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  1. +1 for the Irwin set and expansion set. They've saved me on a few occasions. Does anyone know of you can buy individual replacements for the Irwin set? I managed to muller one of mine when using it in anger with an impact gun ☹️ I'd still recommend them, this was very much an error on my part.
  2. If that's in reference to my 307 it's not far off. It's always run rough and a bit smokey 1st thing in the morning for the year I've had it, but it always starts 1st time and runs fine after a minute or two. I've changed the injector seals and replaced a breather o ring, but that didn't cure it. It's a common fault with this engine in Pugs with no certain fix. I'll replacing the glow plugs at some point, but they're on the back of the engine between the exhaust manifold branches, so not easily accessible. They're also prone to snapping. It's not that the rough running doesn't bother me, more than the risk of making it worse outweighs the inconvenience it causes.
  3. My Peugeot 307 kicks out a bit of blue smoke on startup and runs rough when cold. It runs fine after a minute or so, so it's probably glow plug related. I think the smoke is a faulty breather oil separator. It's also got a noisy alternator pulley, worn engine mount, and the dipstick snapped over the weekend just after I changed the oil. I plan on sorting the alternator, engine mount and dipstick in the next few weeks.
  4. Mrs Drewd basically said the Bora was a rep mobile. It's not a bad car though, if it didn't sell I probably would have MOTd and kept it. Hope you can find a reasonably priced turbo for the Astra.
  5. Thanks, mine are similar to the ones you used. It was these I was referring to. Mekanik 1000kg MacPherson Strut Coil Spring Compressor Dumper Extractor Yolk Protector https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07MW4F2YZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_.X8qEbCMCMPS0 They're expensive, but if they're up to the task they might be worth buying. I'll do some more research before deciding to buy them or farm the job out.
  6. What type of spring compressors did you use for this? I've got the hook type, and was advised by yourself and others not to try DIYing it. However looking on Amazon it seems there are versions that look like a pair of half moon plates that provide a lot more support to the spring when compressing it. I'm wondering if these are worth the investment or if I should just farm the job out. I'm a bit reluctant as the labour involved in removing the scuttle and wiper linkage to get to the top bolts could be costly, and it's a mile and a half walk with the struts and springs if I take them off the car and get the garage to swap the springs.
  7. It will be. It was £75 through the insurance and I got confirmation that I won't be charged extra as they broke it.
  8. I decided that the cracked windscreen in the Bora needed replacing, especially as the police are performing roadside stops and breathalysing people. The fitter cracked the new screen, and can't replace it until Christmas Eve. The crack is just as bad as the previous one, and in the centre of the dash so really obvious. That was £75 well spent.
  9. Congratulations on the MOT, you've really earned it on this car.
  10. I had a play around today on my lunch break. It does make a significant difference. Unfortunately my insurance is up for renewal next week. Hypothetically is there anything stopping someone auto renewing an existing policy then cancelling it in the cooling off period?
  11. I know a guy that used to convert these Jeeps to LPG around 15 years ago. He loved them. Everyone I know who's owned a 4l version remarks how brisk they are.
  12. Our 307 doesn't have a DMF, so clutches are cheap. This job looks fairly horrendous and I'm not sure I want to attempt it if the clutch were to give up. Fair play for persevering with it.
  13. Top job there. I've swapped gearboxes before but never pulled one apart, they look too easy to screw up and not realise until it's all reassembled and in the car. Well done for attempting and managing to fix it.
  14. I do use ECP as they're convenient, but their discount system annoys me. I split an order in half on Saturday as some items were cheaper using the weekend code, and others cheaper with the black Friday code. Just decide how much you can sell something for and price it at that price without the faux discount crap.
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