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  1. I’ve heard that too but doubt it. Maybe if you started on it every time for ages.


    Past caring now, might just ring the scrappers tomorrow


    Sore loss money wise if you bridge it though.


    Can you not take a couple of pictures of it & stick it back on bumtree as spares or repairs? £500 or something? I think you would get someone with it, especially as come January...many "new" businesses start up......New years resolutions & all that...


    Worth a try.

  2. in 1998, I went from running about in a Black, G Reg, 1.6L MK3 cavalier, to a champagne gold, mk3 2.0i 8v SRi Hatchback, G497 SBU.....


    Bought from the salvage auction as a stolen/recovered, Vauxhall's were the car of choice amongst the thieving/joyriding fraternity back then,

    Anyway, a trip to the scrapyard later, full set of locks aquired, then fitted (Surprisingly easy to replace, including the steering lock once you know how)


    I then got a Toad (Remember them?) CAT 1 alarm & immobiliser professionally fitted to it, to make sure it did not go missing again.


    I felt like the dogs danglies when I had that car, Keep in mind, I was 18 back then, had a well paid job then for an 18 year old (Driving Articulated Dump Trucks, Volvo A25's), No responsibilities, was young & care free...lol.


    I even paid the insurance in one go, & smoked about in it for about 2 years. It never once missed a beat.




    I do have pictures of it, but they are in the attic....so will try look them out,


    Here is an example picture, other than the colour, it was identical to the one pictured above. 

  3. As a serial Three Pointed Star Fan Boy.....My Suggestion is this...Or one of these beauties. The R129 Mercedes SL.

    Only ever going to go one way in value & that is up, 

    & then, come the summer.....Kerrrrching!...Laugh all the way to the bank



    Early ones of these are becoming quite sought after now, Orange indicators & the 3,0, 24v Straight 6 engine..Perfect cruiser....   they are also lovely looking cars in my Opinion


    Buy now, reap the rewards in the summer.


    That is all.







  4. Just flogged mine for £450, but it had rampant rust, buggered wheel bearing and bodged exhaust amongst other issues, but I loved driving it, shame they are so prone to tinworm :shock:


    £450......That is IMO cheap, despite the rust issues. They are getting few & far between on the road now.


    Superior in every way to the utter ,utter shite that replaced it....

  5. Browsing The Bay of E, I happened to find this.... I personally think that this is very nice & looks proper smart.


    It now makes me wish I had hung onto My very,very trusty & not in any way rusty Transit, V946 NOH (Which is still on the road)

    Bought with a broken timing belt for a steal, & back up & running within 4 Hours once back at the ranch....


    .Aaaaaaahhh Memories. I will look out pictures of it, as it was a cracker of a van. 



    These still are superb old vans, & as much as this thread might not be popular, I feel that this particular one deserves a show on here...

    Apologies if this has been posted up elsewhere, I did not see it.


    Check this out.....Minted.












  6. Turbo related? Check all the pipework.


    What Bren Say's,

    Check the pipe work, The S Type that I bought & then sold to my Dad, did this very thing about 2 weeks ago, It turned out that it was a split pipe, after the MAF Sensor.


    However, this is a 3.0 V6 Petrol, so might not be the same on the 2.7 diesel.


    Cost was £35 fixed. 

  7. Blimey a 2 yr old modern for 5 bags




    Hang on, what's this...










    In fairness




    Why you sell it Willis ?





    I take it that it just followed the coaches about then?...That is quite a intergalactic mileage for a 2 year old car  :shock:

  8. This is NOT my Picture, However, I have not seen a UK Waste PLC lorry for a long time (I know that Biffa took them over, However, trying to get pictures of the UK Waste PLC Lorries is pretty hard). in 1994, My Dad worked for this company & I used to go with him every Saturday morning. 


    I remember when these very Volvo FL10 FEL's were introduced up here by UK Waste, It used to be Leyland Constructor 8x4 REL's (rear end loaders) & the idea was to phase out the REL's with these Volvo FEL's.


    They were, at the time fitted with Volvo's own Powertronic fully automatic gearbox (NOT Geartronic) & when they were brand new in 1994, they were pretty nice machines, plus it was the first time I had ever been in an automatic lorry,  The Bathgate Depot got x3 of them to start with, All L reg, consecutively numbered, ended KSX. Supplied from Volvo Dealer in Broxburn.


    They then also got a Batch of M Registration ones the following year(1995) I am sure they ended PSX.








  9. Here is one the works FE's........This one is no longer on the fleet, it was one of a batch that were sold on when the replacement Mercedes Econics arrived.




    However, there are still 5 or 6 of them left on the fleet now & in daily use.  They are alright motors, apart from being bouncy when empty...

  10. The truck which I will most likely be driving if I take a driving job with the firm I currently work for:


    I am out in these everyday, my work use them (Quite a fleet of them actually). Ride alright when empty, but I find it is a bit slow when fully loaded...It seems to loose speed at most hills.. They are 290 Models though.


    I must add.....My work also has some Volvo FE's....300 Models, I find these are better when loaded than the Daf.


    But, when the Volvo's are empty, they bounce around quite a bit, where as the Dafs Don't.

  11. Out of service with Tufnell's the other week by the looks of it. Be the first time it's stood still I'd imagine.


    An FL would be an excellent 'youngtimer' on the vintage rallies I reckon. Probably still get parts from Volvo for them too!

    Last FL I drove would've been the 285 horse FL7 bulker I used to round trip coal and ash with. No pics I'm afraid, it was before camera phones. And the fleet doesn't exist either now. Quelle dommage.


    In 1996, My Dad was driving 8 wheelers, He drove back then, a Brand New Renault Maxter G340 8x4 (The tipper company he worked for had quite a few of these, as did other operators at the time) These were run in conjunction with a then new also Volvo FL10 8X4, The 320 BHP model IIRC....


    The Volvo speed limiter could be by passed, (I won't say how obviously)...& one day on the Edinburgh bypass....It ran at nearly 90mph...Not my Dad driving...Some other crazy horse. Aaaahhh.....The good old days...

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