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  1. I spent more on a walk behind mower than i did for the van it travels in πŸ™„
  2. Shows how very real the threat is. Conspiricy theorists and anti vaxxers really need to reconsider their viewpoint. Sure many millions have covid and feel no effects, and most folk will overcome it and carry on regardless. But, and this is the problem, we need to look out for those who are most at risk, the ones who will undoubtedly die or have quality of life affected should they contract it. These people are in our families, they are our friends. The responsibility for controlling this lies with each and every one of us, we all need to do our bit to suppress the virus. I never ever took up t
  3. The mini is lovely...well bought. But the W123....what a beauty. Probably one of the most handsome cars ever built. Everything about them is class. Love it. Not at all jealous. Not a single bit. Nope. πŸ˜‚
  4. How do we know we dont like the posts until we read them though πŸ€”
  5. After 2 months of putting it off, the 307cc now has an MOT. Clean pass as well πŸ‘Œ
  6. Great wee vans, had one for 10 years now. That one seems to be sitting pretty high at the back, the gap between tyre and back bumper is huge. Has it just had a new axle fitted?
  7. Hahaha....so its already up for roffle then? 🀣🀣 ok 7 and 43 it is
  8. Is this the mondeo @leanycan has been after for soooo long? My money says hes not gelling with it by tomorrow afternoon, and its a fiver a ticket! 7 and 43 please πŸ˜‚
  9. Entry level proton cars (GE spec) in the early 90s came without a passenger door mirror
  10. No doubt deleted to avoid what would probably have been a barrage of abuse on here cos it wasnt saved
  11. Unless i was really drunk last night or imagined it, it had turned up as breaking for parts on facebook or something
  12. That colour is fantastic. I'd buy that just to park on the driveway and smile at every morning! Proper coloured motor. Well bought
  13. Was trying to decide between the 2005 C3 Pluriel and the 2012 Fiat 500 twinair, both bought brand new for the missus....both bought blind and were utter pieces of shite! To be fair, the pluriel looked good and had a decent spec, but all that crash and rollover protection weighed a ton, and it had zero power as a result. Sold after 6 months at about 6 grand loss. 500 twinair lasted 4 weeks with us as i rejected it under sale of goods act. Supposed to do 70mpg, but in the real world struggled to get 30. Then i remembered the bastard 2005 berlingo hdi, again bought brand new. Kept it for 2 and a
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