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  1. They look crackin now...they were a tad scabby when i handed them over! The cairry oot was very much enjoyed thanks...cans never lasted long...they never do in ma fridge 😂
  2. Its a mini. Its red. It breaks with alarming regularity. And the merc has sold so i need to put up with its hissy fits and tantrums for another while longer...
  3. Aw ffs....been looking to get into a w201/w124 again soon....this is a bargain. Anyone fancy a shite bini for 375 quid so i can justify this?
  4. chancer

    Bini fettling

    If that ever happens again, lift the rear seat base and theres a cable release for opening the boot there
  5. So to bring this up to date, i have virtually collected this from Buckinghamshire back to Glasgow safely, with the help of Mrs6C who kindly dropped it off at the local post office, and also to Royal Mail who arranged a shitley to drop it off at my front door....with a cheery postie leaving it at a safe distance and signing his wee gadget for me. So what do we have then? Well packaged Scissors deployed to reveal.... Absolutely chuffed to bits with my first roffle win. We are in the middle of a house move right now so this will take pride of place in our new home. Many thanks to Chris and Claire for arranging the roffle, a kind gesture indeed!
  6. I started off my 20's with one of these... suzuki swift 1.3gls on a P plate...had gone into the nissan dealer a year earlier wanting a nissan sunny gti and somehow ended up with that...then swapped it in for one or these.... not my pic, mine had round spotlights...J76FUS. Loved that wee fiesta, shame the rust got to it. Would love another. It was a 1.3SX model, fords answer to insurers refusing to touch the sportier models. It was basically an LX with red stripes in the bumpers instead of chrome, and the interior from the previous S model.
  7. Aw man that is phenomenal! Surely roffle win of the year....all sorts of ideas for virtual collection which include setting up a hornby oo guage railway and picking the maserati up at the end of the line....probably not got time for that but i will try to do a collection thread....
  8. Yasss...my first roffle win! Not sure what a virtual collection will entail though 🤔. Happy as a pig in shit now 😀
  9. chancer


    Im hoping for a proton compact complete with Archers of Edinburgh dealer sticker
  10. That is fantastic! That micra collette must be one of the first registered. Never seen one earlier than a D reg before. And that yugo....😍
  11. Looks like i need to keep up then....so much swappage going on. Has this forum got a monopoly on all the 305's left? Ive only ever had a go in one, must have been over 20 year ago on walney island, barrow in furness....and that one was fucked then. Kudos to anyone keeping the survivors on the road. They are a cracking car in a sea of pcp'd shite
  12. How the fuck do you find these things? Top darts man, keep it up....
  13. Sent you a pm on weds, you still looking to sell or decided to keep it?
  14. Hope to fuck it was in a bin 🤣🤣
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