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    drewd reacted to Ghosty in The new news 24 thread   
    Home. No issues. I’ll post a pic after I sleep. 
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    drewd reacted to Ghosty in The new news 24 thread   
    In related news… 
    As we know the Yaris was burning oil. I’ve not mentioned that car much because life. Explain later.
    anyway yesterday I sold it.
    In a bit of a blur, over the last couple of days I’ve been doing some thinking as to its replacement, and I’m not entirely sure how I’ve ended up going through with this, and it feels like a bloody big gamble, but for the first time this year…
    I’m on a train.
    Photos won’t upload from this phone FFS (still haven’t worked that one out), so watch this space. 
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    drewd reacted to Dave_Q in Dave's shonkers - Golf GTI in   
    Bonding with the Golf a bit more now, I drove it over to t'other side of Leeds to Motorpunk's book thing the other night.
    Coming back I came across one of those queues on a single carriageway road where there is a lorry and a series of dawdlers behind it and they were well and truly dispatched. 
    The car is definitely faster than I initially thought. I also think it may require a little more skill to drive fast rather than just relying on quattro and POWER to get you down the road.
    There is also a slight smell of having been smoked in which you can still detect when you first get in. I had the idea to swap to a black or tartan interior but there is so much that would need to be changed to match, door cards, centre console, lower dash, all the pillars, not to mention Si's lovely headliner. So will probably just try and give the seats and carpets a scrub.
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    drewd reacted to purplebargeken in Loopoo going to Car Take Back now   
    Fucking bastard wanky Lupo.
    Went to take it to get the rocker cover done, bastard took a while to start, then idled erratically. AA bloke came out, scanned it and it’s the throttle body that’s fucked now. Roughly 200 or so quid for the part, then getting it fitted, sorting the oil leak, plugs, oil change blah blah blah. Getting a price for CTB and the mechanic knows someone who buys them and will give them a ring too.
    Either way, bye bye Lupo as I have wasted enough money on the cunting thing.
    If anyone wants the entire car for spares or repair they can have it for CTB money.
    New clutch and EGR fitted.
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    drewd reacted to puddlethumper in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    My grin is getting some new wheels for my mota. I'm sure there will be many that will say they look shit and are not original. My answer to that is that, for me, it has been more positive than negative. The wheels and  tyres are literally brand new. Only driven 200 yards. You might consider a jump from 13's to 15's is too much but I think they fit well, although I wasn't sure about the white to be honest. Can always change the colour if I feel like it. 
    Positives. 1; Easier to get in and out. 71 and it won't get easier.
    2: I won't bang my head on the rear door. Built for smaller people.
    3; Getting on the trailer easier. Been catching the bottom a bit, loading.
    4; When on the trailer and getting out, the door scrapes across the mudguard. 
    5; They are 6.5 so fill the arches nicely.
    6; They drop the revs at 70 down from 3500 to a touch over 3000.
    7: Twisties could be more fun.
    Negatives. From me, none.

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    drewd reacted to myglaren in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    Purple Reign, purple reign.

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    drewd reacted to Dave_Q in Dave's shonkers - Golf GTI in   
    Yes as a few of you guessed it's the Golf.
    Strensham achieved, just stopped for a quick rest really as the M5 is boring as owt.

    Not much to report on the car which seems to be solid and sorted to drive. With the "fettled by @SiC" lifetime guarantee I had no doubts.
    Thanks Si for all the work on the car and for the very fair price offered, it's fair to say I was pretty miffed to have to let my S3 go for *reasons* so this goes a good way to cheering me back up on the car front.
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    drewd reacted to SiC in Dave's shonkers - Golf GTI in   
    Can tell he's a northerner - all the nice food markets and street vendors he could have had lunch at, and he chose Greggs! 😂

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    drewd got a reaction from Dave_Q in Dave's shonkers - Golf GTI in   
    I think I know what this is. German and blue? If so I don't want to spoil it.
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    drewd reacted to Peter C in 1987 Ford Sierra Sapphire 1.8L - Number plates - massive FAIL - see page 33   
    Beaulieu was a giggle, as always. Despite the shitty weather forecast, it stayed dry throughout the day and the sun started to come through at 1:30pm.
    I found an offside facelift (tinted) Sierra tail light and various Escort / Orion lights but not the one that I wanted. I spoke to the chap selling the Sierra tail light, an expert in all old Ford matters, he reckons that Mk2 Sierra hatchbacks and saloons had the same rear lenses. Hmm. @egg I'm confused. 
    Another chap was selling a decent set of Sierra alloy wheels with good tyres for £95 ono. Nice, but I am keeping my L spec stock.

