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  1. I also run a 2.0 hdi with the siemens electronics...the stuttering between 1500-2000rpm is one of its characteristics and i'm fairly sure they all do that sir...i wouldnt call it a fault. Glwts
  2. Definately a whiff of shite surrounding this. Fuck them, offer a full refund of the deposit but only in cash. Make the cunts come get it, after all you were decent enough to deliver the car at their request.
  3. If that Ka passes with no advisories im gonna greet 😭😭 seriously tho, i'll just be glad if it lives another year
  4. Where in the world are you Mr Bell? Could well be looking to buy outright
  5. For all its little foibles i still love the thing. I only paid £250. It had been sitting over a year in a garden, probably same sort of scenario where the previous owner scraped enough money to buy a mini but couldnt afford any repairs. Luckily i have access to a huge supply of second hand parts so whatever goes wrong its fixed pretty quickly and usually for next to nothing
  6. Cheers, one of the tyres looks like its gone soft while it was off the road so im hoping its the tyre pressure monitor thats setting it off. Switched it off and on, an the lights went off. Thats a fix for now 😂
  7. Fuckin Bingo! That didn't take long did it? Hateful little shitbox
  8. Put the Bini back on the road today..lets see how long the Ungrateful Little Bastard runs before it shits the bed again...
  9. Have a good night peeps...gutted i cant make it over. Car looks crackin
  10. Got to say that i love this....i bought one to use as my first private hire cab in Glasgow in 2001. R204BHT..same colour as yours. It was a 1.6 petrol and oh how they guys on the rank with their diesel vectras and 406's laughed. I was using more fuel....it wouldnt last the pace they said....well the wee car seen out at least 2 change of vehicles for these guys. Yes i may have spent slightly more on fuel...but it NEVER broke down! I had it until late in 2005 at which time it had done over 300k...had more hits than the Beatles but it still functioned perfectly as an car. I replaced it with a couple of Impians after that before moving on to drive hateful black hacks. I have a big soft spot for Proton cars...much jealousy for your new arrival. Enjoy!!
  11. Where in the world are you rusty? Im up in Glasgow....
  12. So i guess thats not in any way structural then? Id love to give this car a chance, but that looks way out of my skillset. Shame as the wee car only has 74k on it and its like new inside. This Ka will be available in the next few weeks if you fancy using that part for it! 😉
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