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  1. Cheers mate, but i didnt think you would be offloading it so soon. Got a couple here i need to get rid of first. Appreciate the offer tho. Bad timing as always 😫
  2. Ooft! I was just thinking last night how id love to rock a senator for a bit. Calling dibs
  3. Brilliant glad it got you home safe. Nice to meet you
  4. Roffle anyone? £4.50 a ticket. How do i do this then? Anyone experienced care to host this?
  5. Exactly why its not on facebook mate. Cant be doing with all that. Id rather scrap it
  6. Windows now partially fixed...drivers one works now
  7. Renewed the drivers side wiring loom today. We now have a working drivers window....however the other 3 still not moving. Will check further but looks like i'm going to have to brave gumtree shortly...someone make me an offer pleeeese 😂
  8. Here it is...probably the only pic i have of it...sitting alongside it is my mk3 escort which was to replace it...that never seen the road due to rot...sorry for the bad pic quality
  9. Trying hard not to be jealous as fuck here....my first car was G375TYS, a white 55A. At the time all i could afford was 1983 fiestas and shit like that...so a 1990 car for same money felt like brand new. Paid £350 for it in august 1995! Have so many good memories of that car, in fact it featured in my best mans speech at my wedding. He said i thought it was the fastest thing on earth...and to that day he still couldnt disprove that fact 😂 what a car, such simplicity that anything could be fixed within the hour with a basic toolkit. Traded it in for a J reg proton no less....oh yes...i think i've been autoshite all my life! Think the yugo lasted about 6 month after i moved it on....RIP Bosnian Bullet 😪
  10. Got a funny feeling i wont be able to give this away 😂
  11. Moving this over here in case anyone has missed it. Needing this gone within next 2 weeks due to losing parking space. Couple of faults but nothing major. Its mot'd til jan and in good running order. Price drop to £300 as is for quick sale, otherwise i fix the faults and stick it on bumtree for twice that amount! Would make a good winter beater for someone
  12. Jeezo. U buyz ur roffles....u collect ur prizes! Whether u want it or not. To me thats part of the fun. Whats the cost to buy the winning ticket to get this removed from under rofflers feet? Which was surely the point of the roffle in the first place!
  13. Anstruther fish and chips are so over rated. We are up there a couple of times a year and never ever forget to visit the wee chippy in pitenweem..
  14. Used to drive a tx4 hackney, managed to get just over 90 in it (never with a fare on board), but it was shaking like a shitting dog and not a pleasant experience. But as time is money in one of these things.....
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