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  1. Cleaning an '06 Fucus with a pressure washer and making a bloody hole in it pissed me off today. Compared to the previous posts I got away lightly and I salute your courage. Rusty Focii are shite before their time though.
  2. The family should have picked the worst basket case, pumped the tyres right up, filled the tank to the brim and pushed it back into storage. Then set it on fire.
  3. I had many Toyotas of this vintage as Hire cars in South Africa and I concur the handbrake turns were effortless. Somewhere near MosselBaai a housing development was partially done, well as far as putting down all the tarmac and concrete slabs but nothing else just flat grassland as a run off area, no street lights or anything. The Glacier White twin-cam saloon I had that weekend went back on slicks.
  4. I had a Chevy Van with a foot handbrake, did 3,800 miles in it and never worked out the foot operated brake. There was every chance it didnt actually work though. I sat in a nearly new 300C, noted the four pedals and lack of the big lever. The salesman said the handbrake was a design feature of "Proven Mercedes mechanicals" I made a comparison to a West African taxi having the same feature and didnt even start the thing up for the test drive. The only EPB vehicle I have driven was a Vectra SRi that jammed the brake on every it was parked, it was rented and missing the hand book so I tried waggling the brake switch about and dabbing at the brakes but at no point would it release on command, As it was rented I chose the bag of revs and clutch approach to commence motion. Going forwards was not too dramatic, reversing off the drive would make the car stick its arse in the air and the rear wheels would drag about 18 inches before deciding a big BANG release was the better option, much revs were required even as a diesel. The clutch was a bit whiffy after two weeks of rental but no fucks were given. In short any smart arsed method beyond a lever is not an improvement.
  5. Would you buy a car from anyone called Granville ?
  6. Are you sure they are not making another Fantastic Four sequel in London ? Maybe The Thing has a dose of the squits
  7. I wonder if they carefully wrapped and arranged separate disposal of the Asbestos down pipes ? Or did they simply fuck those off with the grinder and bury them in the bottom of the skip......
  8. The house a couple of doors down suddenly developed scaffolding, on a Saturday. Nothing happened for a couple of days but it was "to have the guttering fixed" according to the grapevine. Then a couple of blokes appeared with grinders and proceeded to saw a foot off his house on three sides. Although not much of it went in the skip, the grinders seem to have reduced the concrete gutters to particulate matter, which on a windy day covered every car in the street. One of mine being the closest bore the brunt of these grunting fuckwitts endeavours. Rather than phone the DVLA and notify them of a change in vehicle colour I moved it to the drive and fired up the Karcher, job done beer time! About an hour later I looked out of the window. The car had dried but was still Grey instead of metallic black so it was time change to the Karcher jet that does not mess about, I destroyed a fence panel with this one. This will have that shit off? No, if fucking didnt. An hour later it was a reluctant use of much hot soapy water on a car covered in grinding paste to finally shift the last of it. I have no idea what magical vodoo was in this concrete that made it resist a jetwash, in hindsight I'm hoping it isnt asbestos. After an exchange of words one of the Grinder heros offered to pay for a car wash if he could get a receipt then they buggered off in their plain white van, taking their sign on the scaffolding with them. However Trent Valley Fascias, you are still cunts of the highest order.
  9. There is a good chance I met the guy you picked up in the Senator who takes cars to Gambia, especially if he runs the auctions down there. I have done that trip a couple of times on a banger rally, the brief was to find something German, manual and Diesel so I took Chevy G20 5.0 V8 with a wonky auto box and not much in the way of a reverse gear, the windscreen detached from the A-pillar on a washboard dirt road Ford Aerostar 3.0 V6 with an almost fully composted interior that shat its alternator at night on a mountain road in Morocco. The third, much more stupid vehicle became terminal in southern Spain and is in a barn, it has a starting handle and weights 6.5 tonnes Co part had an apparently undamaged 60,000 mile RHD Cadillac STS 4.6 on a couple of months ago. I was very tempted for another fix of Americana but wasn't sure if my work was going to dry up so hesitated.
  10. My neighbours cheered me up today. A chore was handed out to a bored offspring today, "Clean driveway with a Karcher clone" Like a Karcher crossed with an air raid siren but I digress. Much arsing about ensued including the "Wave it around like that Star-Wars kid" then the drive got cleaned a bit. So did the garden path, onto the washing line full of sheets that had been airing in the sunshine. There will be shouting later I reckon.
  11. Regarding the landscaping, I had no issue converting my old garage and workshop to hard standing, but the driveway to my new garage at the bottom of the garden needs to be permeable. That bit can wait, I want a two post lift more than I want a driveway. This thread is like a 90's heritage thread and has absorbed much of my day.
  12. I still have my '86 2300, bought from Sharkwells forecourt at sticker price in 1987/88 with just 12,000 miles then and 63,000 now It starts and drives but hasnt left the garage in a long time. A relative had one of those poverty spec Metros, no parcel shelf, one door mirror and being B-reg I think it had no rear seat belts (My SD1 doesnt either). Having bought the Metro NEW in that spec they decided it would be a nice hobby to buy all the bits deleted by poverty spec, from the dealer at dealer prices.
  13. I have relatives in Bulgaria, if this needs a plan B, drop me a PM.
  14. +1 for working on carpet, I use the old rugs the kids destroy in the house every couple of years. Anything on the carpet is either a tool or came off the car. Stuff doesn't roll away on carpet, how many times has a dropped bolt or screwdriver rolled just out of reach ? I sometimes work on the grass, its nice to work outside on a sunny day, carpet stops things getting lost . As for mice and carpet, your car has carpet, is it full of mice ? Saving up for a two post lift, that is my next big purchase.
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