    I came home with this little hoard.

    The wheel trim is in better condition than one of mine, which is cracked and cost £1. Bargain.
    I got an original Ford wheel brace for £2.
    I got a couple of aerials, not Ford but will be useful for another project, £2 each.
    I got a Haynes manual, proper one that includes details for a Sapphire, in really good condition, for £3.
    I got a Haynes handbook, for £1.
    Finally, I got an old small suitcase, which I plan to store tools in, for £10, which came with bonus Triang train tracks and wagons. 

    The wheel brace is the correct one for a Sierra, it fits nicely inside the jack.

    Let's see how lucky I get at the Enfield Pageant next weekend. 
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    drewd reacted to Dave_Q in Dave's shonkers - Golf GTI in   
    Forgot to take a picture of it but I'm now on a Megabus. Maximum glamour level.
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    drewd reacted to Dave_Q in Dave's shonkers - Golf GTI in   
    Choose your fighter for transport #1.

    You have selected (not Ford)
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    drewd reacted to SiC in SiC's consolidated moderns - 2004 BMW Z4 2.2 and 2005 BMW 330i (new arrival)   
    Mrs SiC told me to stop whining like the Primary School teachers at her work and just get on with fixing my 3-series. After all, I've bought a BMW and what do I expect not to have to fix it. 
    So I bought a cheap wheel speed sensor from Amazon and lobbed it on. Not much to say as it's an easy enough job. 
    Corner up and wheel off.

    Sensor is held on with a 5mm hex bolt. Came out easily enough.

    Sensor came out with a bit of prizing and jiggling.
    There are two types and I wasn't sure which one it was. So easy enough to buy both. This was the wheel bearing type and not the reluctor ring type.

    The cover for the sensor connector was missing. Now I don't know if it should have one or if someone has been here before. Old sensor is genuine BMW.

    You know a replacement is going to be good* when it comes in a non-descript brown box with generic Chinese SKU stickers on and a warning about Cancer.

    Old sensor left, new sensor right. Looks like the moulding flashing was sanded off but left a hole in the middle of the sensor. This is the backside too. I blobbed a bit of automotive silicone sealant on it to make sure if it was a hole, that water and dirt wouldn't get in. Don't want to ruin my £12.99 sensor that quickly...

    Put it all back together and went for a trundle down the road.

    Whoop! Thank fuck it's just the sensor and not the bearing or even worse, ABS module.
    Went for a blitz up the main road and the light stayed out. These 330i don't half go too. 
    Speedo was bang on steady with cruise and revs absolutely fine. So basically I have been worrying about nothing (I hope) as the Speedo wavering must have just it acting weird from the missing wheel speed sensor (or just in my mind). 
    Next job is the tyres to be replaced and tbh it could do with an alignment I think. Brake pads (maybe discs too) are the next urgent thing. I want to get that idrive working as well. Plan for that is to burn a recovery CD and if that doesn't work, I'll lob a second hand unit in. 
    I think it needs an oil change service and should next be on the list. Need to get some more oil in for that. 
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    drewd reacted to Mr_Bo11ox in collection mission to SPAIN!!!! COMPLETED IT M8   
    Often, 'being me' feels like I'm trapped playing some sort of bit part character in an incredibly tedious soap opera where all the storylines whizz past every week and fuck all happens to my character except he feels older and more knackered every episode. But I just had a look down my drive on this sunny evening and briefly felt like a winner.

