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  1. That looks terrifying! Shiney though
  2. It looks like the cover of a Haynes manual! If it works it can't be too bad, and it looks better that feeding your hand through an apature in the door from the door card side, and contorting to reach something that's obscured by a reinforcment beam or window regulator.
  3. I've never been in a Starlet but we have a K11 Micra, so I'm going with the Starlet too. The Micra is good at being a Micra, but I can't see it winning much if I'm honest.
  4. Yeah, a big hammer hitting the drum in alternate positions e.g. 12 o'clock, 6 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 9 o'clock. Remember to ensure the handbrake is off before you start hitting it.
  5. I always used to get part worns as it's all I could afford. Over the last 5 or so years I've had more crap part worns than good, ranging from puncture repaired, which I am fine with, fairly old, quite worn or not very round! I've taken to buying new where I can now, only considering part worns if new ones are either more than I can afford or not available when I need them. It's just less hassle, and they last longer. I did fit some part worns to the wife's Micra when we got it as one of the fronts was a advisory on it's last MOT. I sourced them myself, so they're good, but by the time I'd paid to get them swapped onto her wheels it would've been almost as cheap to just stick some new ones on. I wish I'd just put new ones on to be honest.
  6. Yeah, as has been said it's a partner company designed to rinse as much money from the system as possible. Back in 2013 I had a transit connect plow into the back of my Audi when I was stationary. The guy driving the transit admitted fault, so I called Swinton, who I was insured with at the time to notify them Id been in an accident, but did not want to claim off my insurance. Straight away the guy on the phone launched a claim, which was referred to their claims management team. They took months to take my car and assess it, and when I declined the hire car they tried to get me to see one of their doctors so I could have a medical and claim for damages. In true shite fashion my car was worth sub £500 so they were trying to make additional money from ambulance chasing and storage fees. 6 weeks later they decided my car was a write off and worth all of £325, payed me my cheque, then sold my details so I got calls every 6 months about 'the accident I had'. If I'd played along with them I probably would have made more money out of an injury claim, but I hate the way insurance companies do that, so walked away with not much cash and a clear concience. In short, for a quick resolution just contact their insurers, otherwise go with your own insurers and auxillis.
  7. I've got some old Ryobi tools with a knackered 18v Ni Cad battery. I bought them years ago from a plumber who was upgrading his tool set. The Ryobi One+ 18v tools are all compaitble so I should really get a Lithium battery and charger. I tend to buy tools when they're on offer, so have Parkside battery impact driver which has been great for the £40 it cost, a mains powered Parkside Impact wrench that's not too bad but I haven't needed it much as I don't have a drive. A cordless model would be great for me Stanley Fat Max drill from the same parent group as Dewalt and has a metal gearbox, which again has been faultless. I'd like to buy the Ryobi impact gun and a 5A battery, as that will be handy for my jigsaw and circular saw, but I'll probably end up buying something on offer when I do eventually buy one. Incidentally, Lidl have some sanders in from today, and are doing their mains impact guns from next Thursday. EDIT Aldi have a portable compressor on sale for £58, which is basically a mains powered tyre inflator/blow gun. It has a euro air fitting on the hose so you can swap the tools. Aldi claim it can run air tools, but there's no reservoir, it's just a pump so that's quite unlikely. I have an older one and it's really loud. Like ASBO loud. As such I never use it. If anyone in the North West wants one I'm looking to move mine on #shamelessplug
  8. VW Jetta (My first car, before they were scene). Great cars, but it wasn't a Golf. Ford Probe Vauxhall Frontera (completely underserved, they're great)
  9. I was never a fan of these, but we picked one up for my wife in October and I quite like them now. It's just basic no frills motoring. Ours is one of the last pre coil pack models on a W plate, with a dent in the side and a cracked rear bumper, so nowhere near as clean as yours. We do have power steering though, what a luxury!
  10. Ouch. Glad no one was seriously hurt, but that's a sorry sight.
  11. I've owned one of these in the past and it was a great daily. Comfy, fairly reliable, easy to work on and it'll do more than 40mpg if you're sensible with it. These are starting to get a bit of a following now as Mk2's are getting expensive.
  12. An ex colleague of mine had a coupe version of these, it went well when he wound the revs up and was unsurprisingly reliable.
  13. The latest model has 2 4ah batteries, but it's £200 so that one there seems fairly priced. The Ryobi is also on my radar as although it's not cheap with a decent battery and charger I do have a cordless jigsaw, drill and circular saw that I could use with the same battery. I need to buy some car parts before I buy non essential tools, so I'll have to wait a while before I buy one.
  14. If you don't get a response soon I'd send a follow up email threatening to involve the insurance ombudsman, as there are set timescales they have to adhere to once they get involved. From my limited experience dealing with car insurance companies regarding discrepancies in policies they do drag their heels a lot unless they stand to make a lot of money out of you.
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