix it, my head says sell it as is.

    I do love the car to bits, but, I am not exactly rolling in money & as such, I can't just pull £955 out of my arsehole when I want.


    I don't know why I'm posting this here, I think it's more the FTP part. It was going good yesterday aswell.


    Also, I meant to say, every 4 months or so, it would ping up a low brake fluid message & I had an idea then it was the clutch slave cylinder..But just topped it up with fluid & that was it for another 4 or 5 months. Until today....at MOT time.



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