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    drewd reacted to shampooefficient in Saved from the scrappers... 17 year old Polo   
    This came to an acquaintance from a lady who didn't wnt to spend money fixing it any more. I suspect she may have been using that as an excuse for getting something new and shiny, as she was overegging the pudding somewhat.
    She wanted it scrapping but it came to us for scrap value instead.
    07 Polo 1.2 with THREE cylinders and FIVE forward gears. Absolutely knackered paint, which is handy as my machine polisher died last year and I haven't replaced it yet.
    As a result, the polishing means I have a right arm to rival a teenage Popeye.
    As it had lived out in the sticks under a tree, I wasn't sure whether to clean it or call Bill Oddie to investigate it.
    The repairs needed were as follows - oil and filter, reset service light, replace boot struts, and remove organic matter from the boot.
    Needs a couple of bits of rust treating but for a sensible daily to park anywhere it's perfect. Drives sweetly as well, only 70k miles on... Sweet, sweet car.
    I might also stick some P slots on it as the wheeltrims are jiggered and the tyres dont match. Hmm.

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    drewd reacted to Jim Bell in Shitting in the shallow end. *A2 fixes*   
    It's now well on its way to the garage and will be enjoying a second wishbone, top mounts and a good look over by a fastidious professional. 
    Can't thank @Jimbob McGregor enough. Man is a fine fellow of the highest order. Car would have been immobile indefinitely without his skills and determination. 
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    drewd reacted to Jim Bell in Shitting in the shallow end. *A2 fixes*   
    After being pressed up, the rest bolted back up without incident and the car is now back on the path to full health. 
    That looks less deadly. 

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    drewd reacted to Mr_Bo11ox in collection mission to SPAIN!!!! COMPLETED IT M8   
    I'm cooking on gas here. Just had my import declaration and NOVA letters back already. Now I need to write off to the DVLA and get a UK reg number!!!!!
    I used this crew for the import declaration and NOVA.
    They charged me £120 for the service and levied £55.20 import duty. I had to provide a scan of the Carte Grise, the Cert de Cession and a 'sales invoice' (basically just a simple document with car details, buyer/seller details and signatures, and the sale price all on a single piece of paper). The whole lot is done via a 'wizard' on their website and is very straightforward. Can't fault their service. I will say though that that's a straight, black-and-white £175 Brexit on-cost. 
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    drewd reacted to Mr_Bo11ox in collection mission to SPAIN!!!! COMPLETED IT M8   
    OK, As promised here's a breakdown of what I spent on collecting the Brown Bomber:
    Ryanair flight; £72
    Original Train ticket: £36 (of which half was refunded)
    Chunnel crossing: £190
    B&B Booking Thurs night: £54
    Hotel Booking Weds Night: £46
    Taxi Stevenage - Stansted: £75
    Temp Insurance: £126
    Meal Weds night £20
    Meal Thurs Night £25
    Fuel fill-ups: £30+£22+£36+£38+£31+£36+£25 = £218
    Motorway Tolls: £60ish
    Driveway parking space: £30
    Habileads: £115
    Tyre fitting: £50
    I've also spent:
    Import broker fee: £120
    Import taxes: £55
    Overseas transaction charges on the credit card: £20 approx
    I make that about £1300 altogether which actually is slightly less than i thought, seeing as I've included the costs of the unplanned-for 'Habilead incident' and the import duty & broker fee. Theres probably a few other small costs which I have forgotten about like cans of pop and whatnot but I do think that covers most of it.
    I'm pretty pleased really with how thats turned out. I mean the Simca is probably a £2k car as it is, once on UK number plates, so I wouldn't call it a profitable venture but it was an exciting little escapade which has defo cheered me up and reminded me who I actually am and what I like doing for my own enjoyment (and also that I can actually still get off of shite island if I want to now and then, even for a short while) and thats defo worth something.
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    drewd reacted to Talbot in Engineered like no other car. Not a single one like it. Thankfully.   

