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  1. On this point, do people fit s/h boilers these days? I know it sounds a bit ignorant but we are going to have some building work done and will be replacing our boiler, which might be an 8-9 year old (it looks very similar to new ones but was here when we moved in 6 years ago) Worcester Bosch combi. Probably not useful, but if it is then happy to put it on here when it's freed up.
  2. Oh, now that's nice! I like the colour too, really suits it!
  3. RE: 2.0 GL in Corsican Blue - Excellent! I have fond memories of that car. Dad's looked identical (also on a V registration) but had black and white stripes down the sides, a bit like those off the Crusader spec. Dad sold his in 1990, when it was replaced by a brand new run-out model Orion. The fabric covering tops of the rear seat just disintegrated in the sun...
  4. There are some absolute gems on here. I'm going to put this one up here, as it's been well received on a for sale thread - Verdigris is a pretty rare Ford colour, seems to suit this car though; I've always been quite fond of Phoenix Yellow on the E46 BMW M3, I really think this shape carries the colour quite well; and for nostalgic reasons, Dad used to have a MK5 Cortina 2.0GL, just like this one (although I can't remember the name of the shade of blue);
  5. Cryptic, but somehow this feels awesome at the same time!
  6. Sorry to hear you've had a bad experience with a member on here. It's a shame as the general camaraderie is one of the key reasons I lurk on here, occasionally pitching in when I have something useless to say. There have been a lot of cheap cars go through here, sound of which have been remarkably trouble free, others less so - but usually, both the seller and buyer have genuinely known the score upfront. I hope you get to a state where you are happy with the car, despite the additional time cost and effort you're having to put in - it sounds like you're making good progress.
  7. You're welcome, really glad you're happy with the car and that it's gone to a good home! A few jobs to do and it'll be the perfect runabout for a few years yet!
  8. I know they're 'boxy', but I really do find the styling and proportions of the Jeep Cherokee quite appealing (the 2nd generation model, not the round lighted swamp donkey that was the 3rd generation - in fact, all generations after the 2nd gen look awful) The latest model - while it looks odd from the front - does drive quite well.
  9. smellypoo


    If your car is reliable and you love it, the bits you've described sound like maintenance? Is there some other underlying scary fault/upcoming potential wallet pain likely to drive your view towards a different car?
  10. The Renault was the roffle car. The Fiat was what they came in to collect it...
  11. Bye bye Barmy! (That was Phil's nickname for it, not mine!) Good to meet you louiepj & dad_louiepj - hopefully Barmy will do you proud.
  12. I'll just leave this here, for your continued enjoyment:
  13. I think that's a trait common to most dads, I'm sure mine thinks the same. Mostly because he thinks aloud.
  14. Looking forward to it! Will there be a non-zero poo count, given the vast distance to be travelled and the consumption of what looks like a breaded horse?
  15. Both the foam pad and the mains cable are easy fixes. Keep it. It looks like it's from a time when things like this were built to be serviceable.
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