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  1. Hi All,  Apologies, This may ramble on a-bit. & no, i have not been drinking.


    As most people who are regulars of this parish will know, I am a serial three pointed star licker. 

    Now, as with most things like Life, family, work etc,  I am like most, pushed for getting the time to actually get around to doing things that I want to do with my stored cars. 


    I currently have tucked away, a very nice old 2003 Rover 75 CDTi, Which has a borked alternator & has had since it was put away in 2015,


    I very nearly got this sorted earlier this year, then something else came up & sorting it out never happened, 

    So it currently still sits in the garage awaiting to see daylight again.


    But, this is not what I want to get off my chest, What I would like is, advice on what I should do regarding My 2001 CLK 430.


    It has, like the Rover, been stored up since 2015, & I always, always planned to get it properly sorted out, mechanically &



    It is a lovely looking old thing, with genuine factory fitted AMG front/rear bumpers/side skirts & the staggered AMG alloy wheels. & the sound of that V8.....Makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up just thinking about it. & it is NOT hanging with rust as most W208 CLKS are now.


    However, in the preceding 2 years since, I find myself still no further forward with the car/s, Yet my life has changed a-lot, Mrs OC is currently due our son in March 2018, & life in general is good.


    But, I have this mad,mad itch to scratch with a MK2 Focus ST 2.5T. But if I do that..the Mercedes will sit for longer, as I cannot go buy an ST & also restore the Mercedes.


    One or the other I am afraid.


    So....What would you do if this was you?


    Sort/spend the money on the Mercedes, Or Buy an ST Focus.


    I NEED to do one of these come January.  My Heart say's Mercedes, My Head say's ST Focus...



    As an aside Listen to this.... :shock:  :-D


  2. Just had a look at your ebay ad, You have not put that it is MOT'd until SEPT 2018 in the description, I would.


    Also, Look at this...Albeit Manual....




    GLWTS. If I had seen this sooner I would have been into the both of them.


    If the Winning bidder turns out to be an Ebay time wasting arsehole, Put me down as interested in them both.

  3. I’ve heard that too but doubt it. Maybe if you started on it every time for ages.


    Past caring now, might just ring the scrappers tomorrow


    Sore loss money wise if you bridge it though.


    Can you not take a couple of pictures of it & stick it back on bumtree as spares or repairs? £500 or something? I think you would get someone with it, especially as come January...many "new" businesses start up......New years resolutions & all that...


    Worth a try.

  4. in 1998, I went from running about in a Black, G Reg, 1.6L MK3 cavalier, to a champagne gold, mk3 2.0i 8v SRi Hatchback, G497 SBU.....


    Bought from the salvage auction as a stolen/recovered, Vauxhall's were the car of choice amongst the thieving/joyriding fraternity back then,

    Anyway, a trip to the scrapyard later, full set of locks aquired, then fitted (Surprisingly easy to replace, including the steering lock once you know how)


    I then got a Toad (Remember them?) CAT 1 alarm & immobiliser professionally fitted to it, to make sure it did not go missing again.


    I felt like the dogs danglies when I had that car, Keep in mind, I was 18 back then, had a well paid job then for an 18 year old (Driving Articulated Dump Trucks, Volvo A25's), No responsibilities, was young & care free...lol.


    I even paid the insurance in one go, & smoked about in it for about 2 years. It never once missed a beat.




    I do have pictures of it, but they are in the attic....so will try look them out,


    Here is an example picture, other than the colour, it was identical to the one pictured above. 

  5. As a serial Three Pointed Star Fan Boy.....My Suggestion is this...Or one of these beauties. The R129 Mercedes SL.

    Only ever going to go one way in value & that is up, 

    & then, come the summer.....Kerrrrching!...Laugh all the way to the bank



    Early ones of these are becoming quite sought after now, Orange indicators & the 3,0, 24v Straight 6 engine..Perfect cruiser....   they are also lovely looking cars in my Opinion


    Buy now, reap the rewards in the summer.


    That is all.







  6. Just flogged mine for £450, but it had rampant rust, buggered wheel bearing and bodged exhaust amongst other issues, but I loved driving it, shame they are so prone to tinworm :shock:


    £450......That is IMO cheap, despite the rust issues. They are getting few & far between on the road now.


    Superior in every way to the utter ,utter shite that replaced it....

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