    Is a car I've not mentioned much on here so far.
    It was bought as an accidental ebay purchase just after the "high speed oxidation event" of the E300 last year.  I put a load of bids in on cars, none of which I expected to come to anything as they were all really low.  So of course, a few days after buying the W203 and driving it to Glasgow, I got an email through:
    "Congratulations, you've won, pay now!"
    Ah bums.  Ok, well I suppose I could go and have a look at it.  It is, after all, a C250 Turbodiesel S202 estate, with an OM605 engine in it, so it's a great stablemate for the E300 OM606, and might be useful.  So, I lobbed my bike on the train and headed up to Maidenhead.
    What I was presented with was a seemingly half-decent car.  High miles at 259,500, but it started well, drove fine (albeit with quite a hefty delay on the gearbox) and the worst thing I could find was the headliner hanging down very badly.  Worth it.  So I paid for it, lobed my bike in the back and drove it home on the remaining few days of MOT it had left.
    Overall impressions were good, although there was definitely something amiss with the gearbox.  Not that that mattered at the time, as I had already got the W203 to use as a temporary car while repairing the S210, so what on earth do I do with it?
    Answer?  Lob it in the works car park and forget about it for about 6 months.
    It came in very handy for supplying a spare alternator when the E300 shat its one in the breakdown detailed above:

    It being an OM605, pretty much all the auxiliaries on it are identical (or at least compatible) with the OM606.  The engines are all-but identical, save for 1 cylinder difference and 500cc.  And 30hp.
    After I had sorted the E300 out above, I thought it best to get the c250 on the road, either to use or to sell.  Either way, it's doing no good just sitting about, so having re-instated it's alternator, topped up the gearbox fluid with an aftermarket dipstick, and a perfectly-fitting funnel in the tube:

    Which allows the fluid to be dipped even when the funnel is in place... (yes, different car, but the same principle:)

    It was lobbed in to my local MOT place.
    It failed, naturally, but astonishingly only on corrosion issues.  Absolutely everything else was a pass... So that's rusty brakes that have been sat for months, 260k mile suspension, 4 questionable tyres (3 of which go flat over a few weeks) and an engine that has been beyond the moon all passed... it's just got some holes in it.
    Well then....  Time to get the Electric Pritt-Stick out and fix it.
     First area of issue:  NSR.  Patch.  Patch like you've never patched before.

    I should qualify the above:  I just did not care how good/bad/indifferent the patching and welding was.  I just want it through an MOT.  I know it's bad.  Actually I know it's utter dogshit, but if it's acceptable for an MOT, that is all that matters.

    Patch (and the bit above too)

    Move on to the OSF, which was quite bad:

    Extensive use of Cardboard Aided Design again:

    Weldy Weldy:

    You'd never* know I'd been under here!:

    Were it not for this mess anyway....

    General scene of chaos:

    There was also some rot in the OSR and NSF, but nowhere near as bad... so that was patched up too, and with some fingers crossed, it was lobbed back in for MOT.

    Yes.  It's rusty, has crap tyres on it and the wiper is falling apart.
    ... but it's a pass.
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    drewd reacted to Mr_Bo11ox in collection mission to SPAIN!!!! COMPLETED IT M8   
    Well heres the brown bomber at its new address.

    It's an absolute knockout this car. I love it. I'd set off back to Valencia tomorrow (I'd probably flush the rad and change the other tyres first though). It's amazingly comfortable and will blat along at 100kmh for ever.
    One small problem I have is that I haven't really got room to keep it anywhere. Should have thought about that before buying it probably.  I'll just have to get it on UK plates as quick as poss I guess. Will chase up that customs broker dude today and get that moving. 
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    drewd got a reaction from Mr_Bo11ox in collection mission to SPAIN!!!! COMPLETED IT M8   
    Thanks for sharing this journey Mr Bollox. It's been great to follow from the comfort of my sofa, I wouldn't have the stones to collect a car from mainland Europe and drive it back unseen.
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    drewd reacted to Mr_Bo11ox in collection mission to SPAIN!!!! COMPLETED IT M8   
    Home and dry!!!! Thank goodness for A frames eh. Im honestly too knackered to write owt so its a good night from me. Will check back in tomorrow. Cheers all!!!!
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    drewd reacted to HMC in HMC- NEW - No longer ice cold mitsi (where did my gas go?!)   
    En route back my friend and local bargain basement motor trader Marko followed behind and circled around to allow a mutual inspection of oldskool fords

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