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  1. Your mind will be happier knowing everything has been done, and done properly. Somewhere subconsciously there will be a nagging doubt when it comes back from a garage about what has been done. The van isnt quieter, its the back of your mind that isnt making all the noise 😂
  2. Anybody mentioned the Hyundai X2 yet?
  3. Scrolling through to see if anyone had mentioned the Stream yet....had one in the family until recently, it felt very much like every other honda of the era.....just much longer...
  4. I also shouted KA when i seen that 🤣
  5. Not bad wee things. We have this one at home which will be getting moved on imminently....185bhp Competizione
  6. Ah balls....throw up some pics and description when the time comes though....its only a small island we live on....collection mission would get me a night away from the hoose 🤣
  7. Anything available thats small and new driver friendly?
  8. OMG Barn* Finds..... *Barn may have been the loft.... No real love for these so may fire them on ebay...
  9. Bought a Lion battery a year ago from ECP for the wifes duster. Its still providing electricity when needed. From memory it was 39 quid, so if it shits itself within the next year I wont cry over it. Also used these for the first time today Was a little nervous given the amount of nuns and kittens that have been killed over the years so took great care.... strut mount totally fucked back together within minutes nice and easy job, not as scary as first thought. Spring compressors were 25 quid from screwfix and are pretty well made. Nice to be working on a modern where everything isnt rusted to fuck
  10. Jeez...occasionally take a shift in a transit procab taxi....its an autobox and returns around 22.4mpg....
  11. PM'd you mate. Get the car to Glasgow and it wont cost anywhere near that. Mechatronic unit will need removed and fork replaced as its a common fail, i can see them up and over 2k before you know it!
  12. Is the £1700 quid including the dual mass flywheel and selector fork?
  13. First thing i noticed too! Looked for one for years before giving up....
  14. She's smiling now....wait til she has to change down to 2nd 😂
  15. Its a crackin wee car, i regret not having spent more time using it. 1st to 2nd is ok, if you match the revs it will go in nicely, but 3rd to 2nd just dont happen. Glad its gone to a good home and getting some use. Now when you looking to buy a van? 😂
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