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  1. After fitting a plug repair core, just like last time and checking with my second best bore-cam I declared it clean enough, fixed and cranked it over and thats the point the engine appears to have seized solid. Going to hang my fucking spanners up for a while. This is all because I got pissed off with Crickely Hill, the spirits decided I was next.
  2. Today I am annoyed by procrastination. If I hadnt decided to ignore that midly irritating tap since I changed the oil because the fucking picky car needs a different grade to stop it ticking when cold and its pissing wet and below zero and excuse after excuse..... Well, i wouldn't be sitting for a big yellow taxi an wondering where I put my spark plug thread repair kit. After all, why do today what can be left to bite you on the arse tomorrow?
  3. £500 MK1 ZS in Preston, MOT Expires at midnight though. https://www.preloved.co.uk/adverts/show/119298641/mg-zs-mk1-180-rare-car-zs-number-plate.html?utm_source=Newsnow&utm_medium=Referral&utm_campaign=newsnow cars
  4. Yet again for the third time in as many weeks I have been significantly late home due to mechanical failiures, none of which have been mine. Can we have a special MOT for cars in Cheltenham and Gloucester that caters for shuddering sheds that will terminally shit themselves at the top of Crickely Hill in rush hour ? After two hours of fucking hill starts I was tempted to park in the Air-Ballon car park, buy a lighter and set fire to a white Ford Fiesta that has pissed off a cast of thousands tonight. Plod were sitting in a marked car to prevent such things happening.
  5. +1 for the ZS although they are getting fragile, mine is awaiting spanner time on a dry weekend. I did like the idea of a Suzuki Ignis Sport, not a tarmac shredding monster but a light chuckable scrabble wagon that eats wheel bearings, only one on Autotrader but it has purple wheels and a glowing knob, I may have missed that boat.
  6. From that angle I can see a hint of Scimitar to the styling, it is a lovely thing but I need a lottery win that will cover ownership of a nice dry barn of generous proportions to house such whimsical purchases.
  7. Sazuki swift very clean low Milage 395 Ono or swap BARGIN Super clean, like a freshly flushed U-Bend, just 350 Queen Sheds now, price drop madness, when its gone, its umm, gone! https://www.gumtree.com/p/suzuki/sazuki-swift-very-clean-low-milage-395-ono-or-swap-bargin-/1358259869
  8. Wheel it down the road. Park it next to a lamp post. Apply a Burly D-Shackle bike lock between the handle and the lamp post, for best effect the night before bin day. Plan B https://www.amazon.co.uk/Waste-Sticker-Self-Adhesive-Sign/dp/B01A8MWCD2 £1.16 delivered
  9. Did you have to kill the Zombie that was trapped in it or is that red stuff forest fire retardant all over the windscreen ? Loving the fact that 50% of the instrument cluster is there to remind you "Still Citroën"
  10. As this is just up the road from me I could take a closer look if anybody is interested
  11. WR67 HBB Soon to appear at CoPart as a non-runner with normal wear and tear ?
  12. https://www.gumtree.com/p/volkswagen/volkswagen-polo/1358514455 Description Selling Volkswagen polo patrol it's got 1 year mot and tax the car is lovely only one problem its doesn't start it need a cam shaft belt it's only £20.00 I dont have time to sort it out but other wise the car runs fine cheap on fuel and insurance need it goen asap if you are interested feel free to call me on 0800 101 101 Mouchos Bargainous......
  13. Paseo, 10 months ticket £350 with a few niggles but its a Toyota.... https://www.gumtree.com/p/toyota/toyota-paseo/1358526396
  14. Can they bring back this as well ?
  15. Does it deliver Guinness ?
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