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  1. When I was 15 (1995).....One of my friends Dad, bought him a Nissan Micra mk1 (Square shape one) so that they could fix it up & then my friend would have it as his first car when he had passed his test at 17......He was 16 when his Dad bought him it.


    His Mum & Dad used to go to work during the week, so during the summer holidays, when they were at work, We all talked my friend into driving it up & down his street, with all of us in the car. x3 people in the back & one of us in the passenger seat.


    Now, this worked well for around a week.... All of us down to his house,  drive up & down the street, then, at around 3pm, park the car exactly as it was on the drive, before his Mum & Dad returned home.

    Weirdly, Not one of the neighbours said anything to his Mum or Dad about this.


    Anyway, one fine hot August day, we, as normal went to my friends house, he got the key for the Nissan & we proceeded to drive up & down the street. It was this, that I will never forget....


    As it was coming up to 3pm & the car had to be back on the drive, My friend was slowly creeping forward onto the driveway, when one of my other friends said for a laugh "Shit...there is your Dad!"...At which point, My friend driving, panicked & his foot slipped off the clutch...Well, the car launched forward & as it did so, my friend steered to the right & the car proceeded to go straight through the wooden driveway boundary fence.....It was like something out of a cartoon, all the fence planks shooting up in the air, as it hit each one....then it stopped dead when it hit the thick support post....


    My friend sat there, his head in his hands...."what the fuck have I done?".....Needless to say, we all bailed out the car, Left him & ran away....Went back about 30 mins later & the traffic police were there, along with his Mum & Dad......Friends eh?...lol.


    It taught me to wait until I had passed my test, before driving...

  2. I nominate this......




    The Astra MK2 Estate......I had one of these many moons ago when I was younger, G Reg....Silver 1.4 L.....I ragged the shit out of it every where, loaded it with all sorts, from a huge honda diesel generator one time, to assorted car parts, engines etc....It just ran & ran & ran.....3rd gear foot to the floor was a big buzz for me back then.......Ahhhh Happy Days.

  3. Thought that I would update this thread......


    Remember the urge for a focus ST?.....Well.....as a cheaper alternative.....I have since purchased.....A..........


    Volvo....S60 T5, 2.4 Engine & it is Manual & it is not an ex plod car either.


    I know it is nothing like a focus st, but... the vast majority of ST's that I looked at, had either had the utter shit ragged out of them, with no service history at all & had been messed about with, or were recorded as CAT C or D...Plus, quite a few of them had several previous owners, including one with x9 previous owners!!!.


    Fuck that for a game of soldiers. 


    So....The Volvo popped up, right spec, manual & priced so much cheaper than a focus st. Covered 143,000 odd miles, with decent service history, x3 previous owners.


    Collection & pictures will be forthcoming during the coming week....


    As for the Mercedes, Well......Because the Volvo was a saving money wise, compared to a focus, I am going to get the ball rolling on that as well, so watch this space. :-D

  4. Happy New Year To Everyone.


    This is the first time since I posted, that I have been able to get on. 


    First off, thank you to everyone for their input on what they think should be done, I appreciate it. 


    In answer to some points made, This is not my first child that is due, It is the first (& only it must be added) with Mrs OC, but not my first by any means.

    I also forgot to say originally, that the Mercedes, once sorted out, will not be used as a Daily runabout as such, more weekend/holiday/good dry summer day use.


    I am also aware that the Mercedes is not practical for a baby & buggy & associated items.


    I have also been looking at Volvo T5's...The S40/V50 & V70's...but...as nice as they are.....It is a Focus ST Itch I have.



    Some good points have been made about leave the Mercedes for longer & scratch the Focus ST itch.


    Also, as pointed out, Focus ST's are at the bottom of their depreciation curve at the moment, So it would make sense to get one now before they are unaffordable to buy, Like 3 door sierra cosworths are now.... :shock:


    I am still in two minds at the moment.


    But anyway, as an update,


    Today, I decided to go see if the Mercedes would wake up from it's 2 year hibernation.


    I sacked off my broken W203 c220 cdi a few weeks ago now, but before I did, I took the Genuine Mercedes heavy duty Battery out of it. This proved a very good idea,


    Took the battery up to the CLK, Dropped it in, connected it up & jumped in........Key in ignition, turned it &............It burst into life!!!  Well chuffed  :-D  ABS/BAS light on, but that doesn't worry me. It has stood for x2 years.


    The deep sound of that V8 :-D ....  & Also surprisingly, all the tyres have stayed inflated, not even soft.


    I then decided to see if it would move, put it into D & it did indeed move, no stuck on brakes.


    I also took some pictures of it, please keep in mind, it has sat for 2 years, it is covered in dust/dirt & has some marks from things in the garage being put against it etc. & the bonnet is not shut right in the pictures.





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