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  1. See this spanner in the jokes thread For some Odd reason, maybe it is because I just ate too much and want to sit very still for a bit, I watched a video of the above Ratchet's cousin being reborn....
  2. This is what happens when you have Christmas* on the 4th of January like they do in that there Spain. Nature Adapts and delivers a scene fit for a greetings card. The plus side of this being you can have lunch in the sunshine on the 25th December if you were in Lanzarote in low season. Not been for a couple of years but still remember it well. *Celebrated over two days, Spain's annual Three Kings Festival (Fiesta de los Reyes)
  3. Too late to the party to be of any use but that pump looks almost identical to an SD1 Carb pump, is it just a lift pump or does it provide enough pressure to drive injectors ? https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-DRC195P https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-GRID008923 I changed a reluctant SD1 in tank pump a while ago and found it clogged with rust, being a glorified Scalextrix motor it needs ferrous bits to work but they go pear shaped if left dry of fuel.
  4. I bought a tired but serviceable 1985 Granada many moons ago, it had been fitted with a later model windscreen, heated no less. One frosty morning I sauntered outside nodding to my neighbours scratching away, at the ice on their windscreens, my super deluxe Ford would be awesome in a matter of seconds. However, both front doors had frozen shut and I needed a kettle of warm water just to get into it. Is there any part of the door latch that has been sprayed with the wrong type of grease or god forbid Waxoil that is solidifying when cold ?
  5. A Princess gearbox will mate to a Rover V8 AND fit in a Mini (Albeit in the back) so could maybe squeeze into a Princess engine bay. Probably more a subject for discsussion over a pint when we are allowed to visit the pub than anything requiring spanners. Y2K compliant website : http://www.spagweb.com/v8mini/v8fools/index.htm
  6. That would be funny, BoJo gets home and orders Pizza.... "Hello, is that Mr Johnson ? I'm just calling to say we are short of drivers due to an emergency DVSA rule, your Pizza will arrive in about 20 to 30 weeks"
  7. 10 PRINT "FACEBOOK IS BOLLOCKS" 20 GOTO 10 Facebook is a caustic mix of the greatly abridged good bits of daily life, all of the wins rolled in glitter but none of the bad bits. Every 5k run posted on there will be a personal Best, nobody will post they cut the run short due to joggers trots and tracked dog shit up the stairs while clenching. Don't get me started on ex partners and Facebook either.
  8. Today needy mechanical things made me grumpy, but not the ones I was expecting. In a moment of exuberance I declared "Right, I'm going out to fix the Mitsubishi but first I shall offload some of this mornings coffee..." Having completed the task at hand I opened the bathroom door, well almost. With a barely audible *tink* sound the door handle became entirely ornamental as handle and latch had decided on a trial separation. I am rubbish at carpentry so I decided, after a deep breath, NOT to hulk the door off its bloody hinges as I would have to fix it. Luckily a metal coat h
  9. That £500 2.3 convertible is still available, MOT and warranty. If Saab's are on the up and you have a dry barn it could be the best Monkey* you ever spent https://www.skmotorsreading.co.uk/used-cars/saab-900-2-3-i-se-2dr-bracknell-202011146119472 *Are we still allowed to call it a "Monkey" or do you need to be a fully licensed Cockney and claim it as part of your heritage ?
  10. Found this on CNN https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/seychelles-pirates-treasure/index.html Quest's World of Wonder The man searching for pirate treasure in the Seychelles Richard Quest and Joe Minihane, CNN • Published 8th January 2021 (CNN) — John Cruise-Wilkins is a man on a mission. Like his late father Reginald before him, he believes there is great beauty to be found beneath an unprepossessing stretch of road in northern Mahe, the main island of the Seychelles. See, Cruise-Wilkins is a treasure hu
  11. I could get a relative to have a look, no guarantee what goes in the container is the same car I suppose. Alfas are speculator bait, I was looking at something much more down to earth. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1213054 Or maybe even one of these from the same exporter
  12. You could send them a message using a beacon instead of a Telegram, I think its like the Bat-Signal
  13. Oddly I had a quote for SA to UK shipping just yesterday "The cost of a space in a shared container to London Gateway is currently around R29500 ( includes all clearances, permits, packing and freight)" I will agree SHIP > SHIPLEY by many times but it is much less than I expected, or I'm at risk of getting scammed....
  14. I have no idea how this slipped past quality control at the Royal Mint but a limited edition coin themed on the works of H.G. Wells. Maybe order one while the world is going mad in all directions, it might be worth a bit if we dodge the apocalypse.
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