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  1. Sorry for the slow reply, but just to say many thanks for that - a few bits of the Servicebox functionality is missing, but certainly the functionality I used most frequently is there šŸ‘
  2. It's perhaps a minor grump compared to the current issues gripping the world, but it appears that PSA have quietly made Servicebox (their online technical and parts catalogue system) a fully paid-for service this week, so you can't even access the diagrams or part numbers any more - both of which were a huge boon to a serial Peugeot botherer like myself
  3. I pass Hungerford on the M4 most days, so I can probably pick it up for you and - if in no rush - get it boxed up ready to post. Otherwise I'm in Swindon if you want to Shitely it further up the country.
  4. The cheap rubbers used on cheaper aftermarket stuff is often utter shite and can perish / split within a few months - ball joint covers seem to be particularly prone in my experience, but seen CV boots split in double quick time too.
  5. 306 HDi = 230k 205 GTi #1 = 180k These two are on the road, an average of 205k miles 205 GTi #2 = 158k 205 GTi #3 = 53k I've also got a couple of other 205's currently in storage / being recommissioned, which brings the average down to 155k miles
  6. Are you sure that's the Professional / Advanced range? Packaging looks like the normal own brand stuff, and that's often pretty shoddy - although not even getting a single use out of a tool is a joke regardless and should be replaced / refunded.
  7. More a case of not clicking the article - I just searched Google for "Citroen C2 dimensions" and Google listed the figures I gave above from Wikipedia, but having now actually clicked the link, it turns out that it's from further down the page for the Chinese made Citroen C2 (which is different to the one that we all know)! šŸ˜– Apologies, school boy error on my part.
  8. There's not much in it, but the C2 is bigger in every dimension (assuming the Wikipedia figures are to be believed of course): 205 = 3.70m long, 1.57m wide and a wheelbase of 2.42m C2 = 3.88m long, 1.68m wide and a wheelbase of 2.44m
  9. Couple of Landy's spotted earlier this month slowly returning to nature in Hayes. Low mileage Defender that's been there at least a year judging from the MOT expiry - up until that point it had a spotless MOT history too. This old Series LR was parked on the road in front of it that I'm guessing hasn't moved for quite some time either.
  10. If the Citroen one is still available then I'd like it please. I'll drop you a PM now
  11. Anthony

    Coolant woes

    Bit harsh - mistakes happen, but it sounds like the garage has put it right at no cost and without putting up too much of a fight.
  12. Crikey, that sounds cracking value compared to similar down South!
  13. Remove one (not both!) droplink and go for a drive, if the noise disappears then it is likely a droplink that's failed. Cheap droplinks often don't last very long. Be careful with any "enthusiastic" cornering with the droplink removed (and ARB effectively disabled) though as you will get some comedy lean angles....
  14. Test fit the wheels first - from memory, 307 wheels share the same offset as 206's which is wrong for a 205 and will sit too far inwards, fouling the rear trailing arm on the back and possibly the strut on the front.
  15. The man from the Ministry says yes to another 12 months ticket That's three clean 1st time passes in a row now - none too shabby for an French tin can that's nearing 30 years old
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