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  1. chancer


    Im hoping for a proton compact complete with Archers of Edinburgh dealer sticker
  2. That is fantastic! That micra collette must be one of the first registered. Never seen one earlier than a D reg before. And that yugo....😍
  3. Looks like i need to keep up then....so much swappage going on. Has this forum got a monopoly on all the 305's left? Ive only ever had a go in one, must have been over 20 year ago on walney island, barrow in furness....and that one was fucked then. Kudos to anyone keeping the survivors on the road. They are a cracking car in a sea of pcp'd shite
  4. How the fuck do you find these things? Top darts man, keep it up....
  5. Sent you a pm on weds, you still looking to sell or decided to keep it?
  6. Hope to fuck it was in a bin 🤣🤣
  7. Ive no idea why folk continue to buy these shitty larch lap panels. They are piss thin and dont allow wind to pass through therefore just fuck off into a neighbouring garden in the slightest breeze. I point blank refuse to supply, fit or repair fencing like this, but will happily build a slat and rail fence for a lot less cost than these! Been building fences since 2006 and every single one is still standing, and none of them has moved an inch!
  8. No mention of a mini cooper S yet?? Utterly fantastic when they work....not sure if these qualify as too new for you though
  9. What a fuckin bargain. I'll be on the lookout for another come the summer. Gettin shot of this fuckin mini asap. Really wish i had kept the Ka i sold to you and sold the mini instead. I'll never learn...
  10. That looks awright! Needs gingercators
  11. That looks like a right wee belter! Love it
  12. If you have footage of incident which shows either him/his vehicle/his licence plate then forward that to you local licencing office. They will take it far more seriously that the police will. He might not end up with a fine or record....but will defo have to answer to the local licensing committee. Good footage will see the wankstain off the road...
  13. That is just fantastic. Got to make a lot more money on the open market than on here. Would love a sierra but afraid they are probably well out of my reach now. As an aside, a dearly departed uncle of mine owned D799MSU from new. It was a 1.8L in light blue. First brand new car i had either seen or sat my backside in. Always wondered why Ford offered both the 1.6 and 1.8 engines at the time, with no price difference? The 1.3 was cheaper and the 2.0 more expensive
  14. I also run a 2.0 hdi with the siemens electronics...the stuttering between 1500-2000rpm is one of its characteristics and i'm fairly sure they all do that sir...i wouldnt call it a fault. Glwts
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