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  1. Did someone say Bini?....


    Last summer, I had this wee thing, it was my first time driving a BMW made bini.


    It was a Cooper, 04 plate. It was a little go cart, it handled like it was on rails (to me anyway) & when I got rid of it, I was slaughtered with calls about it.

    Sold to the first couple who came to see it.


    I know this adds nothing to the original post, but just wanted to share that.


    Have a picture of it.post-20267-0-58452700-1553453616_thumb.jpg


    The alloys on this one I thought were smart in white.

  2. I used to work for Dobson's! In fact it was with them that I passed my Class 2 in 1998. They've advertised this wagon as "running but smoking, will not drive away" so it's probably fairly knackered. Their old ERFs never did that!


    I get that it will more than likely be shagged, but, because it's reserve not meet, & I very much doubt that I will end up with it, as I am not bidding high on it. But, if, on the off chance I do end up winning it, expect an epic collection thread!...Lol.

  3. /\


    You brave, brave man. Rumour has it they're absolutely awful things.


    Thanks Cavcraft, I don't honestly think that i will get it, its currently reserve not met.


    However, stranger things have happened..If I do end up with it, I think it might be a Divorce...lol.

  4. Live Incoming Pictures, Also, Mileage is slightly lower than 255,000 miles, its actually a nice low mileage of just 248,601 miles...lol.


    Also, I have absolutely no idea why the pictures are the wrong way up????.....I tried to upload them from my phone at first, but they loaded up the wrong way, so now I am on my Laptop, & they are still loading up the same????


    If someone can fix them so that they are the correct way up.


    Apologies, but here it is.


    It has the full logbook, in my Dads name, the mot & a key.


    Please don't expect a brand new van, but, if you are looking for a reliable little jump around that you can leave anywhere without fear of it getting scratched etc,

    this could be it.


    My Dad also says it is very good on diesel mpg.



    Anyhoo, feel free to get in touch, check what you need to & ask any questions.



  5. Hi all,


    My Dad has decided to sell his 2011, 11 reg Peugeot Bipper Van, as he has no use for it anymore. It was bought last year for when the house was getting renovated.


    It's a 1.3 or 1.4 hdi (I will check)

    Has MOT until July 2019 & has covered a mere 255,000 miles. Yes, 255,000 miles.


    It drives well considering it's mileage, clutch & gearbox are good & tight, Brakes are superb.

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