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  1. 5 pages in and i dint think these have been mentioned yet.....
  2. Didnt realise it was a TD! They were few and far between when new, cant be many left on the road now. Mine was a 1.6 petrol, think i paid 4.5k for it at 3 year old 😅. I didnt have the luxury of a sunroof
  3. Love the proton. Anyone called dibs on it yet? I used one same colour as that as a private hire car in Glasgow back in the day. Called it triggers brush as it had everything replaced by the end. Reckon it had well over 300k on it when it was replaced. Far better car than they got credit for
  4. It sure is. Dropped off just north of the border, couldnt go any further as i'm out without my passport 🤣. Its with new owners now and heading south. Had a great run down the M74, wee thing never missed a beat. Cracking car
  5. Having won back the Mini Seven in a roffle, i decided to see to the rubbing noise from the front corner. Initial thoughts were correct, it was the suspension top mount that had perished and split. New one ordered and fitted. Old one: Car is nice and quiet and seems to handle better for it. Now i had quite a few offers to take this off my hands but a family member had stated a need for it so i held it back. Found out that they no longer want it (cant afford insurance), and roughly same time another shiter thrust a large amout of cash under my nose, far more than i was comfortable accepting, but their partner had fallen in love with it and promised to love and cherish it the way we had. Heart over head says this is where it belongs so deal was done! Just about to set off to deliver it to its new owner......
  6. Oh fuck! Thats @GingerNuttzin hiding now 😂
  7. No sparkly stick needed here. Theres about half a dozen layers of underseal on it, its obviously been well cared for, and its been garaged for the last 7 or 8 years
  8. Not half. It drives really well, might actually keep it for a while 😂
  9. Not had much time to do anything with this, rained off from work today so fired it in for an MOT...... Had a look under while it was on the ramp and its solid 👌. Theres a few small jobs i want to get done, but all in it owes me less than 300 quid. Cheap as chips motoring
  10. Horrible news to wake up to this morning. Its been on my mind all day. Condolences to Mrs Spart and the rest of the family
  11. Haha not for me that behaviour! There will be no Peco Big Bore exhausts going on it...its staying as it is. In all honesty, i bought it on a whim and it will probably be used once a fortnight at most
  12. Thanks, im very happy with it. The wheels had a refurb recently and wear matching tyres. Hoping i can get it up to the same standard mechanically
  13. Not seen any other than type R either, seller informs me it was special factory order. He could be talkin out his arse for all i know 😄 Its coming up as a 1.6 Vtec SE SPORT. It in outstanding condition for its age. Smells like a new car inside. I know nothing about these things so learning curve for me. Seems remarkably well spec'd with the half leather and suede, air con, heated seats and electric tilt and slide sunroof. Quite happy given it cost about the same as a decent night out 😀
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